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02 December 2015 - 06:47 PM


turns out there is a lot of what is playfully termed "genetic editing" going on these days.  angus cattle with no horns, pigs that need a lot less food to fatten up, chickens that only lay female chicks for the egg industry, and of course all manner of "pets".  

Sadly, those things have NOTHING to do with genetic modification or even "genetic editing".. While i do have issues with some aspects of GMOs, there is a whole lot of ignorance mixed in with it....... 

Angus cattle are naturally polled... meaning they natrually are without horns... and havent for centuries...... pretty sure there was no genetic modification 400 years ago when the Aberdeens and Angus were bred(both breeds were polled then)..

Selective breeding for feed efficiency is where the gain comes from.... feeding GMOs to the hogs is entirely different than the hog BEING GMO.. 

The semen determines the sex of the embryo. meaning the males are entirely responsible.  if chickens only laying female ofspring were infact true, there would never be anymore chickens after the current generation of roosters died.. there are chemical and management practices that can play a big part in the timing of the sperm getting to the egg, thus a better determining factor of sex... but the chickens themselves arent modified to produce one sex of egg.


Now, if we get onto Roundup Ready crops, putting fish DNA into tomatoes to prevent freezing, and a whole slew of other factual GMO things, i'd be up for a good debate...