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In Topic: All Slaughter Plants In Mexico & Canada Have Been Closed!

15 October 2012 - 09:21 PM

I received this e-mail from the International Equine Business Association earlier this afternoon:

  Friday European Union officials informed plants in Mexico and Canada that they were ineligible to import cheval  (horse meat) to the E.U. produced from U.S. horses unless that had documentation to prove that the animals had been in the country where the plant was located for a minimum of three months. Today, that restriction was lifted. We wanted to share this information with you, although we will apparently not have many other details until later in the week.


  We are glad that what could have been a disaster and an international trade incident has been averted. As we have more information to share, we will.


  If you do not already receive alerts and updates directly and would like to, please input your email address to subscribe on our website at http://IEqBAssn.org. Please forward to anyone and everyone you think would need or want to stay informed about this evolving situation, and post on all horse industry networks and bulletins.


  In the meantime, we are trying to update and ensure the accuracy of our growing list of businesses and individuals who are involved in the international commerce of horses for processing, as well as those who look forward to participating in the industry here in the United States as FSIS finishes its work and issues initial grants of inspection in the next few months. Please contact me if you want to make sure you are included and we that we have your correct contact info at ===============================

[This group is working toward opening the processing plants here in the US.   I am not a member, but I am on their e-mail list.  They are working with the Belgians to get laboratory testing approved for export since there are no lifelong-passports following North American horses around.]

In Topic: All Slaughter Plants In Mexico & Canada Have Been Closed!

15 October 2012 - 07:31 AM

You need to tell the local sale barn owner that he is over-reacting.  The Federal Vet told him that no horses would be sold to or shipped to the Mexican border from tonight's sale.   The main killer buyer, Bill Richardson, said he is not authorized to buy a single horse for the Belgian owned plant in Mexico.   He hopes to have more details at tonight's sale.  He said he will still be here because he also is a horse dealer in cutting-bred horses.   [He was the last owner of Smart Chick Olena and all of the rest of the Babcock horses.]

To blame breeders is like blaming Ford Motor Company or GM for all of the ugly junk-yards and salvage yards. Do you think you could close down all of the salvage yards and car crushers and make 'unwanted cars' just disappear?  Of course not.   Does it sound reasonable to close down GM and Ford to get rid of the unwanted junk cars?   That is what short-sighted people are trying to do with blaming breeders for the glut of unwanted horses.

This really has nothing to do with breeders. It has everything to do with property  ownership and property rights.  It has everything to do with the fact  that a horse may have 10 or 20 different owners after it is bred.   It  is livestock and it is personal property.  It is not your child and it  is not something that anyone can be held responsible for 25 or 30 years  after it has been raised and sold the first time.

A horse has value (or at least they used to have value) and that value  is determined by the free enterprise / free market system.  Good grief,  we cannot MAKE people be humane and responsible for their own lives and  those of their children.   We cannot MAKE people stay from behind the  wheel of a car when they are drunk or high.   Heck, they drive drunk  with their own children in their cars.  Have laws stopped that?

Do you really think you can pass enough laws  AND have them declared  Constitutional that restrict property rights?  Do you really think you  can force someone to not die or lose their job or any other number of  circumstances beyond anyone's control that causes an expensive, eating  piece of property like a horse to NOT HAVE TO BE SOLD?

Get real people.   Think with your head and not JUST your hearts.  

Meanwhile, give us your shipping address and we will send you the next  truckload to feed forever that is turned down at the border.

In Topic: All Slaughter Plants In Mexico & Canada Have Been Closed!

13 October 2012 - 09:43 PM

I called the local sale barn owner.  They micro-chip and ship anywhere from 1 to 4 semi loads from this sale every other Monday night.  They have a sale scheduled for next Monday, Oct,15.  He was contacted by Bill Richardson, the biggest killer buyer at this sale, last night to say that he would not be buying any horses Monday.   He, (sale barn owner) called Joe Simon in Minnesota, biggest sale barn owner in Minnesota, and he confirmed that the border was closed and several loads were turned down yesterday afternoon.  Local sale barn owner then contacted the Federal Vet and he also confirmed that no horses were going across the border as of yesterday afternoon.   He could not confirm that the EU was responsible or that the animal rights nuts had put the whole thing together, but if they did, they got the border closed for over the weekend.

The local sale barn owner can not get hold of anyone more official than the Federal Vet over the weekend.  He will start calling border officials and the USDA Monday morning because he does not know if he can accept horses for Monday's sale.   Bill Richardson will also contact the Mexican Plant that he ships horses to Monday AM, but then, this plant is also closed over the weekend and there is not way to contact anyone that is 'official' before Monday.

I just called the local sale barn owner a few minutes ago at 9:30 PM Saturday and he has not heard anything more (since I talked to him this morning) and won't until Monday morning.  Since about 75% of the horses dropped at this sale get no other bid (except killer buyers), the sale barn owner will start screaning horses and only accept horses that he feels will be purchased by an individual.   He also said he may make people leave $100.00 with each horse to insure that they pick up any unsold horses.  People may still dump them because you cannot get one euthanized for anywhere near that amount.   He is still trying to sort it all out.

In Topic: Baxter Black Article On Hsus

02 October 2012 - 09:25 AM

As far as I am concerned, HSUS is WORSE than PETA and ALF because they hide their real intentions behin sad eyed pictures of abused and abandoned animals.

They have many of the same officials as PETA and many letters, e-mails and articles meant for internal use only  have been 'leaked' that show the real agenda of both.  Both have declared that in one generation they hope to stop all 'ownership' and 'use' of animals.   They do, indeed, spend less than 1/2 of 1% of their huge budget on actually helping  animals.  Most goes to 6 figure salaries for guys like Wayne Pascal and others, pensions that will continue to give them that kind of income forever, lobbying and more fund raising.  

Just look it up.  The figures are available for all to see because they are a 'non-profit' that must account for their money.   Look up Wayne Pascal and see what his real agenda is.

Go to this link.   Humanewatch  Everything they write is documented and none is conjecture or opinion.   The HSUS is being investigated for fraudulent practices by many states' AGs and by the IRS.   Just look it all up.   I truly feel that they are one of the most dangerous organizations in the US with their agenda, their money and their power.

In Topic: New Study Out On Gmo Modified Corn

30 September 2012 - 07:31 PM

What????? :thud: