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Today, 01:48 PM

I find it interesting that everyone automatically guns for it being racially offensive. What about individuals who had a family member or close friend who committed suicide via hanging? I am not personally offended by it, but I can easily see how it might be triggering in that regard.

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19 July 2014 - 08:42 PM

Absolutely report it the receptionist. As someone working in healthcare they are considered a mandatory abuse reporter if you are not. 

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01 May 2014 - 09:09 PM

To be succinct: I think "affluenza" is a crock of bull and this entire case is a disservice to the field of mental health and our efforts toward improving mental health services in the forensics setting. 

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18 April 2014 - 04:44 PM

Without significantly more information, it's impossible to say why this individual committed the crime. For all we know, this person endured years of physical/mental/sexual abuse with no one knowing about it, which is sadly occurs much more often than we like to think. People are exceptionally adept at hiding signs of abuse. Does that excuse the murders? Absolutely not, but it will be interesting to know his history and if there are any medical causes. He is also at the typical age of onset of schizophrenia for males.  


Also, out of curiosity, what exactly does everyone think the criteria are for a mental health diagnosis? Between this thread and the Everyone is Mentally Ill thread, there appears to be quite a bit of misinformation out there. Regardless of all the criteria for specific disorders, the key component is that the symptoms must cause clinically significant distress or impairment in important areas of functioning. Most people do have traits of mental illnesses, everyone experiences anxiety of some sort; however, that does not mean that everyone meets the full criteria for an anxiety disorder. This confusion is especially evident in personality disorders, everyone believes they know someone with a personality disorder, but it's more than likely that the person exhibit traits, without a fullblown disorder. Additionally, before a diagnosis can be made, medical causes for the symptoms must be ruled out first. For example, if someone is exhibiting symptoms of depression, but are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and the depressive symptoms were not evident before the symptoms of hypothyroidism, a depressive disorder diagnosis would not be made.  





I'm not taking pot shots a parents that don't meet my approval.. I'm talking about extreme cases which there is no parenting at the home.. You parent your children by taking part in activities Journey...good for you..sorry if you feel I am persoanlly pointing my finger at you...I'm not...and you should NOT think I am.Don't make me the bad guy... its a multi million dollar industry with many lobbyists as there are with drug companies saying this stuff is ok for yoiur chldren to do...It affects everyone dfferent... but at young ages these games can alter the mind whether you want to think it won't or not.


Canada will see more of these behaviors




odd that its the increase all over the world.


Another thing about this kid is he has a  bachelor's degree in  psychology . So he can probably readily obtain drugs of some sort.






Number one: ANYONE can obtain drugs, regardless of whether or not they have a college education. Heck, regardless of whether or not they have a high school, or even a middle school education. However, if you are inferring that someone with a bachelor's degree in psychology can prescribe psychopharmaceuticals, then Nick is mostly correct. Even psychologists, who go through ~5 years of schooling to obtain their doctorate degree, do not have prescription privileges, with the exceptions of two states that have passed the RxP. And even in those states, a psychologist must be licensed, have done a post-doc, have practiced for at least 5 years, AND have a Masters degree in psychopharmocology in addition to their doctoral degree. And they are only permitted to prescribe psychopharmaceuticals, not any other type of medication. 


Number two: Why is it strange that the use of antidepressants is increasing worldwide? With continued research, medications become more refined, effective, and more importantly, affordable and accessible. Antidepressants are no exception. This can be clearly seen with anti-psychotics as well. The second generation, aka atypical, antipsychotics are still extremely cost-prohibitive, despite their increased effectiveness when compared to first generation anti-psychotics, such as haloperidol, and can cost literally thousands per month. 

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10 April 2014 - 11:46 PM

So enlighten me. Why exactly do people commit suicide? Or self-mutilate? Why do some people have debilitating responses to life threatening situations and others do not? Did you just seriously invalidate all of the soldiers coming home with PTSD? All of the women who have been brutally victimized by rape and domestic violence? All the children who have undergone organ transplants and now have severe trauma due to the medical interventions that saved their lives? 


Has it EVER occurred to you that there is an ENTIRELY other side of psychology? Like maybe those who are psychologists? Who utilize EVIDENCE BASED THERAPIES to treat their clients? Many of whom offer their services on a sliding scale, or even pro bono, to those who cannot afford care? Or those who work in community mental health who barely make enough to cover their own costs of living in order to provide mental healthcare in an industry that tirelessly works against their funding needs? But yet they cry foul when a shooter lets loose on an unsuspecting town? Please explain to me how the pharmaceutical companies are scamming through the psychologists in order to make money. I'm not even going to touch psychiatric end of that, as I doubt you'd understand the very real need for anti-psychotics and antidepressants for people to even function on a minimal level. Do you even understand that early intervention with anti-psychotics PREVENT further brain damage for people with schizophrenia? That the later the intervention occurs, the lower their chances are of ever returning to their functioning level before their decompensation? Have you ever even MET someone with severe schizophrenia, and THEN observed them without their medications?


And as for "everyone" having mental illnesses, take a minute to look at prevalence rates and then try to tell me that "everyone" has a mental illness. For crying out loud, the prevalence rate for depression, one of the most commonly recognized mental disorders, is 7% in a 12 month period. ADHD: 5%.