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Pinched Nerve Anyone?

07 June 2011 - 04:41 PM

of course I just get back into riding and my foot goes numb!

I've never had the issue before of a pinched nerve, but after a couple days of riding (I was pretty sore through the thigh area) The top of my left foot is going numb. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Generally I would expect maybe through the back and down my leg, but its just my left foot. Today I touched the side of my ankle and it sent "sparks" though the top of my foot area.

I don't do chiropracters very well so someone suggested a massage therapist. I'm going to try that... what do you all think? Do you think its just being from out of shape from riding? I'm wondering about my boot size but they don't feel uncomfortable and they are pretty well broke in.

And I'm New! Looking For A Critque

05 June 2011 - 11:12 AM

the last time I was on any forums it was a barrel racing forum! I've been riding since I was 10, and due to the stress and cost of college I had to sell my gelding that I had since I was 14. I was orginally barrel racing and did 4-H with him, but something about jumping always struck my eye. I started taking jumping lessons one a week at a barn off campus, but that was very costly so I had to quit. I haven't been consistantly riding for about six months now, but I moved to Illinois for the summer for an internship. I really wanted to ride and found a mare to lease and take lessons on :) Paige is a 13 year old OTTB who was way too slow for the track as you will see in the video. I haven't been riding english for very long and this video is just something I took to watch my own equitation and see what I can improve on. I'd appreciate and all advice.

Three things I will note, yes at one point I was on the wrong diagonal, and I am doing weightwatchers and have lost about 45 lbs since September, so bear with me on the size of the saddle! I know it's too small for me :P but its what the barn has for right now that I can use. I am looking into buying a saddle that does fit me. Also some of the clips have been slowed down so you can see my equitation better. Thanks!!!!