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Student Made To Carry Backpack All Day At School

23 March 2013 - 02:54 PM


Basically, the summary is, the student was punished for erasing something from the board by being made to carry the contents of her locker in her backpack for the remainder of the week (the parents say the backpack weighs 20 lbs, and that their daughter weighs 50 lbs).

What do you think? Is this an appropriate punishment?

My personal opinion is no. One, I think its a ridiculous punishment for erasing something from the board (even if the child lied about it). Two, carrying heavy stuff in a backpack is not good for your back, and if the parents are speaking truthfully, a child her size should not be carrying almost half her body weight on her back.

At first I was a little taken aback by the child's attitude on camera, but then again, I would hope that my own child would stand up for herself in school if she felt she was being mistreated. And if it turns out she was wrong, and caused a stink for nothing, then we'd administer our own punishment for her for "crying wolf".

I'm all for teaching kids right from wrong, and having fitting punishments for misbehavior. But I just think if *I* had to carry a 20 lb backpack around all day, at my adult weight, my back would be suffering.

Who in the world comes up with these punishments?!

Does Anyone Need A Pony Squeee?

21 January 2013 - 10:40 AM

I just realized we've had our little pony 5 months now and the difference in her is so dramatic, I had to share!
Backstory: a wonderful woman rescued her and some others, and got her UTD with vaccs, dx'd her with Cushings, and sent her on the road to recovery. She was looking for a soft place to land with a little girl or boy of her own...enter...Lily!

She is a doll with Lily. She is a wench in the pasture with the boys, biting them, chasing them, etc. But deep down I love it because I know she's got some spunk left in her!

Here she is the day she came home with us
Posted Image
Posted Image

And here she is today, approximately 5 months later
Posted Image
Posted Image

Getting her back to weight was really satisfying.

We started out with TC senior, soaked, almost a full scoop! A fat supplement, and soaked alfalfa. She got that twice a day, along with as much hay as she wanted. Normally I'd think it would be way too much but she eats very slowly, and doesn't bolt her food, so I knew it would be ok. It took her hours to eat that.

She is now down to 1/4 scoop TC, 1/4 scoop of Amplify, and sometimes a 1/4 scoop of Alfalfa, once a day (she is so anxious to go outside she doesn't eat, so she gets the grain at night)

She's almost 100% where I want her to be. She needs some help along her hips, and topline. But other than that she looks amazing, IMO!

She's been on the same dose of prascend since coming here (1/2 tab) and I'm assuming we'll stay on that. She'll be retested in spring.

Lily's been riding her once or twice a week, and learning how to post the trot. She hasn't been off-lead yet, as we don't have a fenced arena, so I'm hoping to take her to my trainer's for a lesson soon. She did "jump" a pole the other day, fell off the first time, lol, got right back on and did it again! It was a pretty redneck setup but Lily was so proud of herself!

I'm even considering revoking my "Never doing Devon Leadline again" rule that I made last year after dubbing it "Toddlers and Tiaras on horseback".

My only wish was to one day ride with my daughter, and on Christmas, we did it! It wasn't 100% successful, but my kiddo held on and did awesome!
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My Cat Will Not Shut Up

19 January 2013 - 09:22 PM

Is there anything I can do? He's driving me nuts.

Quick background, he was an indoor/outdoor cat. Then the day of Hurricane Sandy (before it hit) he hadn't come home. Finally, a few hours before the storm started, he came home limping. Long story short, he had to have his leg amputated.

Now he's an indoor kitty and he cries at the door constantly. Mostly at night; he was a night owl outside.

One night when I was sick I was couch-sleeping and he kept crying. I squirted him with water to get him to be quiet. It worked temporarily. But it has t stopped him.


First Suit Out Of Newtown Shooting

29 December 2012 - 10:30 AM


How do you feel about this?

I certainly think that the children, first responders, basically anyone there that day, will need lots of mental health care after this. However, the numbers are so large, how in the world is the state going to come up with the resources to pay for all these lawsuits, AND probably fund a new school.

Hurricane Survivors: Asking For Extravagent Gifts?

28 November 2012 - 06:33 PM

I joined a fb group that connects people with Sandy Survivors who need help, money, etc to get themselves back on their feet. My family and extended family wanted to get involved for the holidays. Besides providing presents for the kids, my personal thought was to give clothes, furniture, etc. that we already have that is not being used.

Well, despite the organizations intentions, today's post kind of turned me off. (They have since deleted it, I think)

The post said that they had told a mom in need to make a list of the things she needed on Bed Bath and Beyond. Then they posted it, and said "can anyone help this family"

This kind of turned me off. One, because some of the items on the list were NOT essentials, and were things I don't have in my house, nor does anyone "need" . Two, a list from Walmart/Target might have been a bit more appropriate, as BB&B is one of the more expensive stores to purchase basic kitchenware.

I know its a volunteer thing, and "don't give if you don't like it". But still, I think it sort of turned off people who wanted to help, myself included.

Its kind of like when I see "adopt a family" things, and the kids are asking for just expensive electronics, Xboxes, etc.

What are your thoughts? I really want to help, but not quite in this way.