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In Topic: Just A Few Baby Pics From 2015

Today, 07:23 AM

I know that Journey, however throw the cream gene in with the dun gene..and it dilutes the Bold Crisp Dorsals, Ear tips etc etc. 


I've had enough people say it enough, that I am testing her anyway  so that I know for myself , I've never delt with dunalino's

ever to really know what to look for. To me..Yes..you should have the dark, crisp dorsal that extends right into the tail. Dark

ear tips, shoulder barring, zebra markings on the legs etc etc.  I've seen several examples of tested Dunalino's * to me they shouldn't be *

but they were indeed genetically Dunalino's lol. 


Trust me, i've been doing research and picking color genetics brains. I will know more this week if she is or not. If she isn't? That is perfectly

ok..she will be a very rich shade of Pali! If she carries a copy of the dun gene! Fantastic! That won't change her registration any lol. 

Her at birth after being dried off. 

16802482359_6d5398f1c1_o.jpg2015 Filly 020


Than you have this one, that has no cream gene


He's a Bay Dun, still reg as your normal Dun.

16987778671_299a4671e1_o.jpgCorbin 005

16802586819_8892a0d409_o.jpgCorbin 047 



Red Dun's also don't have black points :-) 

Gunners ear tips 



I love these babies! Last years full sibiling to the filly from this year? Is an extremely light shade of Pali! 

In Topic: Just A Few Baby Pics From 2015

Yesterday, 04:19 PM

Thank you GH :-) The Pali will be leaving for her new home first week of July! Gonna miss her! 

In Topic: Place Your Bets!

Yesterday, 01:53 PM

Aww So cute!!! 

In Topic: Tail Docking Of Horses And Dogs, And Ear Cropping On Dogs

27 January 2015 - 11:51 PM

On another note. Why isn't anything ever said to the Dairy Farmers who put elastics on their cows tails? 


Especially if they are a tail swisher and smacks the guy in the face with the dirty tail. 

To me? That should be stood against as well..as the dock of dogs tails, horses tails. Dogs Ears etc etc. 


I currently  have a long tailed boxer, and will not ever get her tail docked. YES, I do like the look of the docked 

tail...but just imagining the pain is more than I can bear, so I will never have it done! 

In Topic: Need Help With Votes For Photo Contest.

17 January 2015 - 11:55 AM

Thank you! I should have put a better photo in! But...I loved how they were all at attention!