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What Has Happened To The Supply Of Adequan I. M. ?

04 June 2013 - 10:04 AM

We've had my 26yo mare Mariah on monthly Adequan I.M. for the past five years now.


When I placed a re-order with my vet she said it was not available and hopefully

would be available in July?


Anyone know what has happened to the supply?


I've been riding my 16yo almost exclusively this past year so Mariah is mostly retired. I ride her once in awhile when she seems to want the attention. She is not as fit as she was when we rode weekly so I'm not asking for canter - we mostly walk or gait a bit.  We play together at liberty too so there's not a lot of physical stress on her at the moment. She seems to be comfortable and moves well out in the pasture. 


I guess I will have to do the wait and see routine and hope for the best.