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  1. My Little Leadline Champ

    Oh my gosh that's adorable!
  2. Video Of Me And My Horse Jumping

    I just wanted to say that I love your horse! He's so cute and looks like a blast to ride You guys make a really nice team.
  3. Merry Christmas!

    Awww you're so lucky! I wish there was snow here. The horses look like they're having a blast! Is that an aussie?
  4. Saying Good Bye To A Friend..

    I'm so sorry, loosing pets is so hard. Best wishes [Angel]
  5. My New Horse Mac!

    Thanks everyone!
  6. I Haz A New Project :)

    She's very cute, can't wait to see U/S pictures!
  7. Indy Pictures Anyone?

    He's adorable! What breed of horse is that one in the pictures with him? It looks just like my dad's horse!
  8. Re Introducing Again

    Your horse is so handsome! I love the snip. He looks like he loves his work, and Patrick is handsome too!
  9. Dunhill (new Barn)

    Dunhill looks really good! What are you planning on showing in this year?
  10. Missy The Polo Pony Update! Also, Some Cute Pics!

    Missy sounds like she's coming along great! I love them in their Santa hats, especially Al, he's gorgeous!
  11. Whats Your Favorite Breed Of Horse?

    Morgans! Although I have mostly warmbloods.
  12. (: Got A New Project Horse :)

    She's adorable! I agree, many arabs don't have the step/jump/look for hunters (besides at the local level), but she could make an awesome jumper! Congrats!
  13. My New Horse Mac!

    Thanks guys! He's been great so far, we'll see how we do at HITS Thermal (going weeks I-III). All of the other horses are good! Riding Limo in the hunters and Prince in the little jumpers still. We had to retire my old equitation horse champ this summer though, but he's happy and comfortable living a relaxed life now
  14. My New Horse Mac!

    Awww thanks! I'm pretty sure it's just the elastic, otherwise I probably would be sliding all over the place :tongue9:
  15. My New Horse Mac!

    I'd like to introduce Mac to you guys (show name MacIntosh). He's an 11 year old gelding that I'm leasing for a while to do the 3'3"-3'6" equitation and medals on. Just thought I'd share some pictures of him!