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  1. I come here to post my random pony thoughts that the general public could care less about. :smilie:

    That said...

    I just cleared out my trailer. We are going to give it all the love it deserves, new paint, etc etc...


    We are going to upgrade to a LQ.

    Of course we all know what I want to do.

    Of course we all know that a new paint job is considerable less spendy than living quarters.

    But we will see.

  2. Here he is!


    I bought him. :yay:

    We pretty much crashed and burned at the barrel race today. First and second barrel were beautiful, but I totally lost my head on the third and we clipped it. Then I stood up and we cruised home.

    With all of that, we still had a smokin run.

    If I had rode him anything like I should have... we would have definitely wound up in the top 5. So here is to hoping my riding skills improve FAST.

  3. I feel like some dancing bananas are in order...


    I am going to run a horse this weekend and if all works out, BUY HIM. *eep*

    1D barrel winner. TOP END of my budget, but exactly what I want.

    I am hella nervous though. I have not rode anything for the last year.

    So sure, hop on this 1200 pound torpedo and race as fast as you can. No big deal.

    Wish me luck y'all.

  4. So.

    I have an update.

    We are moving back to Texas!!!



    No official paperwork yet, so I have not really revealed this on other social media... but I feel that since my house is 75% packed away that I can come on here and share my excitement.

    There is some negativity surrounding my move. Probably because I requested a "demotion" at work. But my husband<-weird was offered an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G opportunity and I am going back into my field of passion which is Food Safety.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am HAPPY like you could not believe.

    And I have promised myself a pony for my birthday.

    That is all.


  5. Mine came off of Etsy from... Switzerland lol.

    They were NOT affordable and the person barely spoke English so I am surprised they came out as good as they did.

    Wedding things are moving along. There are good days and bad. Obviously that day up there was a bad one lol.

  6. So.

    Getting married is really starting to stress me out in a bad way.

    Anything that even sounds like the word "commitment" makes me cringe.

    I cannot get the fiance on the same schedule or frame of mind.

    His attitude is more... aloof?

    I can probably count on one hand the amount of things he has helped with. This is extra tense as the wedding is ohhh 2000 miles away and I have already had to fly home twice.

    Then there is the whole, "What happens after we are married??" thing. As in big potential life change.

    I feel like a bird. That just wants to fly away.

    End of story.