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  1. Layla On My Newsfeed

    Congrats to Shantel! We knew Layla was going to make her debut in the smartpak catalog but she also made facebook newsfeeds :) Cheers to a good horsewoman and a gorgeous mare
  2. On The Hunt For Tall Boots

    I have gone through the tall boot gauntlet and I finally came out victorious. I invested in the Mountain Horse Supreme Field boot... I am in love. Since I have got them 4 of my friends invested as well. I event and they aren't at all slippery, but they won't hinder your leg and they broke in after 2 rides. I will admit that getting them on was a chore at first, but after the break in and some der dau boot stretch they are as if they were customs. They are super soft but durable. I love mine and I wouldn't go back to another boot. Well worth the $450.00
  3. Jumping 6Ft - Bareback

    Well right now I rate it as mediocre at best... Bridless and blindfolded would be spectacular. Just Kidding- That was cool
  4. Critique - This Should Be Fun!

    This post reminded me of something: Does anyone remember the picture of Doron on one of her spectacular ponies (Diesel or Taura) heading over a pretty substantial fence with on hand on the reins and the crop in the other? I think that has to be my favorite "blooper" picture.
  5. When in doubt... close your legs. Praying might help as well.
  6. Favorite Brand Of Field Boots..

    My mountain horse supremes. They are absolutely luscious. They fall over just like the Sergios, and they have an awesome footbed. I have really even giving up riding in my boots and half chaps for these tallboots.
  7. Too Cute.

    Ben and Boom
  8. First Horse Trial

    Thank you! I am riding at the HP of NJ. The ESDCTA trials. Yeah the horse is fit, I just want to be as prepped as possible.
  9. First Horse Trial

    Hey guys! I am new to eventing, but I have been riding for 12 years now. I own a arab/qh mix who decided that eventing was his calling. I have a trainer and I lesson weekly and I ride 3-4 days a week. The horse is already pretty fit. When it comes down to it we are only doing BN because it is our first event but I am taking it seriously. The event is Halloween, should be some interesting XC fences. I have been schooling XC all summer so I know the fences, but what I want to know is what you guys do in preparation for an event. What kind of fitness regime do you and your horse go on. Thanks in advance :) This was us last fall
  10. Dover Circuit Saddles?

    Personally I love mine- good quality saddle for the money and fits a wide array of horses. Same saddle fits my tank of a qh/arab and a 16.2 tb gelding with narrow shoulders and high withers.
  11. What a sharp looking horse. Baby Z is really quite fetching. My horse too decided to take a dive in training, and then we discovered cross country as well. I am so glad to see you two again. I lurk big time but I keep tabs on folks. The horse looks brilliant and you look comfortable and confident. I like it.
  12. Should I Sell My Saddle?

    I don't part with tack easily, I just always have that moment of "if I only still had it". If I were you I would list it a lot higher then you aim on getting it for and see what bites you get. If you list it at 3k maybe someone would be willing to pay it. When it comes to another horse, if there is someone out there who is willing to throw out some bigger bucks for the saddle you have more to put away in savings. Also listing it high will prolong your time with the saddle. It doesn't seem like you are looking for a quick sale. This is at least what I would do.
  13. Critique?

    I just took a peek at some of the course work. You and I seem to have the same issue. It doesn't happen all the time but sometimes right before the fence you tend to let go with your leg and are over using your upper body, and over the fence you are pinching with your knee and your leg is sliding back. He seems like a great laid back easy going horse with a decent jump. He seems to like the longer options which is fine, but I also notice that you are getting ahead of him a bit. Overall solid pair, nice and relaxed around a course. Need polishing, but who doesn't
  14. Critque Please?

    Cute pony first and foremost. As far as the critique goes a couple things are really obvious. You are looking down, which doesn't help you or your pony. It is really hard to judge form over such a minute fence. The pony is merely cantering over it. You don't need to lean on your little guy over something this small. I would rather see you plant your balance over your hips and your upper body being supported by your back and your abdominals. You are really riding his neck and it seems like you are trying to jump for him. I would rather see you come up in a light seat anchor your leg and heel (which looks raised and unstable) and follow whatever movement your pony throws at you. You may only be 5'1 but your balance can sway your horses very easily. Good Luck and I can't wait to see more from you.
  15. The Pains Of Being Short...please Help

    So luckily being a NJ girl I have access to Dover ;). I went in and tried on 5 million pairs of boots, and the MH supremes were a bear to get on (**** thick legs) but after a bit of working I got them on wore them around the store and I was sold. The leather is phenomonal! sooooo soft and supple. The footbed is awesome. I also bought the der dau boot stretch, good product. I tried on the Mountain horse and it was really love- the Ariats aside from the Monacos cannot compare to the suppleness.