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  1. Your Favorite Android Apps...

    My favorite app is Evernote...I'm a chronic list maker, so it suits me perfectly to have my lists with me everywhere!! LOL
  2. Fun "challenge"

  3. Homemade Gifts

    I'm making some stuffed animals for my little boy, and doll clothes for my daughter. Planning to try and do some etching on some tinted drinking glasses for my mom and stepdad, and possibly a Christmas bear if I have enough time. DH and I will also be making batches of homemade toffee for our parents. He makes the best toffee! I love that elmer's glue and paint on canvas idea, that's very cool!
  4. Potato Chips

    That's why it takes me literally ALL DAY to grocery shop now, I have to price check every single thing, in addition to reading ingredients to make sure they haven't changed them on me. We only have 1 income for 4 of us, so I really have to be aware of the cost of everything now...and I noticed when I went grocery shopping this week that prices have really jumped. I got totally owned on groceries, and there's no help for it. I don't even know the last time I bought potato chips, just due to the prices lately!!
  5. So very, very jealous!! She's adorable!! Congrats, that is some serious luck!!
  6. Nook Vs. Kindle

    The good thing about the Nook, is that it reads epub files. If B&N were to go the way of Borders, you can still get ebooks in epub format on tons of websites, it's an extremely common file type for ebooks and other ebook readers use the same format. Kindle is the only one that uses a proprietary format (I think) but I believe it can also read pdf's as well. If you were to go with the new Nook Tablet, the developer community has already figured out how to sideload the kindle app onto it, so you can read amazon's stuff in addition to B&N's!
  7. Nook Vs. Kindle

    I have a Nook Color, and I adore the thing! I don't get eye strain from using my computer for long periods of time, so I wasn't worried about that. And I don't get any eye strain from using it, unless I'm super tired, which if that's the case, I'll get eye strain from anything anyways! LOL They do make anti-glare screen protectors for them, but I just have a regular one on mine and I read outside with it without any problems. I mostly just read on mine, but I like that I can get on the internet and it looks just like on my computer. And I keep a lot of games on it for my daughter to play. I finally got a 32 GB card for it, so now I can keep a decent amount of music and movies on it as well, for when I don't want to read. They do now make a Nook Simple Touch, that is like the Kindle, with a touch screen and it's the e-ink screen that's supposed to be just like a paper book. It's under $100 and about the size of a good sized paperback. I looked at one at the store, looks pretty nice. That's what I would probably get if I only wanted to read on it. I don't know much about the Kindle though, just haven't ever been attracted to it. Though the new ones that just came out look very nice, in pictures anyways!
  8. Nook Anyone?

    I have a Nook Color, DH got it for me for mother's day. I love mine, and use it most every day to either read or play games (mostly read!) I haven't done any lending, mainly because I only have 1 friend with a nook, and she doesn't have anything so far that I've wanted to borrow. There is a blog I follow (actually I follow them on facebook, but they have a blog with all the same books listed) that lists free and inexpensive Nookbooks, as they show up on B&N. Also they list epubs from other sites that are free or inexpensive. And they have the blog seperated where you can look by price. There are a ridiculous number of free ebooks for the nook, and every month B&N puts a bunch more on free or super cheap. It changes up quite often. Also B&N has a freebie every Friday, usually that blog I follow lists it as soon as they know what it'll be. As for lending, you have to have a friend with a Nook, and (at least on mine) there is a place to click called apps. In there is a button for nook friends. You have to know there email address that they used for there nook, I think, and you can put it in and then I think they have to approve it. Can't remember for sure on that, but once you have them in there, you can just tap on them and see what they have that's lendable. I hope that makes sense!
  9. The "post A Song" Topic

    I've totally been obsessing over this song lately...Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. I just love it, and really love watching the video.
  10. Am I The Only One...

    I don't drink wine, and really I rarely drink anything at all, but one regular sized mixed drink has me that way! LOL Hubby gets a kick out of it, when I do drink something, because I get silly and giggly!
  11. Video - Texas Wildfires From Space

    I sure wish you could too, we'd take every last drop and be so happy to have it! Fires are getting too close to me for comfort...
  12. Anybody Here Had A Jop/courthouse Wedding?

    Me and DH got married at the courthouse when we lived in Arkansas. Went up there to see what we needed to do, and filled out the license application that day and paid the fee. Came back the next day I think, and they called the JOP to come up there, and he married us out on the lawn. We didn't have to have a witness, but my mom wanted to be there, so she was there and she held our daughter for us (she was only 9 months old at the time.) It was all pretty simple. They were very nice about telling us what we needed to do though. I would suggest just going to your local courthouse and asking, just so you are ready on the day you want to do it, no surprises. Like for ours, we had to pay the fee in cash, well who carries cash anymore? Even 7 years ago, we had debit cards, so we had to go get cash and come back. LOL It's better to know ahead of time so you can come prepared!!
  13. ** Happy Birthday Lonelyfilly **

    Thank you!!! It's been a long day, but nothing to complain about!! LOL
  14. It's 101 here, and I am eating some homemade old-fashioned strawberry shortcake. With the biscuits, not the cake, and a bit of milk poured over the top! So freaking good!! LOL
  15. The Dark Crystal

    I remember the Dark Crystal, loved that movie as a kid! Now, it kinda weirds me out, but I still like it...I showed it to my kids (3 & 7) recently, and they didn't like it as much as I still do, but maybe it'll grow on them?!! Labyrinth is awesome too, just introduced my kids to that one a month or so ago, now they really liked that one! LOL