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  1. This Place Is Dead

  2. The Official Name My Pony Thread

    And this is where I add that in this small world that we live in, Teddy is now owned by the family that own my Dudley. I vote anything Harry Potter. :)
  3. Bring On 2012...cap Chat!

    I had a rather uneventful 2011. It was rather good year, all in all. We had built a home and took possession in December 2010. This summer was completely devoted to finishing the yard. We built a deck, a fence, built a shed, planned and did our underground sprinklers, laid sod...etc, etc. It looks absolutely fantastic. I only left myself a few things to do in 2012 (garden, flower beds, flowers, etc), so we'll actually be able to enjoy it this year! My bank account definitely needs to winter to recover. I decided, briefly, to start leasing a horse again. This did not last long. He was a fantastic little WB on a fantastic lease rate with a lovely trainer, but he was very green and I found that I was not enjoying it at all. I'm not sure if I miss riding or not. I have, through this process, realised that I need to buy and not lease, if I do plan on getting back into it. I am slightly too controlling with a horse to allow someone else to have to tell me what to do, if that makes any sense. I also went through my horse stuff and now know I have WAY too much...and need to decide on my horsey future so I can decide what to do with it all. My dad was diagnosed with MS roughly 4 years ago. Last April, he went down to Arizona to have the CCSVI treatment done as the Canadian government does not offer it nor contribute to covering the cost of it. It was successful in relieving some of his symptoms, notably completely removing the "tingly" feeling in his legs. Upon getting back, we were informed that his extreme back pain was caused by a compressed vertebrae and not at all from his MS, so he's likely having back surgery in 2012. As for 2012...I'm most looking forward to the San Jose trip we are taking in February to go watch the San Jose Sharks. (Yes, lol). We're the biggest Sharks fans ever. We're going for 2 games and we'll be 5 rows off the glass. Eeeeee! Other than that, 2011 was great and 2012 looks to be the same!
  4. I usually wouldn't do this, but I'm becoming rather desperate and using any means of social media I can to get the word out. My friend, Matthew Huszar, went missing in Vancouver, BC (100th block of Gastown) last Friday, December 16th at 11:30PM. This is completely out of character for him and his family is beyond worried. Currently, they have over 200 people putting up posters in the area and the Vancouver Police Department is out in full force. If you could share the story with anyone you know in the area, you never know who might have seen something! Thanks so much.
  5. Horse Deal Gone Bad Puts Rodrigo Pessoa In Hot Water...

    As per Taglets post.."...Rodrigo Pessoa coached Phil Henning's daughter for over a year..."
  6. Schooling Show Pics

    She is so pretty over fences Becky!! You look fabulous as haven't missed a beat since Miko. :) It's strange seeing you on a bay, I must admit! I assume the BO lifted the quarantine on the barn if you got to leave the property?
  7. Horse Deal Gone Bad Puts Rodrigo Pessoa In Hot Water...

    Why on earth would he want to see the horse first? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am assuming that he is the father of a rider and it is a possibility that he knows nothing about horses. As a non-horse business person (which, again, I can only assume he is), he would be relying on the advice of Pessoa, which (as said previously) isn't a terrible thing do considering Pessoa's knowledge and experience. Seeing the horse does you no good if you see "just" a horse. I'm interested to see how this turns out as well.
  8. Giving Up On My Lease Already?

    Well, thank you so much all! Not that I really "needed" to justify my decision, but I feel like I'm not being out of line for sure now. A couple of you hit it right on the head, and I'm now really seeing that I really just flat out just don't like the horse. That seems like a far more simple explanation to me than everything I'd been trying to come up with as an excuse. I think the biggest deal breaker (if you haven't figured that part out) was his lack of ground manners. Now, I assure you all that he is trainable and they could absolutely be fixed, but as someone who is leasing the horse, I have not even the smallest bit of interest in dealing with it. Had I owned the horse, we would have a completely different story on our hands. On a side note...I've started to wonder if leasing a horse will ever be right for me? I think I'm missing the ownership part of it all..but that's a story for another day. Just to advise, he wasn't breaking the bank account..the lease was only $75 a month, lessons included. Funny how even such a super awesome deal was not enough to entice me to like the horse. I'll have to break the news soon to the owner. I have been a coward and haven't mentioned anything as of yet. I feel bad that I'm giving up after a month when I'm sure she anticipated and budgeted under the impression that I'd be around for awhile? It's really a shame everything can't always work out as ideal as they may seem when they started. Thank you all again for all your comments and suggestions. I really do appreciate it!
  9. Giving Up On My Lease Already?

    I'm not really sure what to do about continuing my recently started lease, so I think I'll just spell it out and see if anyone has an opinion. I've had 6 or so rides on a 7y/o Dutch Warmblood gelding, and aside from the fact that he is complete eye candy, I'm competely less than impressed. I'm not sure if my expectations were simply too high (or maybe I'm still trying to replace Duddy, I'm not sure). They've taken it slowly with him, so I'd say he's a couple years behind in terms of what they've done with him. My first ride alone without the owner, I quickly discovered how herd bound he is. Tying was a bit of a nightmare--he is mostly just impatient and doesn't know how to stand still and digs to China while standing there (even with you right beside him). We had a slight rearing incident, and I was not impressed. He wasn't respecting my space, but most of that was cleared up with a quick smack (quite a few of them, actually). He's not dangerous, he just seems slow and he quickly gets spaced out and doesn't care about anything that's going on around him. None the less, he has no manners while tied. "Baby" or not, I've quickly realised how much I don't appreciate such a thing. Bridling is an issue. He's not bad, but gets a bit ADD and is zero amounts of cooperative (head in the air, walking off, etc--just general bad manners). I'm not a big girl and he's not a small horse. Insert me being annoyed here. Removing the bridle is just as big of an issue; someone taught him he could rub and he just goes nuts even before you get the bridle off. Arrrggg. Our first solo ride was pretty terrible. He tossed his head endlessly and I was really worried I'd have a broken nose by the end. Not really knowing the horse, I tried to work through the head tossing (which I had been slightly warned about) and the occasional buck...but was just more and more discouraged by the end. The BO convinced me to come out the next day, which was a smart idea. I'd probably have just given up right then and there if not for her. The rest of our rides haven't echoed the terrible nature of that ride, thank goodness, but there's just something about him that irks me. Perhaps part of the problem is that he is still quite green, even though he is quite a good boy to ride. Hand plus leg aids confuse him...which we could work on. I can't do anything but 20m circles and smaller at the canter or he takes off bucking on me. I've chalked that up to short attention span and the whole being green thing, both of which we could work on. We jumped the last time I rode. The borrowed saddle was loose, slipped after the jump, and I fell off. Proceeded to chase horse for 5 minutes and worry about whether he was going to scale the fence. He didn't. Ha. I did have a pretty nasty gash and a terribly sprained thumb though. It's been a couple years since I fell, but holy crap was I sidelined. I could hardly walk the next day. Anyways, that's my own little sad story about growing old (not that I'm old). It wasn't his fault and I don't hold it against him. I think, all in all, I feel like I've just bitten off more than I can chew, since this was just my start back into riding after a very long break. I am completely capable as a rider to ride him and be successful in that. I, however, do not care for a second to put any sort of time into teaching him ground manners. The owner has said more than once that she would have paid 20k extra for him (I disagree) if he was 4 inches taller and had better manners, so it's not like I'm the only one who has noticed the ground manners. I also don't feel any sort of "connection" with him, but I'm not sure I should have expected that. I just can't figure out if my inability to accept a horse with bad ground manners is clouding my judgement? Is it as big of a deal as I seem to think it is?
  10. It's Official...i'm Riding Again!

    Thanks everyone! I'm really excited to get in the saddle. Due to the unreasonable nature of the weather in Saskatchewan, I'll likely hold out until April to start riding full time. Also, I couldn't believe how much 20 minutes of walk trot could completely give me jelly legs for a whole 5 days. I'm in for a lot pain, I believe. haha.
  11. It's Official...i'm Riding Again!

    So, after 4ish years (that seems so long to actually write down) of being miserable without my Dudley, moving provinces, being frustrated with the horse world in said new provice...I've finally decided to start riding again. The lady who found me Dudley also found me this guy. She's fabulous and I'm lucky that she knows so many people. He's a 16hh 6 year old DWB. He's matured very slowly, so they haven't put a lot of miles on him considering that he is 6. For being 6 and not having many miles, he really is superstar. I think he's a tad slow in his mind, so it takes things too long to register for him to really care, which makes it more hilarious than anything. We had ice falling from the roof beside him and he didn't even skip a beat. I was mighty impressed. He's jumped under saddle 2 times. I've seen some videos, and I'm not sure his gift is jumping. He is owned by a dressage queen, so it's of no surprise that that is where he will likely excel. The lease is dirt cheap. The barn is a little private farm about 25-30 minutes away from where I live. A little disappointed that it is mostly gravel roads (my poor car), but I'll survive. Free lessons from her (she's certified), mostly to ensure we're both on the same page as we will both be riding him. Downside--no indoor arena. They have an indoor roundpen, though. Upside--the farm does cross country skiing trails all winter, so they're marvelously groomed horse trails in the summer!
  12. Everything Spruce Meadows

    I've always lived close and typically went to at least the Masters every year. For a few years, I found myself going up often to watch most of their big shows. I moved farther away and I haven't been at all in a of couple years! I have never shown at Spruce, but had a friend who took part in Battle of the Breeds and I was up helping him with that. It's absolutely an amazing experience. The crowds that Spruce pulls for the Masters is also UNREAL. It's awesome to see so many people come out to watch! I forget how lucky I am to have had it so close! Even at 5 hours away now, I'm closer than anyone in the states would be to it!
  13. Career Choices

    Becky...where have you gone my entire life? You are ENGAGED? My feelings are so hurt. (I'm also sending you a text to some old number of yours hoping you still have it as we speak). Anyways. I sold Dud a number of years ago, while in school and finding it impossible to ride him, and have literally not ridden much since. I finished school and am now out in Saskatoon working as an engineer for a crown corporation. The bf and I built a house and moved in just this past December. It's hard right now to consider riding, as things are generally just BUSY. I think the time I've had since selling Duddy and now has also been a bit of a breather and now I hardly remember how I had time for a pony to begin with. How sad is that. Money is, and always will, be an issue. Time has also become just as large of an issue, though. This week, of all weeks to possibly be writing this, I've found a lease to start in the spring (outdoor arena It's cheap, horse is sort of green, and even then I'm finding it so very difficult to imagine when on earth I'd be able to go out and ride and play like I always have. I am very confused about where I stand anymore. I suppose I'll figure it out eventually. So, in short, I sacrificed my horse for my schooling and now my career. I want to say something like "if it matters, you make it work", but Duddy was my best friend and I just..couldn't make it work.
  14. Pictures Of Rosie!

    I love her and think you should send her up to me to play with! :) But seriously. Super cute. The christmas tree holders are also brilliant. :)
  15. Aaagghh!

    It tells me I have 300 posts now. I feel like my childhood has been erased. Haha. I love the layout. Super easy to navigate. Very impressed. EDIT: Okay, it just tells me that in my profile. I no longer feel like my childhood has been erased. Maybe it should be, though.