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  1. Youtube Video

    Does she have this issue when she's lunged without tack on her "off" days? She seems to me, sore in the hocks which is causing tightness in the hips/back, and maybe sore in the front as well. I'd have a full lameness exam done on this mare. Start low (feet) and work your way up. I think you'll be surprised what you find.
  2. Give Me Some Ideas Please

    Do they like ranch? I always mix a packet of ranch dressing mix with some Italian seasoned bread crumbs and coat chops or chicken breasts and bake them.
  3. We Got Rain!

    We could use some more here. We went 71 days straight with no rain, and being in upstate NY that's not the norm. Haven't had to mow the yard since before July 4th.
  4. What Colour Would You Call Him?

    In my barn he'd be just another red horse lol!
  5. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    I've got my dealer friend up here looking for one for me. There's a woman that buys them from him by the load (he gets them out west) then uses them as camp horses and then sends lots of them to New Holland, Unadilla and a couple other auctions. I'll bet you've got a westerner on your hands lol. I get sad thinking about my Paco. Best horse I ever swing a leg over. I could do ANYTHING with him, and I was the only one that could catch him lol. Life got in the way as well and I gave him back to my dealer friend who sold him to a family in PA. 2 years ago I saw him advertised online at auction as a 15 year old...he was close to 30. He looked terrible. The dealer tried to buy him back to let him retire at his place with no luck. I'm still torn up about it. Those little Mexican horses have more heart than most.
  6. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    He's a good looking boy. He seems like he's probably a Mexican to me, and their brands are about impossible to track down. Many are a bit flighty and nervous on the ground, some aren't. Once he gets into a routine he should settle for you. Theure broke broke broke and will last forever lol.
  7. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    There's a dealer in my area (northern New York) that hauls Mexican horses in from out west by the load. They sell fast. Have you ridden him? Can you post a full body pic of him?
  8. Anyone Recognize This Brand?

    I had an old Mexican gelding that had a very similar brand on his left hip. Any info on where you bought him could be helpful.
  9. Yum ! Even The Kids Are Eating It.

    I second the alfredo pasta. Have you ever made it homemade? It's SUPER easy..a bit fattening but if you use quality ingredients it's healthier than the jarred stuff lol. Italian Sausage is even good par-boiled then tossed on the grill and served with sweet potato fries and salad!
  10. She Didn't Tell Me!

    Pretty much ditto to what most have said. A lemon size chunk from her hoof? What is she, a draft? If her feet chip that easily you have some serious metabolic and nutrition stuff going on. Get someone to watch the kid, get the vet out, or if need be, let the kid sit in a car seat or carrier for a few minutes (not sure how old he is) and get some blood pulled. Get her started on a hoof supplement and find a decent farrier that can a.) keep a shoe on a horse and b.) guide you in the right direction of this horse having healthy feet. Not trying to sound harsh but your barn owner did right. She probably could have texted you, but she was getting someone out to fix the problem as quickly as she could. Who knows, this farrier could be better than your current one.
  11. Health Snacks.

    I love love love banana chips! Take a venture into the gluten free section of your market (if they have one). They've always got great, healthy chips and crackers and even cookies!
  12. Inside Leg, Outside Rein

    That was not only rude, but extremely uncalled for. Grow up. I try to stay out of my horses face as much as possible. If he needs a little help, I'll pick up a rein and guide him along with using my legs. If I'm on the rail and he's gawking to the outside, I'll absolutely pick up on that inside rein to get his attention back to me. I never want to have to "hold" my horse in a nice bend with either rein, they should stay collected between my hands and legs without having to be in their face constantly. If I'm riding a greenie and say, turning to the left, I might tilt his nose to the inside just a touch and put my left leg on him more towards the girth to get him to bend around my leg, and my right (or outside) leg farther back to control his hind end and keep it from falling out. Who knows, maybe I was taught wrong by some standards but it's always worked for me.
  13. What To Feed A Horse With Bad Teeth

    If his teeth were really bad he would have to kind of learn to chew again. I have also seen more than a couple vets cut the inside of the cheeks and that will for sure make one not eat well at all. Watch for any abnormal swelling, drooling, or foul smells.
  14. Do Horses Mind, Too Terribly....

    Ahhh yes that does pose an issue. Any way to build some sort of guard around it (not sure of the word, thinking like concertina wire on top of a prison fence type) but out of plywood? So they can reach heads over but it'll be uncomfortable for her to get her feet up and over?
  15. Vacuum Horse?

    I've never been to a barn where the barn owners didn't have the horses best interest in mind, although I imagine there are more than a few. If it came down to this issue being detrimental to one or more of the horses health and the barn owner still wouldn't take a couple of minutes to tie them up..I'd be trying my darndest to move. Unless they are hard to catch it should literally only take a minute to halter and hook them, and a minute to unhalter and let them go. Heck, when I used to have to tie some to feed, I'd go feed the rest and unhook them last. Never hurt them and I never felt I wasted any time doing it.