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  1. Does Anyone Bake?

    I've had really good luck with the bread machines. Most of the time, I put the ingredients in the machine and set it on manual. It does all the kneading and rising, etc. When it beeps, I take over and depending on the type of bread, finish it and bake it. We've made some very yummy zucchini bread in the machine. And when I make rolls, I use the machine on manual setting. When it's done, I roll out the rolls and let them rise and bake. YUM!
  2. School Bans Lunches From Home

    I read the article when it first came out, but I haven't read any of the links in this thread. I didn't see anything in the article I read, but who pays for the lunches if they are not allowed to bring lunches from home?
  3. Wildfires In Texas

    We've had several up here over the last several weeks. We're up in the Panhandle. Has anyone heard from Becaco? She's over here in West Texas.
  4. Has Anyone Ever Gone Skydiving?

    LTR has...maybe she'll be on and see this.
  5. Clinic Charging For Equine Health Papers

    We've always had to pay UNLESS it was for the 4H shows. The vet wouldn't charge the kids. But when we traveled in NV/CA/OR/WA we also had to brand inspection papers. And those aren't cheap!
  6. Need Some Input Please!

    Our receptionist's daughter is the cupcake queen. The latest flavor that she has brought in for us to sample was cinnamon. I didn't think I'd like them, but they tasted exactly like a cinnabon cinnamon roll. DELISH!!!
  7. Movie Ppl Come Here Please

    I'm pretty sure it was Dark Horse. You can find anything on Google.
  8. We Got Snow!

    I hate getting out on the roads in the snow and ice. I lived where we were used to driving in it. And I STILL don't like getting out in it. Now we live in area that the people aren't very smart about driving in bad conditions. And the town doesn't have the equipment to take care of the roads. Better to stay home.
  9. Movie Ppl Come Here Please

    Was it Dark Horse?
  10. How Should This Scenario Played Out...

    I guess I don't see the big deal. Of course, I don't know any other details. How long you've been married, etc. My inlaws talk to Hubby all the time about plans, etc. Doesn't bother me. My family usually talks to me about plans. Again, no big deal. When we were first married, I was really unfomfortable making plans with Hubby's family, especially if it were specifically for me. But I don't make a big deal about bdays and I don't like to be in the spotlight. So Hubby would just make plans. Not sure how long you've been together, but this is one of those things that I would put in the 'pick your battles' catagory. I'd go and enjoy the meal.
  11. Now that's a good Dad!!
  12. What I Gave Myself

    [Yay] yay for you, draftie! [Yay]
  13. Searching For A Job

    Look into the school districts. I know we had several positions and because the clerical positions aren't under contract, the usually have openings year round.
  14. Straighteners

    My daughter has a Chi and it works really well. If you end up wanting a Chi, check Kohls. She got hers back in August and it was pretty cheap. With it being on sale, plus using some Kohls cash her Aunt gave her, plus the 20% off coupon you can get on line, it was cheaper than the knock-offs.
  15. D C Is In O K C For Another 24 Hours

    bummer! He's about 4 hrs to far east.