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  1. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Been Codysmom since 2002-2003? Can't tell with the new format. Took a a break for awhile after Amy and Char left. ETA - March 2003 so I think I qualify as an "oldie"
  2. Question About Old Posts

    Which one of your old posts are you looking for Daphne?"
  3. Bryna you are absolutley wrong with the bolded statement. Most employers confuse exempt and salaried employees as one in the same when in reality most salaried employes are actually non-exempt (yes you can be salaried and non-exempt). Here is the checklist to determine if you are exempt or non-exempt. If it turns out that you are non-exempt they MUST pay you overtime for any hours over 40 per week that you work. They figure out your hourly rate for overtime payment by dividing your weekly salary by 40. I have always been "salaried" and non-exempt and have been paid overtime for any hours over 40. I know there are a lot of employers and employees out there that do not understand the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees. There are also a lot of employers that take advantage of the fact that employes that are on salary won't question it. I have not posted here in over a year but that statement made me have to post to clarify for those that are not familiar with labor laws concerning exempt and non-exempt employees.
  4. Coyotes And Stray Dogs

    TPL - Not underestimating them at all. We had several we had to deal with in MI and that is where my gelding was allowed/asked to go after them when they were seen in the field at turn out. Also the reason I planned the fence layout the way I did down here. I have not seen any close to us but I know thier range is larger than the 1/2 mile where they got the goats at the neighbors so I know they are around. We also have a sheltie that goes off like a fire alarm when there is anything different in his sight/sense range. He can spot a deer hiding in tree line 1/4 mile from the fence line(takes us awhile to see it and figure out what set him off) from the living room window. Night/day whether he is inside or outside if a leave falls wrong he lets us know. If I see one trying to get in I will shoot it but if I am not around to do so the triple fence and the 2 coyotes haters will at least give them a run for thier money until I can give them lead poisoning.
  5. Coyotes And Stray Dogs

    Thanks SC. I am not too worried about the coyotes getting to mine. First they would have to get past solid mesh fence with hot center and top wire AND past my gelding (who is really good at chasing coyotes away), then past another line of Mesh/hot combo to get in with the mini and mini-donk (mini-donk is always on high alert and will go after/stomp unwelcomes in a heart beat) and then a 3rd line of chain link with hot top and center to get to the dwarf.
  6. Coyotes And Stray Dogs

    Came home tonight to the neighbor calling to see if we have seen thier dog. He apparently was playing with a stray Rotty that has been hanging around for a couple of days and when the Rottie left he pulled his teather right out of the ground to follow the Rottie. (No they do not teather the dog a;; the time just to potty). Go out to help them find thier hound who is running around with his 20' chain. They caught him and the Rottie is still haning around. Very thin and seems to be friendly according to the neighbor. They have called AC and they are supposed to come out and catch the Rottie in the a.m. Not holding my breath on that one. Then find out that the neighbor about 1/2 mile down the road had a couple of his pregnant goats attached by Coyoyes the other night. The Coyotes did not kill the goats but messed them up enough that the neighbor shot them to put them out of thier misery. Not too worried about the Coyotes as my gelding can hold his own and they would have to get though him (his paddock kind of wraps around the mini paddock/dwarf area) to get to the mini and mini donk and then they would have to get through the mini donk who will thunk the He!! out of them in order to get anywhere near the dwarf.
  7. Owning Vs. Renting

    Owning is the way to go. Renting you are usually paying more for less than you would with buying and over the years all you have to show for it is a bunch of rent receipts while you have paid someone else's mortgage payments and/or put money into thier bank account. Buying you are building equity and you can do what you want. If you want to paint the walls pink with purple polka dots you can, if you want your kitties you can have them, etc.
  8. New Dog Tethering Law

    Dog Tethering law follow-up story. Seems they are sending the tethering law back to discussion for some tweaking.
  9. What Part Of Your Horse Is The Dirtiest?

    All tight, since no one else is willing to say it I will - Sheath and Teets. First thing on my list next warm day is scrubbing the geldings sheath. Went out the other night and picked at the mini and dwarf's teets and they were really nasty in between so I know the gelding is pretty crusted up.
  10. Difference Of Opinion

    Not a fan of cattle guards for horses, too much of a chance of BAD leg injury. That being said I would think a lot would depend on the horses disposition, the space available to get away in the event of a predator/confrontation and the grazing/feed available in the area with the cattle guard. If you horse is on a couple of acres that ends up a dry lot shortly into the season they are going to go looking for "the grass that is always greener on the other side of the fence". If they are on a couple hundred acres of lush grass they will just bury thier heads and eat away, no reason to try to find out "what is over there". The same criteria apply to barb wire fenceing. I would not use barb wire on a small area but out west where there are huge ranges and ranches it is the norm. Again, disposition, area to escape without having to go through the fence and neverending grazing inside the fence. Also, if (as you indicated) she is "not the sharpest tool in the shed" I would say absolutely not. Another concern in this situation for me would be it sounds like the mare will be the sole horse there and the neighbors will be driving and/or walking in and out of the pasture over the cattle guard (to get to and from thier house) several times a day. Being the sole horse this mare is going to treat the humans as her herd and I could see her trying to follow her "herd" over the cattle guard.
  11. Whats For Dinner?

    Slow cooked (6 Hour) BBQ beef brisket with homefried potatoes and sliced maters.
  12. Neat Website For Sharing Pictures

    Cool Site Extra. I just can not figure out how to do the "photoshop" typoe editing that you did. Guess I will dig around a bit more tomorrow. I have a few pics I would love to edit the backround on.
  13. Just Because It Is "free"

    I will say that "older people" tend to start collecting rather bizzare things. As TPL indicated, how old is mom? Any other different behavior? When my grandmother was in her late 70's her doctor had her using Metamucil daily for digestive issues. Being on a very fixed income she would watch the K-Mart sale papers to see when it was on sale and would always buy 2-3 of the 48 oz. jars when it went on sale. Now K-mart was putting this stuff on sale at least once a month so G-Ma had A LOT of Metamucil by the time she had to move out of her apartment and in with my father at age 90. It was all stored in the linen closet and the second closet in her bedroom. When we moved her out of her apartment we checked the dates on it (that stuff has a very long shelf life and she was good about rotating and using the older stuff first) we donated what we could and kept a few jars for her to use at dad's house. Have to agree with Horsefeathers here and say it is not animals, guns or anything else dangerous so let it alone if it makes her happy.
  14. Supplements

    Have to agree with Tazzin - Healthy Edge. You don't have to feed as much.
  15. Came home from work yesterday and heard a cat crying in the woods next door. Went into the house to make sure my cat was in the house - Yup she is curled up in her hidey-hole under the table in the living room. Go to the kitchen to get a drink and see a black and white cat junp through the fence next to the hay/run in shed and get a drink out of a feed tub that has water in it from the rain. He/she is 3 legged lame, carrying it's right front foot off the ground, not weight-bearing on it. Watched it for a few minutes and it layed down in some hay that is on the ground so I went out to see if it would let me anywhere near it - Nope. I got to about 50 feet away and it jumped back through the fence. I did the "kitty, kitty" thing and it stopped and looked at me but would not come any closer. I don't want to put food out for it to try and be-friend/catch it as I do not want to have unwanted visitors (i.e. coons, possums, skunks, etc.) but I feel bad for it as it is hurt and it is cold and wet out (supposed to get snow tomorrow). I think I saw it sekk out the back of the shed tonight when I fed and I don't have a problem with it being in there but I would like to catch it and have it looked at by the vet to make sure that foot is going to be ok (not to mention vaccs, spay/neuter and feluke test/vac). My cat is up to date on all vaccs including feluke but still. Now to why people suck - This cat has obviousley been dumped by someone as I only have two neighbors that have cats and one has a calico that does not come this far over and last I know the other one had an orange tiger stripe that also does not come this far over. Neighbor on the side that this cat came from (just past the woods does not like cats and has never had a cat). Why is it that people think they can dump thier unwanted dogs/cats in the country. Take them to the shelter people. Yes they may not get adopted out and may get put to sleep but that is much more humane than dumping then to starve, get hit by a car, attacked by wildlife, etc.