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  1. Nagolder

    RIP Naggy.
  2. Throwback Thursday

    Or bring up rice bran oil. LOL That used to stir the pot. I want to "like" peoples posts but I can't do that here.
  3. Throwback Thursday

    Hahaha love the crickets CR. And I will never catch up to Oz - 48,634 posts. Yikes. :)
  4. Throwback Thursday

    He's a sprightly 21.
  5. Throwback Thursday

    The fly lived CR, no need to panic. ************************************** A few piccies of my new horse. On the trail Meeting the gang Buddying up I <3 him.
  6. Frisbee!

    How odd he must have been. I would have liked him.
  7. Throwback Thursday

    He wasn't drowning, he was doing the backstroke. Cheeky fly.
  8. Throwback Thursday

    Hi there Heidi and PD! I want to share a picture I took with my cell phone a few weeks ago. It's my favorite picture ever. :) Let's see if I did this correctly.
  9. Throwback Thursday

    Hi all, been a while! Yes I'm a throwback. :) Trying to figure out how to upload photos...
  10. My Mom Has The Dreaded C Word

    Sending healing thoughts out to your mom.
  11. Bursting At The Seams With Joy!

    I have read your journey you posted here and am sending you and Paul my deepest and sincere healing vibes.
  12. Free Goat In The Ocala Fl. Area

    Why yes it is a bunny with a pancake on it's head.
  13. Fagan Update...rip

  14. Oh poor thing! How come her tail had to be removed? I think her sutures and wound looks good but why not lightly bandage it for another day or so?
  15. Ideas Needed To Mark Horse For Identification

    One thing I learned from hurricane season is to have your physical address marked on the horse as chances are the cell towers will be down and they won't be able to call you.