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  1. Ear Plugs For The Horse

    my husband is a mounted shooter and ear plugs are a necessity, you can make a cheap pair out of cat toys (the soft poofy balls), and a string. important thing when pulling them out of the ear is to not just pull by the string because they can make a suction and hurt a little, so when you pull them out gently grasp and massage the base of the ear and gently pull the ear plug out (massaging the ear base breaks any seal that may have happened). and then there is just working with the horse to get their ears handled that much not only to take the plugs out but even just to put them in, if you don't get them in far enough the horse just shakes its head and they fall out. the string is important so you don't lose your ear plug, just tie it to the headstall. we do get our horses used to the sound of gunfire from the sidelines without ear plugs, it's more when you're actually shooting off their backs since the guns are so close to their ears at that point that we have the plugs in. and I know horses that just won't take the ear plugs at all and they do fine.
  2. Crop My Dogs Ears? Advice Please

    Find out why, most likely an ear infection or parasites, or as simple as a grass seed deep inside. the hematoma happens because she's causing trauma to her ears whether she is scratching her ears or shaking her head too much. The ears flapping hard makes them get beat up. I've never known of a dog getting an aural hematoma without an underlying cause.
  3. we named our son Mitchell, I like more traditional names, but the ones I don't hear very often, I actually don't know any other Mitchell's, I had to ask if there were any others in his school, there is one more. the more "unique" names are becoming very popular at least around here. I know multiple Austins, Levis, Landons, Keegans, Kierans and a few others people have already listed, you just don't hear anymore Michael's or David's unless it's a family name because everyone wants the one of a kind name that is just not one of a kind anymore. funny thing about the last names, I had a substitute teacher in high school way back when and her name was Mary Christmas, the best part - that was her married name! and then she and her husband named their kids Holly and Noel.
  4. Helmet Opinions

    I wear a helmet every ride, I've been wearing a helmet for so long that I feel naked without it, for years I didn't wear a helmet, then I started dressage lessons and had to but it just became normal for me, I just do a low pony tail or long braid for my hair. my husband does cowboy mounted shooting, he wears a helmet most of the time. the only times he does not wear a helmet and wears his cowboy hat instead is at the once a week shooting practice, or competition. But even then that is only with our one kid safe mare that he is shooting off of. he has another mare he's working with on shooting, high energy, he wears his helmet. another rider asked him to ride her horse last week at practice, considered a safe horse, he put his saddle on, took off his cowboy hat and put on his helmet without thinking twice about it. but even our safe mare if he's not at practice or competing he wears his helmet. our son has just always had a helmet, he knows he cannot ride without one, he also cannot ride without his boots, but the boots became mandatory when he started riding solo. BUT I do feel that it is a choice for adults (parents choice for their own child). I ALWAYS offer a helmet to anyone riding our horses. the kids I just bring out my son's helmet, even if all they get is led around. never had a parent say their child didn't need to wear a helmet. few adult friends' I've taken out, always offered them a helmet and let them consciously decide if they would wear it or not. It's always just a quick question, they say yes or no, and that's it, off we go.
  5. Thundershirts

    My in laws have a thundershirt for their dog and she loves it, they bring it out when she's stressed and she wants them to put it on.
  6. Tallest Rider You Know?

    Isn't William Fox Pitt 6' 5"? And a lot of leg to go with it. you just see him on a horse and know he's going to be tall when he gets down.
  7. Your Go To Song

    my 9 year old has "Video killed the radio star" stuck in his head, and because he's 9, that means he sings it at the top of his lungs in the grocery store....so therefore I have it stuck in my head also.
  8. Name Ideas?

    how about Amoura? = from the french word for love, since she has the heart shape. I also like Tesora (do a feminine version for tesoro, which means treasure in Spanish.)
  9. Fly Season/fly Sprays

    Endure has been the best for us, I find that we just have to spray 1-2x a week after we do an initial 2-3 days in a row. all the other cheaper ones I would have to spray every day. I did simplify for a couple years and actually noticed a decrease in the fly population, then my neighbors got horses and the flies increased, so no point giving it if my neighbors aren't going to give it. I do have a fly sheet for one horse, she had severe allergies last year and I was on top of anything that could be the cause, some fly sheets seem to be made of more durable material than others, she looked awesome! I had the fly mask with the dropped nose and ear covers, her fly sheet had a neck cover and belly band, all I needed to cover her completely would be the leg covers, but that seemed a bit much but she lives in turnout 24/7 and her sheet stayed intact. even witnessed her rollling numerous times.
  10. Fun Contests At Work?

    We just did Pi Day, everyone brought a pie and then a contest to see who can recite Pi the furthest to win a prize. But that has to be on 3/14. Ugly sweater at Christmas. Chili cook off in the fall. We do a lot of food ideas at the department level, currently we did a salsa/guacamole, and the winner got to pick the following month's theme for a food competition. My mother in law said her office is doing a biggest loser, they paid $10 into a pot, weighed in, and each week they weigh in. I don't know how long they are doing it for, but the person that loses the most weight at the end of the designated timeframe will win the pot. They are working it that people can join anytime, it's not necessarily a date to end as much as its so many weeks, so the day you join and weigh in is the day your weeks start. They did close off joining after a certain date.
  11. When Do You Feel Most Vulnerable?

    Mine is the first canter, of any ride! I had a horse that if she was going to act up it was always when asking for canter, I got a feel for her and we started working well, she adapted by acting up at a gallop. needless to say, im not a speed events rider. but now I cannot get on any horse and canter the first ride. I will walk/trot anything and everything, but it will take me multiple rides before I try a canter on a new horse. But once I finally do it, my confidence shoots right up, and riding that horse is not a problem. But even then I find I have to ask for canter in just the right area of the arena, I never ask in a straight away. Oh I miss that mare sometimes :)
  12. Please Help With Horrible Welts Pix Included

    My mare had that all last year, even worse! You couldn't touch her anywhere without touching a hive, and many were oozing!! I had to keep her on low dose steroids every other day for the whole summer because every time I tried to wean her off they just came back. We did allergy testing (blood panel that my hubby approved because he just felt so bad for her and wanted something done) and now are trying to control things in her environment that showed up obvious on her test. this summer if she does it again we will attempt the antihistamines to not use steroids, but if we can't control it without steroids we will look into doing dermal testing to narrow things down and start allergy shots in the winter. BUT so far going into winter last year I was able to take her off the steroids but she still had small hives, finally we got rid of some trees she likes to rub on and chew, two days later and since then her skin has been smooth! *knock on wood* Anyways we took corn, soy, and Timothy out of her diet (try to find anything that doesn't have soy or corn!). And the trees of course was a huge turning point for us. The weather is starting to warm up though, so I'm starting to watch her closely, and just keeping fingers crossed we have it under control.
  13. a falabella - because I can't imagine that there is a horse/pony smaller than a mini.
  14. Saddle Repair In Washington

    No problem!
  15. Saddle Repair In Washington

    Oh! And there is an elderly gentleman in Snohomish that does some really nice work too, Bochan Leatherworks, the only thing is he is busy, and I keep waiting to hear that he's retiring.