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  1. Way To Funny Not To Share

    I would LOVE him as my trainer!! But could you imagine the temper if you did something WRONG?! LOL!! Could be scary! But I'm also agreeing about the stretch jeans thing! HA!
  2. How To Blow Him Off

    LC, wish there was a 'like' button for that last post, lol! I wish I could have done that a number of times, hehe!
  3. Sage Pictures (Opinions Wanted)

    I would say her topline needs more muscling, but other than that, she looks amazing!! I'm like you though apparently, I like her March/April pics.
  4. Can Anyone Identify This Weed?

    "Image" is the only listed product for nutsedge that you can use without having to have a commercial spraying license to apply it. At least in Louisiana. You may be able to find it at WAl-Mart or Lowe's...but for sure at the local co-op or nursery that has a lawn and garden section. It will kill the sedge and many other broadleaf weeds, but is safe for lawns and turfgrass. Not sure on pasture grass varieties. PS-Pulling them up only causes the root at the tip of the nut (under the ground about 2-3") to dislocate from the nut itself and actually will create another deeper-rooted specimen. Whoever mentioned cutting it first then spraying the herbicide is correct. And soak the ground around the base of the stem as well. Roundup, Killzall, and all other glyphosate products will NOT work! It has to be a nutsedge killer, listed on the front label. A product called Noxall or Groundclear might work, but you are looking at up to a year of no vegetation in the immediate area as they are soil sterilizers.
  5. Disgusting Roommate Habits

    As a recent bottle-feeding mom, the only way I had clean bottles was to have ONE bottle!! I had to rinse it out every time, and better yet, I used the drop-ins (not as expensive as it sounds) I only had to boil the ring and nipple...WAY easier!! I couldn't BF because my son had heart surgery at 4 days old, and everything he ate after that had to be monitored (bottles)...and he would never take the nipple after that two weeks of bottles.
  6. *tries Not To Get Excited*

    JEALOUS!! Would love to work with horses!! Go YOU!!
  7. Everyone Thinks I Should Get This Dress...

    Epona, you are cracking me up! lol! Y'all remind me of me and my cousin's conversations. Confetti, I am in the same boat with you, I'm a 5'9" hourglass size 14 (dress size)...but my jeans size is now a 15 because I can't find womens' shorts or jeans that fit the hips and butt right (I have no butt, lol) I used to be the tall size ten, but I like my hourglass better. I want that dress now, too!! I like the layered detailing on the front of the skirt. That tends to really flatter our curves, too! I just wish I had a butt to balance out the top from the side view. I say BUY IT!!
  8. Has Anyone Used

    I paid $38 for an equine vet to answer a question my own vet gave me attitude about (because I called him while he was out of town, and "Very busy") well, my horse had a nail embedded in his frog and it has pierced up through the top of the back of his pastern, and he had neatly folded it over, so it was u-shaped and STUCK!! Before the justanswer vet actually answered me (though it says you get live answers, his took over an hour) I had actually found an equine vet clinic that kept vets on call. We already had Leo loaded in the trailer on our way to the other side of town. Not only did I inform the justanswer guy that he was NOT prompt, he gave the same advice my original vet did, but with more manners, and told me to use caution. Nevertheless, he advised me to pull it out myself (we did try)...but we needed an x-ray before we could determine how it was lodged in there. It could work in your situation where you don't have a local vet, and would have to wait forever for a response anyway...but in my case...I won't use the service for veterinary advice again.
  9. Why I Can't Date A City Boy

    I thought that was in New Orleans!! Where is your store again, Three Stars? Just bought a car that will MAKE it to N.O. reliably and can fit my family of three in there. Want to make a trip down when the weather cools off.
  10. I have wide hips and thin legs, which also require a 34" inseam. I have only found jeans that fit me perfectly at $95 or more per pair. There was always something off about the ones at the TSC, or our local western stores. They would fit my waist, then hang off my butt and thighs like sacks. I didn't think I was THAT oddly shaped! I just have a little extra after a baby, and it all decided to sit around my belly button!
  11. Just A Few Pics

    LOVE your pitbulls!! Always been a fan! They play like my brother's do! Such sweeties! I love Jett! Such a pretty build! And I have a soft spot for moos, hehe. We'll have a few someday :)
  12. Help! - He Needs A Name!

    I like Ninja too!! LOL!! On second that electric tape? If so, HOW do you keep it that tight?! Mine sags with 10' spacing...looks like yours is spaced farther than that! I have to go and pull it every week to tighten it up, so now there are knots at the ends on the insulators...not pretty...
  13. Yowza! Which Would You Pick?!

    Funny how on FB, no one even noticed the confo! I didn't either to be honest, but I have a weak spot for leopard apps, and dark haired (foreign-looking) men. I'm surprised at how many people took shots at em, but I also know not everyone here has the same taste. I took it in at a glance, didn't pick them apart. Even then, I know nothing about Friesian confo, so while it's obvious he doesn't have a QH butt or hips, I didn't know what he SHOULD have either. At this point, the horse would have still been my pick. I'm tired of men
  14. Yowza! Which Would You Pick?!

    Seriously handsome! I don't think I could choose! But something tells me the horse would be less judgmental about who's kissin him!
  15. Would You Make A Big Deal Over This?

    My ex and I went to a well-known wingery (think National)...and both ordered boneless wings, two flavors. When the food makes it out to us (20 min later), they were regular wings, not boneless, and not even the flavors we ordered. Really? So I corrected her and let her know I wanted takes too much time to get chicken off the regular ones, and I can't stand grisle. My ex kept his. He didn't care, he was hungry. So I asked her to bring me the boneless ones, in the correct flavor. We didn't see her for an entire 30 mins! Not even to ask how the meal was, etc. I finally had to call over another waitress to ask what had happened. Our waitress couldn't even come out herself to tell us. The waitress I called over had to go into the back, and deliver the message to us stating that the other waitress said she thought I wasn't hungry. REALLY?! I left her ten pennies on the table for bringing us our drinking glasses. And I've never gone back. That is the ONLY time I've ever duped a waitress. I left a 25% tip at Chili's yesterday for a regular-rate service. I'm just generous when it comes to that. But that! I get all ruffled up!