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    Oh I got em ;)

    Don't mind me.... Im tryin somethin here ;)
  3. let me in!

    woop woop! lol guess we all had the same idea.
  4. Trinity, I have heard through the forum that you are the 'Hoof Master'. I sent you a private message. I am new to the forum and am not sure how it works in the Hoof Forum. I posted in there last week and never heard anything back. I messaged MissyClaire as well. I really need some advice on this horse I have with a scarred hoof. Will you check your messages and get back with me. I will also post the pictures here. 



  5. Hoof Problems

    IME, one typical and usual, easy to fix cause of constant abscessing is often farriers leaving the bars too overgrown and laid over which traps gunk in there. Constant bar and heel abscesses are what you usually see in that situation. Not saying this is the reason, but all similarities in the horse keeping environment including the hoof care provider could be a potential cause. Pictures are needed to know more.
  6. Interesting.....

    Ive been watching these and IMO this is a step ahead of a boot but not as far as glue on or nail on rubber shoes. Pros would be they are breathable, less surface covering the foot, less aptitude to make the foot overly wet, no rubbing of boots moving around. Can be left on longer without ill effects. Can be adjusted in attachment position daily if needed on the velcro as you trim the foot or tweek the foots balance during the cycle. Eventually, the tape position will need to be moved, but I can see it being able to be left in place awhile white moving exactly where the clips hook in to it. Cons are probably going to be price, attachment failures, and unfriendly environment possibility issues id say. My big questions at this point are How much, and how strong are those clips and velcro? I think these would be vastly superior in rehab applications than boots. I love boots but they have some annoying limitations and inconveniences.
  7. I declawed one cat when I was young and she was already an adult and I had to do it to live in a rental. Never again. She was sensitive footed for months and months. I also observed strange litter behaviors and I can tell she suffered. With products like this available for pennies. Never ever again.
  8. Where Are The Mods/admin?

    Yeah im not so much up for coming here real often when A. a good 80% of the people I liked to talk to and became good friends with got banned or left over controversial bannings. B. Many of the bannings were clearly malicious and instigated by you know who C. you know who worked for this site and they kept allowing her to do it. I dont think they gave a rats behind about us. Didnt feel very welcome here. I do think they wanted this place much more dead for some reason. Maybe they saw a large super active BB as a liability and not an asset? IDK. But whatever the case, when 80% of the people you talk to leave and the boards stop having many, if any, new posts? Well, its time to move on to greener pastures I guess. Not because of any poster here, its just that home base we all used to gather at isn't so homey anymore and its pretty boring without much to talk about. Ive popped back in here and there and posted a few posts but there just isnt the amount of content that used to be here by FAR which means not alot to choose from that you might have something to post about. When you arent doing anything but logging on, seeing there isnt much and nothing to post about time and time again, you just kinda log off and forget to log back in for awhile.
  9. Oh wow GH, I just popped on here and see this! I am SO sorry! What a thing to do out of the blue. Been there myself also and its like a slap in the face. Im here to give you hugs and commiserate if you ever need to chat.
  10. Where Are The Mods/admin?

    I dont check in much anymore. This place is dead duck Dead. Nothing interesting any more going on. Nikki def killed it intentionally or not. I haven been here in months and there are like 3 to 5 posts in a few categories that have been updated. Many of the forums have no new posts at all. Facebook has lots of groups for different interests all ion one spot which is nice and content is ALWAYS moving lol. You just dont fall for click bait and keep your nose clean ;) I wish there was a way to make an active oldies horsecity group there. I have lots of general friends from HC there, but I know im missing people i really used to like to talk with from here. I miss the good old days
  11. So We Pulled A Carriage First Time Today.....

    That is one of the most gorgeous horses. I love him! I know you know the traces were too long already, but they should be shortened enough that the upper curve of the shaft rests in the saddle stirrup there. A couple notches actually it looks like. You almost lost the shaft completely out of the stirrup there in the video.
  12. Recipes For Thrush Treatment

    mix up some dawn and water in a spray bottle. Spray and scrub and spray to rinse. The soap can stay on. Ill scrub every day for a few days with an active untreated case and then maybe 2 or 3 times a week to keep it at bay if its gross outside.
  13. Recipes For Thrush Treatment

    Ya cant beat good old blue dawn for a good scrubbing clean now and then. Cheapest thrush remedy I have ever found.
  14. Looks silver to me. Silver dapple buckskin possibly with an overo gene with those legs and eyes.
  15. Oppinions On This Tool

    `Ive started using ELPO guidelines to get long toes back and breakover corrected the first trim in most cases. I find I get faster and better results. Ill leave the toe pillars long and strong for a few trims to get the toe back and the heels coming in straight. Then ill fix any issues with the pillars and quarters later. It seems to work pretty well. If the horses foot is trashed or too weak, I still take the toes back to proper breakover and cast them now a few rounds.