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  1. You guys look great. I wouldn't say you made "dumb" mistakes. Mistakes are how we all learn and the fact that you said you felt very satisfied says a lot, as well as taking away some things to work on! All in all sounds like a great experience!!!
  2. Dresage Whip Design

    I guess if it doesn't exceed the length it would be legal then! That's cool!
  3. Dresage Whip Design

    It looks like a great design, but I agree with Nick, waaaaay to expensive. For that reason I would not buy it. My other question is this: Is it legal in the USDF/USEF dressage show ring?
  4. Long Time!

    Great pictures 3 Day. I like the one where he is kicking both back feet out! Little Stinker!!!!
  5. Show Update

    Great photos CSA. Hope you had fun!!!
  6. Long Time!

    3 Day, congrats on getting engaged. When is the big day? I have two wedding this year. One is a good friend at church and the other is my niece in Oklahoma. Sorry to hear about Scotch's woes. He is such a lovely horse. Bobby is 3 years and 3 months. I am doing walk, trot, canter and just working on suppleness and forward right now. He is doing a very good job. I haul to my trainer for a lesson every two weeks or so. CSA, I am 5'9" tall. I think a lot of folks thing they need a 17h behemoth, then they get one and have trouble riding so much power!! LOL!!! I feel good on Bobby now and he is just now 16 hands. Will probably get to be 16.2 or 16.3. Beau is 16.2 and that is a nice size. I am heading off to ride Bobby now! Attached a picture from the other day. Kind of blurry, taken with by my sister with her cell phone. I think Bobby still looks very much like a baby. A good looking baby though! He still has a lot of growing to do over the next two to three years according to his breeder. His bottom line is slow growing and maturing, so we just take it easy.
  7. Braiding Style

    Well what's to stop you from finding one that you can train yourself and take lots of lessons!!!
  8. Romney's Blue-Collar Equestrian Pastime

    Did you see the above link on the Steven Colbert show when he was doing it about dressage and Ann Romney's horse making the Olympics? It was fabulous and Ann Romney and all the dressage folks at Gladstone had the giant foam fingers and now Smartpak is selling them. It was great!!! You have to see it. Here is the link to the foam fingers. I wonder how many folks will have them at the Olympics. That will be interesting to see!!!
  9. Romney's Blue-Collar Equestrian Pastime

    Romney's wife's quality of life does not appear to be suffering any!! LOL!!
  10. From H/j To Dressage...saddles?

    The most important thing in a saddle is that it fits your horse first and you second. Have a competent saddle fitter help you find the right saddle. They often carry used saddles if you are on a limited budget. That said, the saddle you get depends on your personal preference. What someone else likes, someone else might dislike. Example, equi-librium does not like Albion, but likes Crosby. I don't like Crosby, but love Albion. I had a lovely custom fit Albion and made for my very difficult to fit horse, the one in my profile picture. I had the Albion SLK Ultima. Fabulous saddle but not cheap by any means. I sold that saddle with the horse when I sold him. I have a young horse I just started about a month ago and found a very nice Henry De Rivel Pro Buffalo Dressage with changeable gullets. It has the external knee rolls, which I like and buffalo leather, which is very durable. It also has a medium twist, which I prefer to a narrow twist. Nice saddle for an off the shelf saddle and a decent price. When he has grown and developed more, in a couple of years or so, I will have him custom fit again for a new saddle. But again, it has to fit him first and me second.
  11. Braiding Style

    Why can't you find the right horse Livelaugh? Most horses ought to be able to do Training and First level!! I think it's more on finding the right trainer!!! LOL!
  12. Long Time!

    Hey 3day, how ya doing? Still have the ever so lovely Scotch? Hope things are going well for you! Bobby is really growing a lot this year. He is 16 hands now, my trainer thinks he'll be 16.2 or 16.3 That will be a nice size for me. I have taken him for a couple of lessons now. He is doing quite well. Nice mover and he feels great to ride!!
  13. Long Time!

    I do need to get some pics of me riding Bobby. Rode him in the outdoor for the first time yesterday, out of the round pen. He was a tad nervous, but handled it well. We just did walk and trot. He can actually do a pretty decent 20M circle. Will do that a couple of times and then canter out there. He enjoys cantering!!! My first lesson is a week from today. I hope to show him in some schooling shows this fall.
  14. Show Update

    Sounds like a very fun and productive show weekend. Congrats on the championship in your division. Did you get some photos as well as video? Would love to see them.
  15. Breastplate?

    So how was the show CSA?