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  1. Can I Get Opinions On This Foot Please?

    MissyClare, I'd love to get my old trimmer. He's a wonderful barefoot trimmer and quite the hand to boot (again, no pun intended, lol) but I moved to another state. He's going to look at the pictures for me. I appreciate the links some of you provided. And I accept your apology Storey--I must have taken it wrong.
  2. Can I Get Opinions On This Foot Please?

    Storey, are you always so condescending? No, I didn't ask because I want to waste people's time. Why would you accuse me of not wanting to change something that might be wrong? I said I'd get more pictures! Though the ones I posted are not that bad. You're right, I don't know for sure what Trinity was talking about and I think it's fair to say that most horse owners would not know what p3 is, but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot. I've had horses for forty years but I'M NOT THE FARRIER, i.e., I'm not the expert, hence, I came on here for some opinions. The reason why I did not give my opinion first is because I didn't want my opinion to influence other, perhaps more knowledgeable, opinions. But here it is, if you need me to tell you my opinion so you can tell me yours. Her toes look a little too long, therefore her angles are also off a bit. She has been tripping a little since the farrier was here. Maybe it's from the toes. Maybe it's because of something else. Maybe it's nothing. Whatever it is, I would like to nip it in the bud, no pun intended. The last thing I want to do is blame the farrier or tell him how to do his job. However, I don't know him. He's new. Ah, forget it. I'll just send them to my old trimmer and he'll tell me what he thinks without trying to sneak in a little zing to make sure I know how smart he is.
  3. Bar F Stealth Impact Boots

    I have them. I think they're great quality but they're actually a little hard to put on because of the Velcro system--one flap goes over the other.
  4. Can I Get Opinions On This Foot Please?

    FJCowgirl, no, that was exactly two weeks after she was done. Trinity, what does all that mean? lol I will attach another picture from the same day but I don't know if it'll be anymore helpful. I will try to get some better shots tomorrow. In the meantime, from what you can tell, what do you think? I want to see if you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking so I know whether I'm on the right track or not.
  5. I have not only a new horse, but a new farrier. I know what I think about this foot, but I'm not sure. Can I get opinions on how this looks to you?
  6. Thickened Hoof Around White Line Area--is It Ok?

    No, it's not just at the toe. It's a thickening around the whole white line area. Thanks Mudder, I will e-mail you some pictures and when I'm not so tired and I can think, I'll try that photobucket thing.
  7. Thickened Hoof Around White Line Area--is It Ok?

    I have no idea how to post pictures, don't know what you mean by stickied, etc. Is it possible I could e-mail some pictures to someone? Stretched white line? I can't even SEE the white line because of this thickened hoof material. It almost looks like a horse shoe but it's hoof material. I'm hoping this is not bad. Debi
  8. Done For The Season

    I'll take a peanut butter cookie. Well, it sounds like you did great. 4th place is not bad either!
  9. Short Or Long Course?

    I guess all he needed was a little practice because we went to that same arena today and yee ha, won some money! Moral of the story is I think you have to change the pattern around now and then, go to different arenas etc., so they don't get into a rut. Break things up a bit. An automatic horse is great, but you also want to be the driver so you can guide if necessary. Good luck with your horse.
  10. Who Should Fundraiser Shows Be For?

    I think I went to that show.
  11. How To Measure A Gullet?

    This is probably too late, but just in case. You measure across the widest part, at the bottom of the gullet where it goes into the skirts. If it's 6" wide, it's called semi-Quarter horse bars. That would be for a more narrow horse, like an Appendix. If it's 6 1/2", it's called stardard or Quarter horse bars. That would be for a regular-sized QH. If it's 6 3/4" to 7", that's full Quarter horse bars and that would be for a big, thick shouldered, wide horse. In general. I've also learned that not all companies call them the same thing. One company might call their bars Quarter horse bars but it may measure like semi. So it's always good to ask for the actual measurement and know what fits your horse. The bar angles will change when the gullet width changes. Still, nowadays they are making many different types of trees, flex trees, etc. and so basically....it's a crap shoot, lol. Debi
  12. My horses have been getting barefoot trimmed for about a year and are doing the best they've ever done. I even barrel race them. And I love my farrier. But I was wondering if this is right. One of my horse's hoofs has a thickening of the hoof wall around the white line area. I'm thinking it's probably nature's way of protecting the hoof. It's right where the shoe would have been. But it's hard to clean. I don't think I should dig into it. And it can get a little uneven before the farrier comes back again. Is this okay? I'm not seeing him again for another two weeks so figured I'd ask here. Thanks.
  13. Young Horse Confined To Small Area...

    I'd worry too but you have no choice. Give her all the hay she will eat to keep her busy.
  14. Short Or Long Course?

    It messed up my daughter's horse. We went to an arena that is bigger that the ones we usually run in. Her horse knocked the first barrel. I don't remember him ever doing this before. I don't know if it was because he was expecting it to be there sooner or he just got tired--he's 26.
  15. Free Style V. Push Style

    I usually ride a free runner, but I am riding a push horse now and I don't like it. He's too much work. The free runner, I just feel like I'm flying. The push horse I've been trying to get with for a whole year. We're making a lot of progress and he has great potential, but I just don't enjoy running him as much as I enjoy running the free runner.