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  1. Hc Revisited

    Just happened to sneak in and take a peek around to see if I recognize anyone still here. I didn't know we were having a reunion! Howdy Y'all!
  2. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    The world lost a great Cowboy today. RIP Jack Baumgartner. May the trails you ride now be greener and more beautiful than any you have ever known.
  3. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    Mark, we truly understand and we respect your family's need for privacy during this difficult transition. Just know that we adore your Dad. A few of us are not close to our own biological fathers for whatever reason, and Jack has taken so many under his wing to help guide us through life's ups and downs. We continue to send our prayers and our love to all of you.
  4. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    Happy Father's Day, Jack. You are an internet Dad to so many. We love you, and we miss you. We continue to hold you and your family close to our hearts, and lift all of you up in prayer. (((hugs)))
  5. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    I don't come here often, but I am on another one of Jack's online hang outs. Word is travelling and prayers are going up all around the horse world for this great and wonderful man - who has a clever limerick for every occasion. Mark, please let him know how much we all love him. And we are sending prayers up for all of you.
  6. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Yep, we touch base at least once a week or so. I also am FB friends with the lady that owns EH's Fagan. He is growing up nicely and heading into the dressage world. His lady loves him dearly and spoils him rotten. He has also turned into a beautiful boy!
  7. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I've missed you, my Friend. I haven't been on HC in forever either. Are you on Facebook? If so, PM me and tell me how to find ya there. I would LOVE to see pics of Michelle's wedding. It sounds like my kind of shin-dig! Love the old country/barn/western stuff. And I would love to see pics of your other daughter's wedding, too. This summer I sent Tinker in for a tune up, and had some fancy new buttons added to her. Then I sent Indie in to be started, got some fantastic new buttons put on her. We still have our Pasture Mom Queen - Goldie. Still have my 4 house cats (3 of which are now special needs/geriatric and need daily meds: 1 is asthmatic, 1 is hyper-thyroid, and 1 is diabetic), I still have my house bunny, Daisy - she will be 9 this year. And we did add a new member to the family - a Parrotlet named Tucker. He is a hoot and he is talking really, really well now. Would love to catch up with you some more. Let me know if you have Facebook, or you can email me at: :) I want to see pics of both daughter's weddings and get an update on you and your herd.
  8. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Dear Sweet Trailhoss - how are ya?!?!? It's been way too long my friend.
  9. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    HorseLes!!! How have you been, Lady?!
  10. Any Ideas On How To Go About...

    Then I'd def be demanding some answers from them...
  11. Any Ideas On How To Go About...

    Red, don't beat yourself up. You were in a very bad situation and you had to get the he11 (forgot about the censorship) out quick, for your sake, and the sake of the kids. You made decisions that you had no other choice but to make. Have you tried contacting the ones that are selling the pony to see if they will honor your original agreement? They might if they haven't had any prospects, and they don't want another mouth to feed during the winter. Do they still know how to contact you?
  12. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Hey CR! I heard about your accident. I was sending you lots of love and prayers for a full recovery during that time! I'm so glad to see they reached you and you're doing well. :)
  13. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    LOL, Luther! Unfortunately it's a little too big to lose that easily these days!
  14. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Bulls Mom - I almost didn't recognize you without your Super Girl avatar! :)
  15. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    RedCrowFlight - sweet Lady, if you are still out there, peeking in from time to time to check on us, please know that you are still thought of, and loved, by many. You are dearly missed, old Friend.