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  1. Barrel Clinicians

    Thanks guys! I didn't even realize Pete Oen did clinics. And he wouldn't have to travel to extremely far either. I had considered Dena Kirkpatrick but knew she did several and I'm afraid I can't give her enough heads up notice, and she would have to travel quite a ways as well. I have contacted Ed Wright, and I'm not sure that our local Round Up Club can afford him. I do know you get what you pay for, and I would love to have any of these guys there, but for our members I do need to consider price.
  2. People Who Wont Sell Horses

    Something to consider.....I work at a residential treatment center for teenage girls. We have 16 horses on 20 acres. That's right 16 horses on 20 acres. And some days yes that really bothers me. Here's why. I personally have 8. 6 of them are broke to ride and have "JOBS" so to speak. 2 of them are too young. The young ones do stand tied, they get trimmed, bathed etc..... Now back to the 16. Do they have "JOBS"??? It doesn't sound like it. They get tied up 2x a day and fed. While they are tied up they get brushed and groomed. Some of them don't care for it. Most of them are spoiled as HECK and what some call a pasture puff! But you know what their job is more important than any of the personal horses I have. They RETURN LOVE to the abused, abandoned, neglected girls (some by their own parents). The spoiled jobless horses teach them responsibility and work ethic and give them a reason to get out of bed and to stay sober. Some are onerier than heck and need manners. but as a therapist, it'n not about being successful and overcoming something as powerful as a horse. It's amazing the horse will come around and for the girl it's about the process they go through to make that first physical contact with a horse. Most of these girls come from the city and the closest they've come to a horse is seeing it in a magazine picture somewhere. so with that being said, what I call yard ornaments sometimes have the biggest jobs of all. Giving their owners a reason to get out of bed in the morning!! Now being abused and neglected totally different story.
  3. Barrel Clinicians

    Right now my concern is not with price. I just want someone who knows what they are doing. There's a difference between someone who can train a horse really well, and be able to teach someone and someone who can teach several people at a clinic. I dont really care for any of out local people to be doing a clinic. I want someone away from our area that's not going to know anyone, that will work great with kids and teens especially. I know there are people that do a wonderful job teaching people, but in a one on one basis, and in a clinic situation there are more people than that, and just wondering who is good at working with several people yet also giving each person the time they need. Working with kids and teens is a must and teaching basics and problem issues is also a must.
  4. Barrel Clinicians

    We are looking at having a clincian at our local round up club in the future. Just curious, I've been to a few barrel clinics and have my own personal preferences, but who would some of you guys recommend. We are wanting an all around clinician for barrels (basics, problems, patterning and seasoning) Who would some of you wish you could see, have seen, or would like to see again. Please I don't want any putting each other down or disagreeing with what someone else has said just maybe state why you liked someone. I'm totally open minded, and just looking for women or men that are still out there doing this. We will have young kids, teenagers and adults.
  5. Lariat Homemade Barrel Reins

    I braid all my own out of a lariat. What I do first is untwist the lariat. Personal prefrence I prefer the older, 3 strand ropes due to the thickness of each strand. However if you use a 4 strand rope you can make 2 pairs. Ok, so untwist your rope, take 2 of the strands, fold them in half, giving you 4 stands. And then just do a 4 strand braid. It's over, under, over. Hope this helps.
  6. When To Worry

    417 days! I really think everything is ok with her, she's at 375 days today so I'm not too, too anxious, but ready for her to have her baby! She looks miserable, I don't think she could fit through double doors! I know I don't want to induce, and that it can be dangerous. Thanks for the reassurance, I think it was what I needed.
  7. When To Worry

    So just curious, at what point in the pregnancy would you begin to worry about a mare that hasn't foaled yet. 12 months 12.5 months 13 months or just let her go until she foals considering she is definately pregnant and has a bag?
  8. Feed For Yearlings

    Ultium Growth.....hmmmm our local feedstore doesn't have that! I've heard of it and heard great things. I will definately look into it!
  9. Si68? What Does It Mean?

    My mare had a very low SI also. Low enough I don't even know what it is. Her problem..."problem with every run" maybe she didn't run in a straight line or like my mare fell flat on her face every time she left. She would lean or push on the back of the gate similar to a roping horse in the box and would launch out but her feet wouldnt move fast enough, then she would get up and run like the dickens but when you're runnning 400 yards everyone else is almost done. The best she ever did was 3rd. Now she had low SI and has won me several titles (see in my signature) and that's not updated. She qualified for the AQHA world show a few times into her 20's and even qualified to go back to the finals. So don't let a slow SI keep you from running barrels on her. You never know until you try
  10. Feed For Yearlings

    Ok yes this is an opinion question. I am sale prepping Thoroughbred yearlings. I have sales prepped alot of horses but normally 2 or 3 year olds or older broke horses where growth and "ahead start" wasn't that important. So heres the the question what is the important ingredient that I'm lacking for the yearlings to get so much bigger. I've been to the sale I'm taking these to several times and they are probably at 90% grown as far as height and weight goes. Not that these of ours are unhealthy just not as big. I've had them on Calf Manna for about 2m months now and they look fine just like runts compared to the colts in the previous years sales. I admit they aren't getting the best of feeds (Alfalfa/wheat midds) pellet. I know I need a better feed so what is the recommendation???
  11. Fencing Options

    I had seriously considered pipe fencing. However, I've not done any checking just assuming the price would be sky rocket high??? Now I'm going to have to check. Thanks
  12. Fencing Options

    I also posted this on the General Chit Chat board as well. I'm wanting to build 4 pens for stallions. 40 X 70 and with 15 ft space in between the pens. I'm on a tight budget, need long lasting and minimal up keep and definately sturdy. Anyone any suggestions???
  13. Fencing Options

    Okay so I'm wanting to build 4 pens for stallions. The pens I measured off will be 40 ft wide and 70 ft long with 15 ft space in between the pens. I'm on a tight budget, I need long lasting, with minimal upkeep and definately sturdy. I had thought about regualr 2 X 12 pre treated boards 3 boards high. However, I'm not thinking that will get the job done and will end up being costly in the end. Does anybody have any suggestions or has something that works well for them???
  14. I Need Some Advice!

    I agree, however finding the perfect horse for your boys to some people is priceless, and hard to do, no telling how much longer you'll be looking for that perfect horse. Have him checked for sure, my mare occasionally bleeds and there is medication for that. I personally have personally gave my mare lasiks (sp?). Is it a possibility that as the boys get older they could be pushing the horse to the point of bleeding or will they have a 'step up horse'. I would go for it if you really think this is the right horse, if your willing to supplement the horse.
  15. Who's your friend, is she a horse person? Woodward's not very big