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  1. Bruno.

    I thought Bruno was hilarious. Was it disgusting, crude and offensive? Yes, absolutely. I'm not easily offended, and I take what he does as humor, and nothing more. It's a movie that is billed as offensive and crude, so if you don't find that sort of thing funny, well, then I recommend not going.
  2. Laptops?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1501, and I LOVE it. I would stay far, far away from Acer or Gateway. I'm not a fan of HP, but I've heard good things from others.
  3. Little Valley New York

    I aged out of 4-H...but I'm always at the big Little Valley shows in June and September.
  4. Redneck Girl Got Her Name On The Back Of Her Beltttt

    Link please!!!
  5. How Many College Students Do We Have Here?

    Me! I will be a junior in the fall at Oneonta State University. I'm majoring in Music Industry, with a minor in Audio Arts Production.
  6. Dinner!

    Last night was a sub loaded with veggies and a tomato salad. Uber good, and simple. Being a college vegan is a bit tricky! Tonight will probably be a big salad and whatever soup I can's really chilly today!
  7. What Did You Major In?

    I'm currently majoring in Music Industry with a minor in Audio Arts Production. I'm *hoping* to either become a sound engineer or tour manager for a band.
  8. Name One Song

    Pet by A Perfect Circle
  9. What's On The Menu Tonight?

    Dinner was soooo good tonight! Half of a tex mex wrap with a black bean patty, brown rice, salsa and vegan ranch wrapped up in a whole wheat shell and a side of hoppin john. Tried out a new vegan restaurant downtown for lunch, and had so much left over! Yum!
  10. Anyone Have Piercings?

    I have...all the above! I'd reccomend getting your tragus done. It was painless (really, just felt a pinch - no nerve endings on your tragus!) I've had my tragus done for about a year, and it has never acted up. Extremely easy to take care of, and is not prone to problems like the others. Daith and rook - prone to issues. I would stay steer clear if it is your first ear piercing other than lobes. They can be a bit fussy, prone to catching and they are in an awkward position. They can be tricky. Conch - I love my conch, but it is prone to catching. If you don't go for the tragus, this would be my next suggestion.
  11. Taylor Swift

    Actually, her voice is touched VERY, VERY little in her recordings. There's some minor EQ on it, but that is in every single recording ever made. Just how it is. Live vs. recording is not based on's based on how badly the engineer messed with the sound in the recording process. Yes, a terrible singer will require MORE tweaking to get a desirable sound, but ProTools is an aid, not a miracle worker. This, coming from an sound engineer student.
  12. How Do You Eat Your Chili?

    Yum! Super, extra spicy with some vegan cheese on top. Soooo good! I saw a foodie show once that showed it over spaghetti...and ever since, that is my preferred method.
  13. I Will Not Complain About My Kids..

    I'm not offended at all! I love talking about my modifications, I just tend to do it on another board I am part of that is body mod related. Re: the teflon's either that or silicone, but more often teflon. They are done by piercers who are trained in the particular art, they have to go through specific anatomy, infectious diseases and other classes before ever touching a human. They are not performed by plastic surgeons, they will not touch that. It's a...grey area in piercing, because while technically it is not illegal, if someone *really* wanted to go after them, it could be seen as practicing medicine without a license (as it is performed with a scalpel) I could go into more detail...but don't want to gross anyone out. lol The stretching...really doesn't hurt if you do it right. I have my ears stretched (a smaller size, for now, until I'm through with college and have a stable job)
  14. I Will Not Complain About My Kids..

    I'm nothing as extreme as what is posted above, but I do have a fair bit of facial piercings and tattoos. I love them personally, that's why I have them. In public? I don't really care about the reactions. It was my choice to get them, I know people will not agree. It's just on this particular board, in my opinion, people seem to be a lot more conservative and against body modifications. Edited to fix a typo.
  15. I Will Not Complain About My Kids..

    There's a reason I don't post pictures of myself here....for fear of reactions like that.