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  1. I Just Bought A Farm! Advice?!

    Arg the computer is not letting me post photos! I am halfway between mckinny and Greenville, in farmersville
  2. I Just Bought A Farm! Advice?!

    Wow thanks for all the great tips. No, probably not a house for a few more years. The apt will probably be around 600sq ft i am meeting with the builder soon to discuss options. Love overhangs and porches. I am trying to do some myself to save $,but also i think i would really enjoy stuff myself,like deck, floring etc, im fairly handy! I know there will be some 'mistakes' but im along for the ride. My mom suggested that heat thats under the floor. Most heat in tx is electric, aka expensive, so making everything super insulated. I grew up in a 1700s farm house, uhg don't want any part of that lol. Drafty! My pop has an 1949 8n, he might give it to me now that he recently upgraded ;) I have too much land for my horses. At some point i would like to hay it, but for now im going to have to get someone to do it for me. Its lovely Bermuda grass. I will post pics :)
  3. I am very excited! I just bought a 20 ac farm. Not exactly what I was looking for, I.E. I was looking at houses...this place doesn't have a house. But it has a beautiful barn!! horses come first right? LOL. I am planning on putting a small apartment in the barn for starters. The rest will come later with time and $. So any advice for this clueless 26yr old who has never owned property?! Luckily everything on it right now is brand new and there is horse fence. But I am sure there are many farm owners out there who may have done things differently or if you did something really well do share. I am planning on planting my orchard this winter and lots of trees. AND a cross country jumping course bit by bit.
  4. Horse Shows?

    yup, I lived there for 6 months, more towards Tulsa though, but there were quite a few shows at the fairgrounds there in OK city. I believe goshow.org and okhunterjumper.com have fun :) There are also some horse trials/events out that way too. Around Moore and south of there. farm called feather creek, if you're into eventing
  5. Exercises

    Yes! Google search any of Jim Woffords gymnastic exercises. I have been setting up a new thing every couple of weeks. They seem really easy on paper, but dang they are hard when you are actually riding them.
  6. Some Pictures!

    i board at blackstar sport horse, its in rockwall off I-30. Mostly dressage, Im the only jumper, but I have built my own outside jump field! Nice place. I'd love to do some more showing, but this is kind of the lul time of year. We went to curragh farm in fort worth for eventing a few times this fall. and to weatherford for schooling. I know there is a bunch of shows in Waco, but I'm not willing to travel that farm
  7. Some Pictures!

    ^Yes I do now :) I can't believe you could recognize las Colinas from the pic! Been here 6 months
  8. Some Pictures!

    I'm bored so I thought I would share some photos...even though this board is dead dead dead! lol did a couple 3 day events with todd this fall, hunter shows, jumper shows. he's been fantastic per usual (except for one of those 3 days events which resulted in elimination and me falling off in a ditch, ahem) lol. Enjoy. Today for thanksgiving I took him on a 10mile trail ride around the lake. He was wonderful. best horse ever last 3 day event, training level (3'3") 3'3" hunter champ!!! trail ride today
  9. I Want An Update On Everyone's Riding Lives!

    Story- I must now be in your area! I'm not doing greenwood b/c is recognized and I'm cheap! lol. But maybe I'll see you around! That bay horse looks fantastic!
  10. Todd and I have been in dallas TX for almost 3 months. Can't say I love it because its hot as #%^%$##@ uhhhhgggg, BUT the horse scene is pretty good! I'm trying to get us both whipped into shape after a few sluggish years, or maybe being Oklahoma just seemed like forever, lol. But we competed in one even a couple weekends ago at training level. I thought our dressage was decent, for us, but apparently not because some choppy lil QH's kicked our butts.... todd your a WARMBLOOD for pete;s sake. lol. But we are doing it again in October, so dressage till then! Did a jumper show last weekend (pics) at 3'3" And I have found some cool instructors locally. Very pleased! :) and he's jumping horribly here, but it was our second time through this triple. The first time he was naturally backed off, then the second I didn't sit up and say whoa after each one so by the time he got to the oxer we were a little close! lol I feel so rusty jumping but we are getting back the feel. Lessons helping a ton. My position is OK. I need to shorten my stirrups some, I think that would help. and of course jumping ahead of him. eh what else is new! oh and my job supplies me with this badass truck! love! And my funny boy! You can see lovely LUSH texas in the background...NOT omg this is the most oppressively hot place we have ever lived. I miss Pennsylvania! heck I'd even take Kansas back now! lol
  11. Moving To Dallas Tx!

    ^yes definitely! A friend of mine is working on the same job in houston, but I'm up in dallas for now, kinda glad, shorter move. But yes, I'll do the texas sport horse and we should definitely have a board buddy meetup :)
  12. Moving To Dallas Tx!

    Well in a crazy series of events I quit my job and am starting a new one in Dallas next week! I know we have some texas people here- anyone from this area?? I'm currently looking for a place for ME and pup to live first and Todd will have to kick it in Oklahoma solo for a while. But he's at a decent barn so I'm not too worried about him :) Excited though, I might actually be able to ride at an english barn! I'm tired of barrel racing! lol. And funny enough I JUST finished building 4 sets of jumps standards and all and now I'm moving! gah. Oklahoma has been reasonable to us (and very green grass!) and dog- lazy lazy dude! love him hopefully those pics work@!
  13. Hi All, I have started giving my horse both beet pulp and alfalfa cubes to make up for some poor quality hay at my barn. He has no grass so I want to make sure he is getting the roughage he needs, he is 1200lbs so 1 to 2% would be 12 to 24lbs of hay. I have beet pulp pellets I get from tractor supply. Should I use the weight of that dry when calculating how much hay and hay 'substitute' he's getting? The pellets and hay cubes are super dry and I know regular hay has some moisture. Will that make a difference in weight? I probably give 3lbs beet pulp dry (and soak it) and about the same of alfalfa hay cubes, slit in different feedings. And then he gets a few flakes of hay as well. Thanks for the help! Hopefully we will have some regular good hay coming in, but I will probably keep him on some of the soaked stuff to keep his weight up in the hot weather (an water intake!)
  14. New Horse Project

    Hey nick, I understand your point. It's my preference for training over a crop/whip. I wouldn't use them ( or ride her for that matter) if I thought it was dangerous. They are little itty bitty English spurs
  15. Moving To Houston....maybe

    There is a good chance I may be moving to Houston area- specifically Livingston, tx What's the horse scene down there? Very excited at the prospect of leaving Oklahoma (no offense Okies, I've enjoyed my time but ready to leave! Lol more job related though) Is there a significant amount of English? Thank you! And crossing my fingers I get this job :)