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  1. I have a list that I made and hung on my fridge. Every day has a "big" task and a "little" task on it. Big tasks are things like cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, laundry day, vacuuming, etc. (As in a full clean, not just a wipe down) Little tasks would be wiping mirrors, sweeping the balcony, folding laundry etc. (You can find suggestions if you Google "cleaning list" or something) Usually I do a big laundry overhaul on Wednesdays so Thursday's duty is to fold everything and give the laundry room a wipe down. If I stick to it then it makes everything really short and simple because something is always being tidied. Even if you are lazy one day (or two) it generally doesn't make a huge difference and when I have company over I don't have to do a major clean to make my place presentable.
  2. I'm sure everyone is sick of my job hunting posts, but I promise one day I will have a great job and won't have to post anymore. A while back I applied/interviewed for a job but did not get it. Was told I was "too experienced" for it. The CEO, however, took me under her wing and was a mentor to me. She helped me improve my resume and portfolio and has helped me job search. Unfortunately, there isn't much in this city and although I've thought about moving my boyfriend has his company here and we just aren't ready to move at this time. Anyway, yesterday I got a message from the CEO asking me to call her today because she'd like to talk to me. Turns out she has a job opening at her company at their new office that sounds like exactly what I'd want. She didn't have a lot of details, but said that when they decided they wanted to create this position, she initially thought of me. She's leaving for a week and then wants to meet with me to discuss it more in detail. The only drawback is that this position is a contract position, as are many of their positions. The contract only goes until June, because they are funded through the City and I think that's when they apply for funding for the next 3 years. After that you would sign a 3 year contract. Generally everyone gets their contracts renewed unless you really aren't working out or if their funding gets cut. The job I have now is fine, but not great. It's stable, but I don't make fantastic money. I also don't find I'm using half of my skills and am more of my boss' assistant most of the time. However, we are taking on a new project that would generate a lot of revenue for us, give me more responsibility and my boss said he wants to give me a "significant" raise. Unfortunately, I've heard this line from him before. He's promised me raises and it takes forever for them to actually happen and when they do it's only $1. I was promised I would be able to work with our board's lawyer to draft an employee contract and could negotiate my salary since I've been there for some time now, but this was over 6 months ago and despite me asking, nothing has happened. So, I'm debating what to do. On one hand, I have a stable job and I am making ends meet, but I'm not making a lot to save up for anything. I may get a small raise at some point and don't see myself getting terminated any time soon. On the other hand, I have an opportunity to work at a higher level, expand my skills, (likely) get paid more and hopefully impress them enough for them to sign me onto a 3 year contract. I feel like at the very worst I would work my butt off and do my best for 8 months and if they chose not to renew the contract I would likely get a very good recommendation. However, I would be without a job and I know how stagnant the job market is in this city. Or I could stay at my stable job and carry on as is. I really want to just try for this job to see if I get it. I have a lot of big things to save up for in the next year and if I have a chance to make more money, I'd like to take that chance. What would you do?
  3. Mind Is Blown

    This. I fully agree 100%. I suppose I'm considerably more open minded than most. I have many friends who are lesbian and many who dress butch, but that doesn't mean they don't think of themselves as women. I think she had a right to be offended. What would you have liked her to do in order to conform to your standards of being a woman? Should she have worn a wig? Pushed her breasts out? Put on tight jeans? Wore lipstick? Just because she's not what society says a woman should look like, doesn't mean she's not a woman and should be treated as such. Like honestly, how often do men wander into women's bathrooms? Unless you're in a bar and the dude is a drunk moron, I can't see it happening. I can't see a man just wandering into a mall bathroom full of women and being all "heeyyy laddiesss." It would never cross my mind that someone with a stereotypical "masculine" appearance was a man just coming in to peep through the stall door and watch me cringe as I hover over a gross public toilet. If anyone, male or female, was creeping on me then yes, I would say something.
  4. Thanks for the tips! I did think to flip the heater switch off of it. I don't know if the barn owner leaves them on all year round, but mine was on and I think the extra heat was growing algae. That seemed to help slow it down a bit. I think my gelding drinks in between bites of hay, which doesn't help. I'll try the bleach and see how that works.
  5. I Want An Update On Everyone's Riding Lives!

    Storey, that second pic is amazing! I'm so in awe of you and your bravery. I'd be closing my eyes and screaming as we went over that lol. And he looks so happy and healthy in the last one. :) I haven't jumped in about a year. I quit with my h/j coach because things were not going well. I wasn't enjoying my rides and it was reflecting in my horse. The two of us were miserable and he was so unhappy so I made the decision to find a new coach. I decided to go back to my dressage roots and found a dressage coach that I love. We get along really well, I love her teaching style and both Oliver and I are much more relaxed and are having tons of fun. We're showing First Level at our first dressage show together at the end of this month. Yay. I've given up on trying to sell him because apparently there is no market for ponies that can only be ridden by small adults. So I'm just going to ride him for fun because I'm short and I really don't need to sell him and I have no other goals other than to just enjoy my pony. I don't have a pic of me riding, but here's one I took this afternoon. I got a new helmet so I had to take a pic lol. He's so unimpressed with his fly bonnet.
  6. Ditto. If your rule is that there is no outside hay, then you should stick to that rule. If a boarder wants different hay, they need to run it by you and a vet. I would make a rule stating that no one else can feed their horses except barn staff. I work at a barn and the barn owners are the only ones allowed to feed. They take it seriously because they don't want some newbie worker to feed too much/not enough. Everyone respects that and if they want their horse to have more/less they talk to the BO with some good explanation (I'm not riding as much, I'm riding more, etc) and they'll make the adjustment. In the winter when my horses have blankets (they're clipped) he'll drop by when I'm riding so he can see them without their blankets and make sure their weight is still good. No one can complain and everyone is happy.
  7. Pj In Public?

    Even when I'm lazy, tired, sick or otherwise, I still manage to throw on a pair of yoga pants and a hoodie before I run out of the house. I don't like looking sloppy. Although my PJ's consist of a tank top and shorts that feel like sweat pants. I suppose I could wear those in public, but I don't know why I would.
  8. Is there a trick to getting automatic waterers clean? I have a toilet brush that I bought to use to clean my horses' waterers at the barn because there's always a build up of slime and sludge on the inside. It seems I have to do it almost every other day and even then it never seems clean. I looked at some of the other waterers and they're clear and pristine and I know for a fact those owners are never around to clean them. Mine always has a line of sludge around it no matter how hard I scrub at it. Is there something I can use, that's safe of course, to get them scum free? I don't know why mine is so much dirtier, but it's starting to drive me crazy!
  9. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    Maybe it'd go something like this?
  10. Everyone has given really good advice so I only want to add one trick that I use with my riding students. When it's time to start two-point and later jumping I put an old stirrup leather around their horse's neck where their hands should be. For the beginning stages of learning two-point this helps them remember where their hands should be and prevents them from reaching for the ears or planting their hands on the wither. Once their hands are in a proper spot I can help them adjust their body accordingly. We do lots of regular work with the strap for several lessons. Then, I take it away and they do two-point work (transitions, poles, no stirrups) without the strap. Once they're strong enough to start jumping I'll put it back on, but now it's strictly so they don't catch the horse in the mouth as they're learning and it eventually gets taken away as they get stronger. (And then we get to jump with no reins! Yay!) I just took one of my student's strap away last week and she's doing great because now she's had tons of time to strengthen those muscles. She still curses my name when I make her drop her stirrups, but
  11. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    I forgot about my other lovely horses, Pleasantly Plump and RR EVERYTHING IS OUT TO GET ME.
  12. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    I know this will fall on deaf ears, but this something someone posted on their Facebook a while back: "Very few of the great riders in the world are not ALSO great horsemen. Bruce Davidson has told me that he makes sure that there is NOTHING having to do with horses that he can`t or won`t do better than anyone on his farm. The poor little muggles who arrive to climb onto the tacked up and ready to ride horses will almost NEVER become great at anything that requires horsemanship. The parents who think they are doing their children a favor by strewing rose petals in their paths seriously don`t get it. Make the little b@stards work for it." So, even if you are real, I know you'll never get anywhere in your riding career. Your grooms might, however.
  13. Stupid Air Conditioner Tricks

    I have an air conditioner in my apartment, but am too poor to turn it on lol. Maybe one day if it gets really unbearable I'll cave and then I'll come back here for advice since I'm pretty sure it hasn't been turned on in years.
  14. Working Student

    ....Amanda Bynes is that you??