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  1. LOTS & LOTS of Riding Pictures!!!

    Aww she looks so pretty, she reminds me of sunshine. Its neat to look at the pics and see how she relaxes more later on in your ride. Sunshine is like that to. She will start of tense and with more work and maybe some lateral work she will begin to soften up and become a lot more relaxed and have that swung in her movement. Man i am soo envious of the wheather you have. Sunshine is soo fuzzy and is getting that ugly winter look.. lol I love how shiny and sleek layla looks!! Awesome pics!
  2. Your Dressage horses *Post your pictures*

    Some of these are old but here is sunshine
  3. if you believe you are a good rider, post a picture

    Sunshine and I jumping last summer Sunshine and I at the Rising stars dressage show last summer.