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  1. Tooth Problem

    Hey Smilie...that is who she's being referred to, I raised horses in the area for close to 15 years...Moore and company is great, and I'm on a first name basis with a few of the vets there, but also the most expensive in Southern Alberta! Milo, that's crazy...who knew a tooth would be so difficult...or expensive!! Thanks for your input!
  2. Fighting Neighbors. What To Do?

    Or maybe he killed her...or she him....
  3. Tooth Problem

    The vets she is using are referring her to another clinic for the actual removal, where there are radiologists and surgeons. Having never dealt with tooth issues, I didn't realize it was that involved to actually pull one. These two vets are both known for nickel and diming everything and are the most expensive in southern Alberta for everything horsey related. That being said, they are also supposed to be the "experts" in their field, there are no other colleges or referral centers to go to, not that I know of anyway. I spent yesterday calling around and talking to different clinics, and they all said they would refer her to the one that she is being referred to. Thank you for your responses, I appreciate it.
  4. Tooth Problem

    This is no longer my horse, but it is one I bred and sold. The lady that bought her is at her wits end. 2 year old filly with abscessed molar, lower jaw, started in December. The abscess was drained, other baby caps pulled and she was put on antibiotic for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks on antibiotics the vet extended it for another 2 weeks, she was still oozing pus. After that, back to the vet, xray shows infection under tooth, cleaned it out and put her on more antibiotic. Owner requested they just pull the tooth, vet didn't want to do that, said it would cause chronic infections. Still didn't clear up, back after 4 weeks, recleaned, xrayed, more antibiotics. Again owner requested pulling the tooth, they said no. Back to the vet 2 weeks ago, same symptoms - they took out some fragments? Still refused to pull tooth, more antibiotics. Back to the vet a couple days ago, they said the infection was more generalized and not as bad but have now decided they want to pull the tooth at the price of $3000(!!!). They want to pull it, and keep her at the vet, stalled so they can repack it every day for 7 days. She just cannot afford this. This poor woman has now put thousands of dollars into this tooth. What is the problem with just pulling it and sending her home? Anyone have any ideas or experiences? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Has Anyone Noticed...?

    I can't believe the flippant attitude about this. Seems like ya'll are ok with it and I find that mind boggling lol Like what Blondyy said there, regardless of the picture...the event is very real. This is our world...the only one we have. Well, unless you're going with the group that's colonizing Mars
  6. Has Anyone Noticed...?

    Very informative, thank you for the links! Carlo, I've read that article you've linked. That is reporting on the effects of the 2011 crisis and the results reaching the west coast in 2014. This time around trillions more has been dumped. I'm wondering what the impact will be in say...2016?
  7. Has Anyone Noticed...?

    I don't understand how you could possibly deny that dumping tonnes of radiation contaminated water into the ocean is not going to impact the ecosystem. This is not a one time's still leaking, has been leaking since Aug. 26 and they cannot contain it.
  8. Has Anyone Noticed...?

  9. Has Anyone Noticed...?

    I've heard talk about the "leak" but nothing regarding the ocean boiling. I am rather isolated here & don't have access to Fox news other than online though lol
  10. Has Anyone Noticed...?

    That this isn't being reported?
  11. Paints..

    You bought a Simply Cinammon baby! Congrats! Back when I used to breed paints, I bred to him a few times. The breeder is a wonderful lady & lives just down the road from me!
  12. Foaling Gone Wrong

    I've been breeding for 15 years and the more knowledge I gain, the scarier it gets! I had one bad year...and not with just one mare. All **** broke loose here last spring. I would share my stories...but I think it would probably be too graphic for some, and I refuse to leave out details because I believe people should KNOW what can happen before they breed. I knew. I attended courses on Equine Reproduction and I researched. I took the risks, and I still wasn't prepared for the horror I witnessed last spring. I still feel guilty about the way my mare died. Everyone says it wasn't my fault...but 'I' chose to breed her. All of my mares remained open last spring and I'm still debating whether or not I'll leave them open again this year. Research. Research until you can't research anymore...and then research some more. Go in it knowing you could lose that mare you love so much before you make your decision. And if you still choose to go ahead with it? I cross my fingers for you & truly wish you the best of luck!
  13. Petition To Overturn New Horse Slaughter Bill

    You need start thinking with your head & not your heart & please...don't mess with Canada's plants...we're doing just fine without your interference!! When the US plants shut down, it sent hundreds of thousands more unwanted horses to our plants in Canada. (same to Mexico) Our horse market has gone for ****. I want those hundreds of thousands of unwanted "purdy" horses dropped in yours and every other bleeding hearts yard. You all don't want to see the purdy horses die...but you don't want to look after them either! Have you not noticed the huge increase in neglect & abuse of these animals since the slaughter houses shut down? You really need to do some research. Obviously...I'm another that won't be signing
  14. Equine Sarcoid Tumors?

    Oz that is interesting! I have a mare that had one on the side of her face about an inch back from the the crease of her lips. About the size of a loonie, when palpated the vet could feel it from inside her mouth. I tried a few different creams/ointments, nothing worked. I ended up finally having it injected with some kind of cancer fighting stuff (I know...real technical!)...and then another injection two weeks after to neutralize it. It swelled up & oozed for about 4 months...then finally faded and disappeared altogether. You can't tell now that she ever had one. If anyone is interested in what the shot was I can find out lol She's a pretty girl, good luck!
  15. My Orphan Foal

    LoL I dunno what to tell ya!! I uploaded it to youtube, not HC. I tried searching youtube for onesweetfrog & came up with 10 results...the video of the colt included ETA: I tried going directly to the my youtube channel from my iphone - and it worked. ...but then I also switched a setting on the video itself that sayed make it playable on phones & TV...maybe that's what did it lol