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  1. Washington Equine Rescue

    check with desperate horsewife on here, she lives in that area and might know of someplace.
  2. More New Baby Horses

    looks to be a catch collar to me. Just makes it easier to catch/handle a horse without having to deal with a halter. Looks to be fitting properly...tight enough it can't slip over the head, and loose enough not to rub.
  3. Help Me Find Something?

    I order from the Weaver catalog at work all the time, the only swarovski halter they currently make is the brown/pink one. Everything else has been discontinued. The closest Weaver now makes would be this Sedona Halter
  4. Would You Pay For Hypp Testing?

    If I remember right, APHA does not require HYPP long as the previous horses in the bloodline tested N/N for it. For instance, my filly Hat is not tested for HYPP even though she has Impressive way back on her dams side. Her grand dam on that side tested N/N for it.
  5. Update On The Horse Hunt/ Selling Panda (Added Pics)

    The horse is for sale until money changes hands. End of story. I think any person is bright enough to understand that. If they haven't given you the money then I'm sure they realize the horse is not theirs yet. It is not "fair" of them to assume otherwise. I would continue to show the horse to any and all prospective buyers.
  6. Warm Winter Jackets...i Mean Really Warm!

    Those were the brands I was thinking of. You might try buying on Black Friday, I bet they'd be on sale. Or if you don't like crowds, wait and buy online on Cyber Monday. I do that a lot for presents.
  7. So Sweet....tb Friends Read the second letter. From a little girl named Caitlynn.
  8. I Think I Was Sold A Pregnant Pony

    It is a broad spectrum, but it's still got ivermectin in it. So it isn't a true rotation. When in doubt, always look at the active ingredient. Your most common ones are ivermectin, pyrantel pamoate, and fenbendazole. I would use Strongid (pyrantel pamoate) on her. And it would be safe if she is pregnant. She is really cute btw!
  9. 4 Of The 5 Stolen Horses Recovered!

    Makes you wonder why the 5th horse wasn't with the rest? At least they've recovered the others and the trailer!
  10. Next Project-Painting Over Wood Paneling.

    My friend did that in her house, it looks great. The only she mentioned is that you need a special primer (which stinks, but what primer doesn't?).
  11. The New American Christmas Tradition

  12. Video ~ Bonny Under Saddle

    Awww he's getting so big.
  13. Look Who Was Cold Last Night

    What a powderpuff! And miss Allie looks very content. :)
  14. Wahh First Snow

    It just rained here.