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  1. Flares On Front Hooves

    ok. I will try to post pictures. My internet is slow so it won't let me now. I hope it works out good. We have been trimming every 6 weeks.
  2. Flares On Front Hooves

    For almost a year now we have been trying to get flares on the front hooves fix. It does look better since I got new farrier, but I have a couple questions. Her front hooves flare towards the inside. Farrier said that the hoof is growing faster towards the inside than outside. It used to flare out real bad but has gotten better. I did get pictures, but I am trying to figure how to post again. I got before and after farrier trimmed her. I was just wondering why she would be growing faster on the inside of hoof. She does look like she is walking better since we are getting it under control. She is 4 years old and I have own her for 2 years. any suggestions on fixing flare?
  3. Building A Round Pen

    I was at one place to buy a horse and they had around pen build out of chain link fence and was 7 ft high. I was wondering about building one out of mesh fencing. Does anyone has any ideal on building one like that? I have used wood but this seems to be more sturdy. Where could I get either reasonable price?
  4. I am looking for a pleasure show saddle. In my area I have found a couple for sale, but wondering what is the better deal and brand. I have a choice of reinsman saddle that has never been used. they are asking $1000 for it. I am also looking at a couple circle y saddles. the other one that I am thinking about is a dale Chavez saddle for 900. My problem is the distance of the saddles from my house. I have problems with my hip and the circle y saddle that I train my horses in fits fine and doesn't bother my hip. It like it isn't wide for me to sit in. I have had a couple other show saddles that I sold before because they made me feel like I was sitting on a barrel so my hip hurts. All the saddles seem to measure in the front like my training saddle so it should fit my horse fine. any advice. I hate to travel all over the state trying each one out. I am also looking at quality. They are all used except reinsman that they bought a few years ago and never got to show. any suggestion? thanks
  5. I just notice this when I work my horse in the arena and work hard she has been getting a snotty discharge. It is cloudy color and only last for a little bit. Like once she blow her nose it is fine. I notice it one other time. It clears up. I mostly trail ride so I only see it when working her hard. any suggestions? It is the weekend so I won't be able to call vet to ask about it until monday.
  6. Why Does She Stand This Way

    I'll try to get some better pictures. She doesn't stand this way all the time. Now my farrier did suggest to go without shoes instead of doing wedge shoes. He was also willing to try something different. At first we were doing what the previous owner was doing. We are now trying to do something different. This picture was first when I got her. I will get a picture of her now that we have had her for a little while.
  7. Why Does She Stand This Way I thinnk I got it this time. If it doesn't work let me know.
  8. Why Does She Stand This Way own this mare and she stands oddly. She was suspected of navicular 5 years ago. She was bought by someone thinking she had an absess, but never came through. She bought the horse in sept. in dec. the farrier thought it was in the shoulder. In Jan. an absess came out. By march she was pointing toe. She was taken to a clinic to find lameness and she did show tenderness with hoof tester in heel. I bought her 2 years ago. My farrier said that her toes at one time were long and her heel dropped down. We have been using 3 degree wedge shoes on her in the summer and in winter just trimming. This spring she was sound after he trimmed her. when my vet came out to do vaccines, she check her with hoof tester which she showed no problem with it. She said she thought she was stiff. When my farrier came out 2 weeks later she was back lame, but it seems to be in the rear is what he thought. We did trimming this time to see how she does. Some days she comes in running and bucking with the other horses and other days she just walks in slow and sore. Also, I notice she stands weird. After the first winter with her. I notice she stands parked out. My farrier in the spring asked me is she was a Morgan. She is a quarter horse. I am going to try to show a picture. It isn't that good, but why does she stand this way even though she has navicular. to me she is putting more weight on her heels. Right now some days she is sound and others she is not. She seems worst on my pasture that is on the hill.
  9. I had my farrier out to trim and she seems to be walking better. I got a question though. My vet came out to do vaccines and I had her use a hoof tester on her to see if there is any hoof pain. She doesn't have any hoof pain. Can she still be navicular without hoof pain? Would it be worth to shoe her in regular shoes or what to do next? I was going to get pictures of what her trimming looks like now. I didn't get time. I am just trying to figure out what to do when he comes out to shoe her next month or just keep trimming.
  10. Problem With Trailer

    We took my filly down to the trainers and he is going to work with her on crossing a wooden bridge that she has to step up on. We also left our trailer there so he can try her when it get closers for us to pick her up. I am going to keep it the way it is. We did put an out door carpet to keep from slipping and cross strips to help. I never had trouble with my other horses as far as getting in and out. thanks for the advice and opinions.
  11. Problem With Trailer

    Can you change the trailer from ramp to step up? The filly I have will step up into trailer, but won't go up on the ramp. I am always having trouble with loading. She step in from the side of the ramp and another time she tried to step over the ramp to get in. any suggestions or can it be a step up?
  12. Problem With Trailer

    We are going to see about attaching it from the side so it is a step up, but for now we will try some of these suggestions. thanks
  13. Problem With Trailer

    I have a ramp load trailer and was wondering what to put on the ramp to keep it from being slippery. I had a horse fall going up it and now I am not sure if she will load again. It took us awhile to get her into it after that. I was wondering if outdoor carpet would work. She doesn't have shoes, so it would have to be good for barefoot and shoes. any suggestions?
  14. thank you. I will see about trying this and getting her sound.
  15. This mare was suspected of navicular. The x rays showed no navicular change. When I got her my farrier said that her toes needed to be kept short and get her heels back under her. In winter I go without shoes, but in summer I shoe her. with just putting 3 degrees wedge shoes she is sound. Our only thing is without shoes she stands with weight on both front even or will point left hoof. Sometimes she will stand park, like she is trying to stretch her back. That does put more weight on the front legs. She is quarter horse 10 years old. What is your opinion on her hooves and any questions let me know.