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  1. The Arcani

    Emory kept his head down as he listened to Newt, although his eyes were no longer scanning the papers. He thought about what Newt might be about to say and slowly raised his head. "Alright, Newt. How do you know him?" he asked, one brow raised.
  2. The Arcani

    Emory nodded in agreement to Bella?s comment. He dropped the folder onto the table in front of himself and flipped it over, his eyes scanning the first page. He wasn?t familiar with New York, but wasn?t worried about trying to find the gang. If they had killed one of the Arcani?s contacts then they obviously weren?t concerned with laying low and would probably be easy to track down. ?Hawthorne said to take out the leaders, minimum. Do you guys want to plan on taking out the whole gang, or play it by ear once we?re there?? He?d never been fond of group missions, due to what they were doing right now. He hated having to plan things out with other people, but oh well. They were all used to working on their own so he was sure he wasn?t the only one feeling this way.
  3. The Arcani

    allllrriiighty lol ummm.. what to say.. Emory looked sharply over at Bella. "You seem pretty excited about having a rookie to group missions on board.." he started, his eyes level with hers. He knew that the dynamics of a group mission were quite a bit different, and that it took some figuring out in the beginning. He'd prefer it if everyone came back from this mission, and didn't relish the thought of Cambria herself getting killed or getting one of the others killed. "..But I suppose everyone needs to start somewhere.." he concluded aloud.
  4. The Arcani

    ooc: Should we skip ahead to something else? Seems like no one's wanting to post.. lol
  5. Did You Get Fooled Today?

    Yes. I got a text this morning from a guy friend. He proclaimed his love for me and told me he couldn't hide it any more. lmao. I just txted back 'har har.. you're funny.." and then he said he was dead serious. So I sat and thought for a minute and realized it was April Fool's day lol.
  6. Haaaaappy Birthday...

    Happy Birthday you two!
  7. The Arcani

    Emory traipsed into the cafeteria, sliding a slice of pesto chicken pizza onto a paper napkin before heading over to the table where everyone else was at. He shifted his chair so that when he sat down he had room to stretch his legs out fully while he enjoyed his pizza. ?So,? he started and then finished chewing and swallowed, ?who all has been on a group mission before??
  8. The Arcani

    Emory stood up, clapping his hands together and rubbing them in a satisfied way. He was itching to go and was a little put off by the fact that they had to wait till tomorrow night, but he knew the rest of them needed to regroup and get some rest before heading out again. Until then, he'd make good use of the time they had before heading out.
  9. The Arcani

    Emory was grinning before he even looked down at his pager. He threw away the rest of his food, which was all but about three bites. It was about time Hawthorne paged him. He?d been sitting on his *** for an entire week now and that did not bode well with him. He followed the others into the elevator, his mind already running through all the group missions he?d been on previously. Group tactics were always different, and there had been some close calls in the past that had taught him that well.
  10. The Arcani

    Emory?s smile was beguiling as he promptly released her wrist. ?Just see what happens when you steal my car,? he said, his words coated with suggestion. He picked up the crouton and popped it into his mouth, returning his attention to Bella ?Well I?m sure you returned the favor and then some,? he chuckled. ooc: Maybe they could all be assigned the same mission or something? Is that possible? Maybe they need to wipe out a competing agency or... a mafia? lol, I don't know.
  11. The Arcani

    Emory looked up at Bella as she sat down, ?Have any trouble?? he asked, referring to the mission. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Cambria snitching one of his croutons. His hand shot out and his fingers encircled her wrist. ?Didn?t your mother ever teach you not to steal?? he asked dryly, one eyebrow cocked.
  12. The Arcani

    Emory chuckled at her hooker comment. He had a hard time picturing her as a lady of easy virtue, but didn?t doubt that it would have gotten her into her targets private quarters a **** of a lot faster. Emory?s eyes narrowed and drifted past her to gaze absently at the salad bar. He shook his head slightly and looked back at her, putting his right fist into his left hand and cracking his knuckles out of habit. ?Yeah? Hawthorne said I needed to stick around and train for a little while..? he grumbled, clearly not pleased by having been denied a new mission. (Is that okay? Don?t mean to pp) It was true that he didn?t like to stick around town or headquarters. Downtime meant time to think; about life, about people, about the past. And thinking was the last thing he wanted to do. ?Be right back.? Emory returned a minute later with a plate full of food and a glass of water. For some reason they didn?t serve alcohol here. Something about mixing beer and guns. He pulled out a chair with his foot, set down his food, and collapsed into the seat. ?Hope you don?t mind?? he said, but it wasn?t really a question. He wasn?t moving.
  13. The Arcani

    Emory placed the shuriken between his thumb and index finger, his eyes trained on the small target that was bobbing and weaving at the other end of the practice room. With a flick of his wrist he tossed the gleaming star which stuck to the outer rim of the target. Not in the middle, unfortunately, but Emory supposed that?s what practice was for. He?d only started practicing with the shurikens a couple months ago, and so wasn?t going to throw a fit for not being perfect. Yet. He?d been practicing for about an hour with the stars and, starting to tighten up, decided to take a break or go practice something else. Maybe some hand to hand. That was always fun. His stomach protested loudly, pointing out that he hadn?t eaten much that day. Emory gathered the stars, put them away and headed for the cafeteria. He saw Cambria sitting at one of the small tables and smirked. ?Surely that?s not Cambria? Back from a mission so soon? Is that a personal record?? he asked, his voice filled with amusement.
  14. The Arcani

    ?Worried about you? You know better than that. But I know how fond Robert is of you, and if you died, he?d be sad and might start slacking off in which case things in the weaponry department would stop running so smoothly. And I need weapons. To kill people. And that just wouldn?t work for me,? he said, his drooping eyelids at odds with his ability to banter coherently. He grumbled as she addressed him once more over her shoulder. ?Don?t haunt me when you screw up and get yourself killed,? he smiled cheekily and turned back to face Robert. He dropped the leftover bombs on the shelf and three gleaming puntilla knives. ?Picked these up off one of my targets; figured they?d make a nice addition to the vault,? he shrugged and reached down to shift one into a neater position.
  15. The Arcani

    ooc: oh okay, sounds good Emory?s eyes dropped to meet Cambria?s. ?I had to return a few of Robert?s babies,? he said, holding up a small leather pouch filled with miniscule bombs. ?Or maybe I?m just saying that to disguise the fact that I wanted to see if you were still alive. Been gone for three weeks and all, you might?ve screwed up and gotten yourself killed twice over in that amount of time,? he said, a mischievous glint in his eyes and a sly smile tugging at his lips. Teasing Cambria was one of his favorite pastimes while at headquarters.