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  1. Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner....

    Macs RULE.
  2. Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner....

    Macs RULE.
  3. A Scots Quair

    "I don't know, nor care." snapped Kali.
  4. A Scots Quair

    Kali watched curiously.
  5. A Scots Quair

    Anyway for me to get back into this?
  6. A Scots Quair

    Kali sat. WOOT!
  7. A Scots Quair

    Kali stood, unhappy that the wet grass was soaking her sweatshirt. She sighed, and walked down the road back towards the hotel, not even sure she wanted to go back to the hotel.
  8. A Scots Quair

    Kali lay down in the grass, staring at the sky.
  9. A Scots Quair

    Kali sighed, sliding to the ground. She hoped no one would find her there, for at least a while. She thought about everything, too many things were bothering her.
  10. A Scots Quair

    Kali brought the boat back to the dock, tied it to the post, then went into the room to change back into her clothes. She then wandered, she saw the barn and people, so she purposly went to the other side of it from them, and sat on the fence.
  11. A Scots Quair

    Kali paddled slowly, her ultimate goal to reach the shore. Damien got up and made his way in no set direction.
  12. A Scots Quair

    Kali sat up, fighting to her hair in it's tie, before picking her paddle up and starting to row again.
  13. A Scots Quair

    Fun! Kali sighed, leaning back in the boat, and not paddling. She thought of her life, the fortunes she had left behind. OOC:I am killing Kaid, and making a new guy, lets just think he's been here all along. Name:Damien Age:15 Gender:Male looks:Light Brown curls, they go a few inchs below his earlobes, Blue eyes, tall, lean, fairish skin, it looks quiet obvious he came from an irish backround. Damien sat near shore, watching the boats that where in the distance.
  14. A Scots Quair

    Yeah but a lot of the main charrys died.. lol... Though I did like how the plot was going -ponders-
  15. A Scots Quair

    I think scottie is going to remake this when she gets back from canada