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  1. At World's End

    ~Stats~ Name: Louis Caillat Age: 43 Gender: Male Appearance: About 5'10 with a sturdy build. Deeply tanned from several hard years on the seven seas. His dark, dirty hair lays in tangled dreads, often pulled back in a dingy red ribbon. His dark eyes are menacing, and can manipulate even the most clever of pirates. His teeth, a pale shade of yellow and coated in several different metals, are surprisingly straight, though not in the best of health. He sports a tattered shirt and tunic, with a worn black coat and roughed heels. However, his hat hasn't seemed to age since the day he stole it. A clean black velvet lined in fine white goose feathers, with a long red "phoenix" feather planted in the side. (It is this feather that Caillat claims keeps the hat in good shape.) Personality: Though often quiet, as if scheming or plotting in that decorated head of his, Caillat has a loquacious side, especially amongst the ladies, or when accompanied with a strong rum. After a victory on the seas, he sings his lungs out, with a strong, powerful voice, envied by his crew. He is very, very smart, and hardly needs a compass to navigate the waters. He is very independent, but loyal to his crew and those who prove loyal to him. Territory: French Colonies of South America Ship: L'Rossignol Position: Captain (Pending) History: Born on a French merchant ship, he was kidnapped by an amateur French pirate, a young boy, claiming prize for his captain. After scolding his crewmember, the captain thought seriously about throwing the baby overboard, finding no use for it, but could not find the strength to do it. He cared for the child, with aid from a female acquaintance on a nearby island (infamous for nightly entertainment of the erotic sort), and raised him as his own son. On his deathbed, Captain Caillat, Sr. willed his ship and crew, and all his treasures, to his beloved son, who had shown great leadership and cunning, and strong promise in the future success of the L'Rossignol. Though this did not initially sit well with some of the crew, they came to trust in their new captain, and became as loyal to him as they had his father. Other: Eh, I dunno yet. Pic: None ~Ship Stats~ (Pending) Name: L'Rossignol Appearance: I'unno Yet Unique Features: Psht Other: Nah
  2. The Last Summer

    Umm.. Bump?
  3. The Last Summer

    Elaine smiled and laughed along with her friends. "That was quite a show!" she teased, her chocolate eyes twinkling with amusement. Her gentle gaze shifted to the mutt at Jezabelle's side and her expression softened. "Hey sweety.." she cooed softly before bending down to pat the dog on the head. "You naughty little pup.." she teased, scratching behind his ears. ********** AJ puffed steadily on his cigarette, squinting even through the protection of his sunglasses as he peered down the beach at the mingling locals and tourists in their skimpy beachware. He grinned at a few unfamiliar feminine faces and offered a nod of greeting at a few passers-by. As the cherry of the Marlboro sank toward the butt, AJ took one long, last draw before digging the end into the sand next to him, exhaling slowly as he savored the taste and the small rush of nicotine. He brushed some sand off his calves and propped his knees up to rest his arms as he sang gently under his breath..
  4. The Last Summer

    Elaine looked up, noticing a bit of a scuffle between a few of her classmates, involving a dog. She laughed lightly under her breath and continued toward them, letting the fact that her mother had stood her up once again leave her mind for a brief moment. "You guys okay?" she asked, her sweet voice only a bit above a whisper. ************* AJ noticed a few of his classmates down the shoreline, but made no effort to interrupt their conversation. Instead, he waded into the water, grinning as the waves washed up against his knees, soaking the hem of his khaki shorts. He dipped his hands into the tide and ran them through his hair, cooling his scalp and the back of his neck. He retreated to the shore and sunk down into the sand, resting on his elbows. He leaned over and reached into his back pocket to retrieve his pack of Marlboros, lighting one up before shoving the pack back into his shorts. Blowing the smoke into the wind, he watched the ocean breeze carry the ash inland. He sighed and smiled, looking out over the ocean's horizon, thinking for a moment what it would be like to be a pirate..
  5. The Last Summer

    AJ continued through town as the buildings and shops turned into beach houses and small convenience stores. He spotted the beach over the dunes and grinned. He hadn't been babe-watching in a while. AJ sighed, wishing he'd brought his surfboard. But he pulled into a public parking spot, paying the meter. He peeled off his black t-shirt and slid his feet into a pair of flip-flops he always left in the back seat for such an occasion, and locked his car. His tan skin, evidence of many hours in the summer sun, glistened as perspiration immediately began to form on his shoulders from the warmth of the sun. He adjusted his sunglasses on his face and ran a hand through his hair before stepping out onto the sand, heading straight for the water.. ********************* Elaine sighed, sipping from a cup of cold coffee that she had ordered several minutes ago. She checked her watch and shook her head. She left a five on the table and ducked out the door, squinting in the bright sunlight. She headed down the sidewalk, hoping to catch the bus home.
  6. The Last Summer

    AJ threw the butt of his cigarette into the street as he halted at a red light, pushing in the clutch as he revved his old black Chevelle to keep it from stalling. Smoke seeped from his nostrils as he reached to turn up his stereo, nodding his head and mouthing the words to Metallica. The smell of exhaust hit his nose as he took his next breath and he grinned. Though the old car had faded, chipped paint and a dented rear end, he still loved it. The engine was all that mattered to him. The light turned green and AJ crept into the middle of the intersection before turning left onto the main street, cruising through town. **************** Elaine slid her purse over her right shoulder before pulling open the door of the cafe, slipping quietly into a small booth in the back. She glanced at her watch, blowing a few strands of hair out of her face and looked toward the door. She was supposed to be meeting her mother for coffee, and dreaded she might be late once again. They hadn't had much time together since the birth of Elaine's sister, Margaret. Elaine looked around the cafe, smiling at a few people she recognized, before returning her timid gaze to her hands as they lay folded on the table.
  7. The Last Summer

    Stats: Full Name: Rebecca Elaine Calhoun Nickname(s): Elaine, though her parents call her Becca-Laine Gender: Female Appearance: Elaine is a hint above petite standards, topping out at about 5'3, with a slim build. Having developed obscure curves, her angular form could only be deemed attractive by perhaps a children's modeling company. She has large chocolate-brown eyes, framed by thick, dark lashes and shapely eyebrows. Her high cheekbones and small, round face are framed by thick auburn hair that lays straight across the middle of her back. She has long, slender legs, and a short torso, and often finds it difficult to shop for clothing. She has fair skin, but is able to tan, and hopes to this summer. Recently removed braces have left her teeth perfectly straight for a cute, enchanting smile. Background: She has lived in Bellview her entire life, with both her parents, and has never traveled out of town. She has always dreamed of visiting places like California, Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe. Elaine and her family were just recently blessed with a new baby girl, and Elaine spends most of her time helping her parents with her new sister. Future plans: She hopes to attend NYU for a year or two before transferring to a university out in California to major in Art. Other: Elaine loves to paint. Stats: Full Name: Aiden James Thomas Nickname(s): AJ, Aiden (by family members, usually) Gender: Male Appearance: Aiden is about 6'1 with a moderate build. His thick, dark hair hangs messily around his face, hiding his dark emerald eyes. He usually sports a pair of old, dark jeans and a black t-shirt, though he branches out to faded jeans and a lighter shirt on special occasions. Background: Aiden transferred to Bellview his Freshman year, instead of attending the local high school in Brooklyn. At first, he was a bit of a loner, but he made friends quickly after his quirky sense of humor was discovered by a few of his classmates. Now he is quite popular, but he is very modest about it. He just loves to have fun. Future plans: Aiden doesn't believe in future plans. He's very spontaneous. Other: He lives with his dad, and is considered by many to be your typical 'stoner'.
  8. Phantom of the Opera

    OOC: Sorry about the delay, I was house-sitting all week, and they didn't have internet. His face fell with her response as this realization fell over him. He had been so busy composing a new opera he hadn't had time for lessons with his brightest star. "My apologies..I'm afraid my sense of time has long since been lost..I have been consumed by my work, you understand.." he coaxed sincerely. "But never you mind, let us continue with your exercises, my sweet.."
  9. Phantom of the Opera

    Her sweet soprano caressed his ears, bringing a gentle smile to his masked visage, as his dark eyes washed over her tiny frame. "An assumption drenched in error, my child.." he replied in a comforting tone, shifting his weight as to prevent the rafters from groaning under his thick physique. "You have done nothing to diminish my pride and sincere admiration for you..What would provoke such thoughts, dearest Christine?"
  10. Phantom of the Opera

    OOC: Sorry about this, Act_91, but I just wanted to inform you that you should ask before presenting a supposed relationship between your character and one that is not your own. As it were, I'd like to play the Phantom in accordance with the story. The Phantom's greatest plight is his loneliness, and this would not be as effective if he had a friend or 'right hand man', as you say. In the book, he has no friends, no one to 'spy' for him (as he does this very well all by himself), and certainly no one who feels so close to him as to 'see him as a father figure.' Again, sorry, but you should have asked. No hard feelings, I hope.
  11. Phantom of the Opera

    OOC: Ohh. I know. Where is everybody??
  12. Phantom of the Opera

    Darkness crawled from every corner of the chapel to answer the silent but powerful cry from the obscure figure as he effortlessly veiled himself in shadow. His feet made no sound as he drifted amongst the rafters, peering with sad, longing eyes upon his beloved pupil. His voice, a soft tenor, floated down upon his sweet Christine, enveloping her as she knelt in prayer. Christine..Christine.. His call, drenched in loneliness, was only a hint above a whisper, but carried a power so intoxicating to the ear that it was sure to gently tear the girl from her prayers..
  13. Phantom of the Opera

    OOC: Wow this brings back memories. You should do a search for this exact same RPG from several months ago. Ducky and I had a masterpiece. I was the Phantom, and she was Christine. It was..amazing. Take a look.
  14. East Coast Academy (High School RPG)

    OOC: Yeah. Wow. Sorry. I had to work every single day, and I've been sick. Haven't really had the will to get online for a few days. And I have no idea where we're at.
  15. East Coast Academy (High School RPG)

    "No-no, my good friend," Xander replied. He laughed and offered a hand for their routine morning greeting. "What's up, Ian?" he asked, shifting his bookbag. Not really waiting for a reply, he smiled at Melissa, nodding as she approached. "Hey, girl..What's up?" Colbie parked quickly and grabbed her messenger bag from the passenger seat, sliding out of her car and locking the door, heading toward the school's entrance. She slid determinedly through the crowds in the hallway, toward her locker. She spotted Melissa talking to Xander, who she knew her friend had been crushing on for a while. Colbie smiled excitedly, always pleased by the sight of Melissa making a flirtatious attempt toward a cute guy. Colbie shut her locker and leaned against it, waiting for Melissa to come to her to tell her all the details. OOC: Hope it's okay, roxy, that Colbie and Lissa are friends.