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  1. The Random Thoughts Thread

    We're going to get 12-18 inches...actually looking forward to a snowday.
  2. The Random Thoughts Thread

    JG that Armadillo is wicked cool!
  3. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Wow, I can't believe this thread is STILL going! That's awesome 3 and a half years :) Hope you all are doing well!
  4. I Have A Confession

    I've been cheating on HC for years now. I think I've been a member for 11+ years...I still come back and lurk once in a while... I don't feel guilty. It's not what it used to be...and it lost its appeal.
  5. Kitty Litter

    I use Fresh Step...and don't mind the dust because the cats are in an Omega rolling litter box...they also don't track...but I have a rubber mat too that seems to catch everything. I actually picked up the mat from Walmart in the rug department lol it's bigger than the no-track mats... I tried Tidy Cats and Arm and Hammer multiple cats but nothing took care of the smell like Fresh Step.
  6. Camera Lens Added

    My next lens is definitely going to be the 18-135mm. I have the 50 1.8 which is perfect for portraits, close up stuff...but the 18-135 would best suit what I do.
  7. Camera Lens Added

    I agree with CVM. I tried both the 70-300mm and the 55-250mm...the pictures with the 70-300 were quite soft, definitely not to my taste. If I were you, I'd spend the little extra on the 55-250. The 55-250 is still entry levelish, but does have IS, and takes decent pictures.
  8. I Have A Confession

    Don't worry, I've been cheating too, on several forums that are definitely more active than this one. I've been here somewhere around 10 years and this place was so good back in the favorite thing was probably when we had the "peep wars" lol during Easter...I loved watching it go down...then all the people with their pictures of horses and some ways, much as I love Facebook, it has taken a lot away from forums like this. I lurk now and then here but there was a time where I was here as much as I am on Facebook (all the time!!).
  9. How Many Chances Do You Give A Dam?

    AMEN!!!! And if you are breeding just because you want a baby out of your mare or you think your stallion is the hottest thing around, but you can't afford the proper care before, during, and after the breeding and foaling, you've got absolutely no reason to breed. It really ticks me off sometimes...when I see these backyard breeders want a baby out of their horse(s) because "oh she's so nice" or "oh I like his color" or whatever the stupid reason is...but can't pay for ultrasounds, vet care, prenatal nutrition, or The mare or stallion is not THAT GOOD...and if they actually truly are...don't be a it the right way...
  10. How Many Chances Do You Give A Dam?

    I guess my point about humans, is that we don't force them to keep trying when they continue losing. We don't expect them to try again after losing even one. And certainly after losing two or more, there's always speculation about what's going on. If people would pay that kind of attention and care to the dams in their care, they may save some lives.
  11. How Many Chances Do You Give A Dam?

    In terms of humans, many have lost several...but keep trying...I have friends who have lost 3-5 and still have some healthy children...but usually they can and often do go through tons of tests (so does the father on occasion) to find out why there is a miscarriage or a lack of fertility. Usually it is chalked up to malnutrition or a weight issue (one friend for instance is 6'1" and weighs 120 nuthin) or there is some sort of chemical or hormonal imbalance that either can or cannot safely be remedied. The health of the mother is determined before trying to get pregnant again (that is, those who are responsible people). If a dam loses its little one(s) more than once, I would expect to either cull or quit breeding her, or if it mattered that much, find out what the missing link is. If it can't be found, don't breed again...losing a dam is not worth the risk, imo. Not with the millions of other animals in this world.
  12. How Many Chances Do You Give A Dam?

    I personally wouldn't give it more than twice. If she (any animal) had lost a litter/baby more than once, I wouldn't want to risk it. Would bloodline or conformation and temperament play into it? Maybe, maybe not. What do bloodlines mean anyway, if the female's health is in danger? Not to mention animals are also emotional beings and they can suffer, too, when they lose one just like we can. I personally feel that it would be cruel to put her through that more than twice. There are other animals with the bloodlines that my animal has, if it really is that important. Heck, want one bad enough, buy one. Don't need it, don't breed it.
  13. Just bumping this up...HFF is home and even has posted on FB! Her hubby has been posting near daily updates and it seems like there is a good chance for a good recovery. She is still having some memory issues but is getting better!
  14. Mikes Latest Cakes *new Pics Up*

    Appy, here's how to make a light box...this would be the best option for photographing his cakes on a more "professional" scale, especially if he started selling them more. And another tutorial
  15. God Will Provide....

    As a Christian, I firmly believe that God has amazing plans for me no matter what my circumstances are and that I can rest in that, knowing that all things will work for good in the end. So far, he has shown me that something good always comes out of the bad, and that even the worst trial and the deepest pain have some purpose to them. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't been through it, but it's really amazing how I have seen it come true time and time again. This said, I don't think there is any reason to lay around and do nothing. God clearly says in the Bible that we are to do our due diligence and we will be rewarded for it. And that if we don't, we will lose out. That's actually a pretty normal life principle anyway. I think that it can go beyond financial care as well. I have been comforted and given strength in times when I should have been a weakling. And I have been given gifts in various areas and I see those coming to light more and more. I can't imagine not relying on God, because his plan always works out best for me and my life. I'm a stubborn, heels in the ground person who resists change, confrontation, and authority, but he is gently showing me how his way is better. And because of that, I enjoy my life very much now. I do believe God will provide for me, always, financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically, even if it is in ways that I don't want or don't expect, and I believe that it is not an excuse, and to be used as such is hypocritical and faulty unless the person has taken care of themselves. He is always faithful and always holds up his end of the bargain even if we do not feel it.