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  1. Bit Help?

    I'd stay away from the gag if your horse is putting his head down. My old event horse would do that and bolt. The gag was the worst kind of bit for him. Too much poll pressure. I ended up with a myler kimberwick after going through many many bits for XC. I could jump him in a snaffle at home, but when it came to a competition he would get fired up on XC. Love mylers! Heard waterfords are a good options never used one.
  2. Just Went To My First Show In A Reeeeaaaallly Long Time!

    Cute horse!! Looks like you were enjoying yourself! I see you're in PA! What part?
  3. Look What I Built This Weekend!

    Oh!! Very nice!! Good price! We just built jumps for our ring....but looking for more ideas. Have you built a roll top before?
  4. Young Horse Behind The Bit

    Sounds like you should do some hacking out. Light contact. Evading is such a PIA to fix...I'd much rather have a horse above the bit instead of a horse that goes BTV. Perhaps you should cut your sessions short...from what I can gather from your first post is that the horse starts to evade as he gets tired. I see no harm in walking a 3yr with light sessions of miniscule work. The walk will be your best friend...
  5. Hey Guys

    Goodness he is a big boy! Who is he by? Congrats on your graduation and getting a job! I knew I should have gone into the medical field! hehe!
  6. Rollkur Used At The Olympics?

    Agreed with powernspeed. Yet they DQ a show jumper for showing hypersensitivity. There are so many politics involved in all sports that it boggles my mind.
  7. Hello!

    Hi lady! sorry to hear things are rough...I try to keep up!! Drop me a note!
  8. Long Time!

    Thanks ladies! Oh the big day is quite a ways away. June 14th 2014 is when we will be getting married. sounds like Bobby is doing great! How exciting for you! He's so very cute! I've linked my photoalbum with some "newer" pictures from this past year and last summer/winter. Not many flatting pictures! There's a picture from a Julio Mendoza clinic that I attended in November. That was SO much fun and I got my butt worked off!! I'd go back to him in a heart beat! Pictures-Scotch
  9. Long Time!

    That's a nice size Boocoo! He looks like a lovely young horse! How old is he now? Oh goodness much has happened to me! Yes I still have Scotch but he's been stall bound for the last 4 months. We went to Aiken at the end of Feb where I competed him...came home...he had a couple weeks off and then he came up lame. Such a shame as he was going really really well. Eventing and dressage. Even had his flying changes. A bit over enthusastic about them. He's back to walking under saddle...not allowed to do anything else until his feet are fixed. Lets see...oh I got engaged! Looking for a new job...guess that's it! I have lots of new pictures...but they are all on facebook. Not sure if you have facebook, Boo?
  10. Long Time!

    Wow he has grown!!! Looks lovely Boocoo!! I just happened to come across an ad of horsecity and was thinking I haven't been on here in ages!
  11. Dressage Chit Chat #29

    Shantel- Saw the pics on FB. Guys look great :) He looks like such a good boy! So glad that you have a prospect to move forward with. KTS- Fantastic news about Riley! Hooray!! When do you graduated? You should look on yard and groom website for internship opportunities. Along with just browsing the internet for positions. I would highly recommend that you go "audit" before you commit yourself to it. So it gives you a feel what the trainer is like. I was one of the fortunate WS that had a blast during my working student days! But I did my research and went and rode with the trainer before even thinking about it. Good luck! good news. I graduate in 4 weeks! And better yet I have a FT job lined up. I start working PT for them next week and then after I graduate I will go to FT. So that's good...this is definately a stepping stone company for me, but better than nothing! Extremely busy working 50hours + a week and going to class as a full time student...not to mention the boyfriend and his kids. BUSY. At least I've been able to ride the ponyboy a couple times a week. He has been such a good boy! My one dressage trainer is coming out this weekend to teach so I finally will get a lesson since June! My birthday is this weekend but unfortunately it will be spent doing homework... :-( Having some issues at the barn that I moved to in August. They are charging me an extra $60 a month to blanket Scotch...and not even rendering the services completely! And they happen to leave my horse out in the rain with no shelter. It wouldn't be a huge issue if it was warm rain and he wasn't clipped! But really...clipped pony in cold rain=pissed boarder UGH. So I've been looking for new search isn't going very well.... Other than that same old....
  12. Dressage Chit Chat #29

    I have some new ponyboy pictures. I just need to find time to upload them. Hopefully with this new Android phone I will be able to keep in touch more since I'm literally on the go all the time. Alyse- looking good! Shantel- have fun this weekend!
  13. Clinic - Pics And Videos

    Awesome job lady! Sounds like it went really well. You two look fantastic together!
  14. Dressage Chit Chat #29

    Hi guys Thought I would stop in for a quick moment. Life per usual has been insane. I graduate in 1 month and 1/2! Wow where has the time gone? Scotch is doing fantastic. Unfortunately with my internship and job hunting...along with working another job there is hardly anytime to show. But he has been going really well when I do get to ride. Busy busy. It sounds like everyone's life is going well....always a good thing!
  15. Lieto's First Off Property Clinic

    Looking good, lady!!!!! :)