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  1. Ankle Surgery Question....weird!

    I had soft tissure ankle reconstruction ( repaired two torn ligaments and a stretched/ frayed tendon) about three months ago. I have been pretty much back to 85-90% normal life activity for a little over a month now. My question is my lovely 3 inch long scar, that pretty much runs just under my outside ankle bone started itching like crazy today and I just noticed some puffyness going toward the top of my ankle bone is that normal? I have no swelling along underside of the ankle bone, which is where it normally would get puffy and no ankle discomfort. If it continues or gets worse I will call the doc but am I being a bit paranoid or is this nothing? Darn scar is just so itchy!
  2. Heart Vs Pure Talent And Confomatiom

    I was just curious my very nicely built arab gelding just did have the heart he was a very emotional horse that would quit on you if pushed him just a bit. I sold him to a friend whose kids ride him happiest horse ever. My current gelding is a grade ranch bred has a bit of weird comformation slightly long backed, his neck ties in high and he is cow hock. He is so honest and has a huge heart. I can take him to the local cross country course or cbase cows on him in the Wyoming terrain. He won't quit on you. Lucky though he has good bone and excellent feet and ridiculously long legs for a 15.1 horse
  3. Horse Trailers

    You have plenty of truck to tug around a 4 horse gn. I pulled a 6 horse gn with my exs 3/4 97 12 valve cummins up south pass. Truck handled it fine
  4. I Bought A Lemon

    Toyota kept pretty much the same motors in there cars and all models96- 03 this including the 4 runner and Tacoma my 96 3.4 v6 has 194k on it now and doesn't burn or leak a lick of oil. It was bought with 84k on it. Still going strong
  5. Aggressive Dog Behind Us

    Give him a face full of water with the hose when he is snarling
  6. Home Remedies!

    A thing you can do is put olive oil in your hair and let it set for thirty mins or so it should get some moisture back into the cuticle of your hair wash throughly
  7. Simco Saddle?

    First saddle I rode was a simco barrel/ trail saddle i loved it!!!! Still have it but it's up for same oddly enough my tush doesn't quite fit.a 13 any more
  8. Are You Self Sufficient?

    I am not self sufficient I live in town. But I work at a small meat plant that offers mobile butcher. So I can butcher,quarter,cut and wrap beef. Plus mutton and hogs
  9. Name The Pony Game...

    I was asked to help come up with a Western horse name for my best friend's fiances new horse. He is going to be doing mounted shooting on him. The horse is currently named Benny. Her fiance keeps shooting down every name we throw out. Benny is a dark sorrel with two socks in the left, a giant blaze, eyeliner and a grumpy attitude. We have suggested showdown,Cooper,Rio wrangler cowboy,vaquaro,buckshot,caliber,lariat and the about thirty odd more. Does anyone have a good suggestion?
  10. Name The Pony Game...

    There is a Benjamin at the barn and he thinks Benny isn't tough enough.I love the name Benny
  11. Horse People Living With Non-Horse Folk?

    Oh the joys of non horse people take your shoes off before going in side and put your horsey clothes in a rubber maid tube on the floor of your closet.
  12. What Is The Difference Between Chestnut And Sorrel

    It's all in a name. I was once told. English people call then chestnut , Western people call them sorrel
  13. Sick For Almost A Week With Stomach Bug

    Try the b.r.a.t diet for few days,bananas rice applesauce and toast. Maybe some yogurt? Also take it really easy for a day lay on your couch watch movies and sleep give your self a chance to heal up. The brat diet was suggested by my RN mom. Get to feeling better.
  14. Jasper Jumps!

    Yourhorse is super cute! Mine horse situation has been tough.I sold. My Arabian to a close friend( lack of time) I had to put down our other old gelding.my boy just is being over strangles and i think I found a young rider for my old pony. Atleast the pony news is good.I I can't ride for three more weeks after having ankle reconstruction.
  15. Lease Agreements?

    Does any one know where I can find forms for free lease agreements online? and what are something should I consider when free leasing a horse? I have a sound older pony that needs a job. I no longer ride him and have focused on my younger horse. I would like to lease him to a lady with a couple grandchildren . Under the following terms I will cover all of him worming and vacination costs. She would cover full care and feet care. I am not sure how to work in the vet care aspect. I am going to meet with her and check out her facility. Any suggestions?
  16. I Need Some Ideas

    Well I am now walking after my ankle. Surgery. I still can't ride and my horse is just got over strangles. I refuse to turn him out for atleast a few weeks just yet . I need some ground work I ideas I have worked on flexing, dropping his head, moving his hips, shoulders, side passing and he is excellent with his feet . I know I am missing a ton of things to do ground work wise any ideas anyone?
  17. So Glad Its Over

    Im sorry. For your lose! Its been a bumpy few months for alot of people it seems my last two have. Involved selling one horse I lost my senior gelding ankle surgery informed my job can't afford to pay me but can't lose me .And a case of strangles
  18. I Am A Wee Bit Upset

    That sucks bad im rooting for you.
  19. I Feel Like A Horrible...horrible Person Right Now.

    You did the right thing .I rescued a 8 year old jrt named Sami . The people were going to shoot him. He was a bit naughty at first and hadn't any rules enforced for a while. Plus he had top dog complex until my 20 lb border sheltie mix told him other wise . The poor dog had bounced though atleast 6 homes in a year. His worst habit was he would try to mark once the first time he went into a new house. Correcting him just before he tried to hike a leg solved it. After a few weeks of of enforcing the rules we found out he was a very well trained dog .and I found him a forever home with a nice lady with two aussies and lots of land.
  20. What does everyone haul? I have a lovely 77 stedham 2 horse that is the lovely color of faded forest service green . Ugly as it is it is good and soild and the price was right
  21. How Did You Handle It?

    I moved out at barely 19 . Moved200 miles away experienced life etc moved a few times. Then when I moved back to my home town I had a rough break up with my long term boyfriend moved home and a week after me so did my older brother for a short time. My poor mother went from and empty nest for several years to a full house in a week . Im going on 24 and still living at home. But i am working and going to school. Its rougher. On me then my parents I think I
  22. Strangles Info Please

    Well a horse at our.self. care barn came down with strangles. I have done a bit of research but was wondering what other info I could get? Any one ever experienced strangles?
  23. Strangles Info Please

    I agree rocksoild. Everyone so far at my barn had agreed not to move their horses . But I live in the largest city in Wyoming and we seriously have like 7 options maybe for boarding facilities here for the amenities and price my barn is 3rd on the list. Location is good to I live like 2 miles from the barn. The other two barns are full care barns that want an arm and a leg and offer only inside stalls ( my boy isn a run and shed set up) no turn out and no wher to ride except . But on the flip side I do need to indoor. I wish I had other options but
  24. Strangles Info Please

    This Wyoming that's not exactly how out works.
  25. Strangles Info Please

    They haven't put a " official" quarantine on the barn and we have had several vets out. The owner also will not let anyone bring horses in and the responsible boarder have agreed not to haul anywhere. But it being a self care facility( ie. You supply your own hay feeding cleaning etc) unless a vet puts an official quarantine there isn't anything legal the B.O can do . Does anyone know how to disinfect blankets? I was thinking bleach but I don't want to destroy my blankets.