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  1. Who Here Is Old?

    Whom from a few years ago still posts on the boards? Unlikely anyone remembers me but hello everyone.
  2. What Does Everyone Do

    What is everyone's day to day job? Since we aren't in high school any more. I have the done about everything from detailing rv's to working in a gas station for three years. At the moment I work at a meat processor as a meat cutter/ wrapper/front counter/ do every other random thing. I love my job tho. Which is odd because I am a girly girl. Super interesting job always something new, I have awesome bosses and the hours are super flexible. Which is nice with school
  3. I have a fantastic family that leases my old pony for their 9 year old daughter. But I need an xmas idea for the lil girl. She is a great kid . She is a very horsey kiddo, yet very girly and tomboy at the same time. Any ideas? I am drawing a blank
  4. Make him pick new yarn.
  5. Horse Quirks

    My old pony has a lower lip twitch he is constantly twitching his lower lip if you make him mad he flaps it. He also has to goose you when you pick up his front feet. My other gelding loves water constantly playing in it. And he is a pest he has to pick on the other horses makes them mad and chase him they goes back to pestering them.
  6. Non-Toy Gifts For Kids

    A PONY! Jk books maybe?
  7. Anyone Have Hermit Crabs?

    I have fiddler crabs not brave enough to try hermit creator . My fiddlers are very entertaining
  8. Reina Has Arrived!

    That is one heck of a neat story
  9. Problem..

    Gotta love when horses are naughty Good luck!
  10. Pony Blankets?

    Can anyone suggest a site for reasonably priced pony blankets? I am looking for a turn out blanket that is lightly lined for my old pony. Or would anyone suggest buying a small horse blanket I haven't measured him yet but he's about13.2 and a very stout pony. I am worried a pony blanket won't cover his belly
  11. I Caught...

    Never have had coon problems . Bit I did with crows they would pull the lids off my trash cans and get into my garbage. Tried every trick in the book. Finally moved the trash the shed and latched the door the **** crows still hung aroundthethey then turned thier attention to taking things off of the snowmobiles and atvs tried letting the dogs chases them with no luck. Started shooting them with an air soft gun they then moved to my neighbors yard.
  12. Fall & Winter Grooming

    I don't ride much in winter 3-4. 15-60 minute rides its just to chilly so I leave mine woolly my horses are pretty tough but they have a three sided shelter and get extra hay when it is cold and light weight turn out blankets( I have a fear of blanking to heavy and having them sweat and get chilled) when it is bitter the type that are waterproof and lightly fleece lined. I let them get a I just keep up on the muddyness and do sometimes braid tails to . But it can be obsolete to try to have a perfectly groomed horse in Wy
  13. What Size Saddle

    Just steer far away from the silver Fox saddle packages they are JUNK! I had an old crosby for my first english loved it. Then found a lesser quality borelli that fit my Arab and me well. Ever one said borellis are junk. And they aren't top of the line but that saddle did its job well and held up ok. Still have it In the tack room. I have ironicly a weaver leather AP that fits my average backed but wide shouldered gelding well I like it so far paid a 180 new with tags on it on like 75-% off. But look at the Wintecs good quality saddlewith very reasonable prices
  14. Hay Prices

    What's hay going a bale where everyone is located? Ch l I got lucky and found 50 bales for $8 a bale then another 20 bales fiddler$6 a bale. But prices have been pushing$12 depending on where you get it
  15. Hay Prices

    The grass I got was about 70-75lbs a bale at 8 a bale. Then the alfalfa mix was about 85-100 lb bales at 6 a bale but in Wyoming we mainly load, haul and stack our own hay
  16. Gorgeous pics love your mare what state are you in?
  17. What Kind Of Phone Do You Have?

    Casio commando smart phone hate it super glitchy but super tough I have water logged it twice and dropped it a bunch . My bro has the same phone and no issues
  18. Goodbye Andy

    my heart goes u out to you! I had to put down my old guy this spring. Custer was 26 and with us for 16 years.
  19. When People Want To Give Their Pets Away....

    Dogs are like kids they are a life long commitment. Not get a pet and give them up. Wish these people would think. I am 24 with a 7 year olds border collie and four year old shelties border cross. Being younger I rent I refuse to give up my pets for the sake of cheaper rent i made the choice to have them they stay until the end
  20. Any Gun People Here?

    That's very cool
  21. Needing An Airedale Train

    I am in Casper Wy
  22. Do you think there is a difference and do you think it matters ? Say on a competitive level. Such as a horse with lots of heart and maybe less then ideal conformation vs a horse with the right conformation and potential but less try.
  23. Business Plan But Need Opinions ?

    I have been playing with the idea of starting up a very part time business. I was thinking about providing horse care for people in my area. Such as short term feeding when people travel etc. We have alot of home kept horses here in Wyoming . In my experience I know it can be hard to find horsey people to feed when your traveling. I am thinking legal stuff I will need to have figured out to do this as horses are large animals. Such as LLC insurance and I'd maybe need to show a back ground check. I was also thinking I will need a liability release to cover my self ( ie horse gets injury not sure to my negligence I won't get sued and possibly a waiver for the customer ( as an example if i am feeding on a customers property and I stub my toe I won't sue them). I also will not ride lounge or handle their animals as much as possible. I would as have info I would collect i.e vet numbers, animals info, fed schedules, contact info etc. In your guys opinion would you pay a small fee for a service like this? And what else am I forgetting or need to consider?
  24. Guns

    I have bunches of experience with pistols. I currently have Smith and Wesson m&p compact for my personal safety gun. It is a nice gun very easy to handle. But another thing to look at is maybe a 357 revolver. I had a ruger security success for my first pistol I loved it!!!! Ruger no w has a couple nice 357 the so and go's . One is a six shot the other is a five shot.I don't remember what ones what at the moment but . My mom has the five shot currently adv and it handles and shoots nicely.
  25. My New Puppy!

    Beautiful fellow!