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    Horses =) Music close second.
  1. Hc Memories

    I was like 11 when I joined.. I was such a little female dog. haha I remember starting like 10 "I'm leaving cause everyone hates me" posts. Oh boy. I'll be 19 next month. lol
  2. Prom!

    That dress is amazing. [shocked] Prom's tomorrow here, but I'm homeschooled so I'd get kicked out if I went. haha
  3. So I Rode Tuesday.

    I only got video. haha although I asked her to take pictures. So excuse the crappy screencaps. It gets dark when you zoom apparently, so I tried to lighten them a little bit but it really only made it worse. No point in critiquing, since you can't really see anything.. just felt like posting, I suppose. lol Plus I realized I haven't taken any pictures of him at all since I moved him in September. But he's doing great. :) Every couple of weeks I ride him back in the hills and he's really improving. He's not quite as fat and lazy... now I guess it's my turn to work on that. [bat Eyelashes] Never really went much faster than a slow trot because the ground was muddy in spots and he kept tripping because he gets distracted easily. hah
  4. Melanie!

    Woww. lol I used to have my hair like that but when I was 12, I got sick of it and cut it. How long have you been growing it?
  5. The Happy Post

    It's a beautiful day and I get to ride.
  6. Opinions On A Dress?

    And they're very comfortable :)
  7. Ipod/itunes Help

    Mine did that once and I think I just restarted my computer? Or iTunes.. I can't remember.
  8. Taylor Swift

    I'm going to her concert in May. Just felt like throwing that out there.
  9. Soundtrack To Your Life!

    I love these so much. Waking Up: Work - Jimmy Eat World First Day of School: Best Friend, Girlfriend - Meg & Dia Falling In Love: Gonna Get Caught - Demi Lovato Fight Song: Full Moon - The Black Ghosts Break-Up Song: The Night Will Go As Follows - The Spill Canvas Prom: Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw Mental Breakdown: When It Rains - Paramore Flashback: What's This? - Fall Out Boy Wedding: Rain - Breaking Benjamin Birth of a Child: Unsaid - The Fray Final Battle: I Wanna Talk About Me - Toby Keith Death Scene: Medicine Man - The Hush Sound Great Death: Stay - Sugarland Funeral Song: Candles - Hey Monday End Credits: Plea - Say Anything Well, it usually makes sense.
  10. Lyrics...

    Me too. Probably just because I've been watching Meet The Robinsons on repeat all day.
  11. So Who Else...

    I loved winter before I actually got a horse. Now it's just 5 pointlessly cold months that I can't ride.
  12. That Was A Interesting Car Ride

    Wow. I get nose bleeds, but not like that. [shocked]
  13. My Dad Is Sooo Mean...

    Hah that must be even harder than not even knowing if you got it.. to know it's right there, waiting. lol [ROTFL] I love and hate it when people do that. Awesome every time.
  14. I'm Kind Of Old, But

    I like the first Ice Age. I only saw Happy Feet back when it was in theaters because the Harry Potter trailer was on with it. :tongue9:
  15. What Do You Want For Christmas?

    I haven't been buying the things I want, as requested by my parents. =) I tend to be hard to shop for. I don't want to ask for anything, given the year I've had, but they refuse to not get me anything. hah Fearless - Taylor Swift The Final Riot - Paramore Prince Caspian That behind the scenes Twilight book