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  1. Songs You Dream Up Freestyles For

    I'm probably alot older than most of you, but I have cds of old Western movie themes...from the 50s, 60s, 70s...and some 80s...but the one I really want to use for a freestyle would be the theme to Magnificent Seven...I can't find a link to it but I'm sure you could find it somewhere if you wanted to hear it. You'll recognize it the minute you do.
  2. Dressage Belgian

    She's adorable...I love her too!
  3. Ligament Problem/high Bow

    Hi all--my 23 year old AQHA gelding who is otherwise fit & healthy, took a funky step and now has a ligment bow/tendon bow just below his right knee. The vet is telling me at least 6 months of stall rest, and I'm making the arrangements for that as we speak (I'm having to move him to a place where I can check on him frequently). He was leased out as a lesson horse, by my trainer, and packing little kids around for a couple of lessons a week but I can't afford to keep him where he's at, so I've been lucky enough to find a place that's closer to work & cheaper with nicer facililties. Thank goodness..but my question is, is there anything I should be doing, wrapping, liniment, whatever, that you have found helpful? My concern is that he's 23, and while he's now fit & doesn't even come close to looking his age, that he'll just deteriorate standing around, and bringing him back will be tough if not impossible. Any thoughts that you all might have about this, please share. He's my baby--I've owned him since he was 3--and he's never been lame or sick a day in his life till now. Thanks-- DQ
  4. Western Rider Going Dressage! First Lesson On Thursday

    Tasha--you will love it! I'm a former western rider too, and I only wish I had started dressage when I was younger & not as creaky as I am now! Enjoy! DQ
  5. Frustrations With Dressage...riders

    Well said. ANY horse will get tired of doing the same thing, of giving its heart every time it has a saddle thrown on it, and most really don't do well with that. I had an old cowboy tell me a long time ago, when I bought Pokey, that if you're going to ask for his heart every time you ride, someday he won't have one to give you. Save it for when it counts...and give him a break every now & then, let him just have fun with you, don't make it all about working all the time. I took that advice...and I have a 21 year old serviceably sound old guy who's got a work ethic like nobody's business, and who loves his job. I want to make sure Teddy ends up that way, or at least do my best to assure it...anything can happen as we all know, but if his mind stays sound, I can work around any physical unsoundnesses. DQ
  6. Dressage Chit Chat #30

    Still struggling loading pics, getting things to work...AAAARRRGGGHHH... KTS--I get it. I know it's a vent, and I hope it helped. Just remember...there will ALWAYS be someone with a nicer horse, a nicer seat, more money, more time, a better/more expensive/more famous trainer than you, etc. and put things in perspective. You may have had more than your share of setbacks, but you are a strong, hard working survivor who keeps putting one foot in front of the other and that's more than alot of dilletante (look it up, it's apt) dressage riders that come & go. Teddy & I are just happy to be round, straight & forward at this juncture He's a bit on the lazy side but he'll come to the party once he figures out it's better to comply than fight..those little arguing sessions are getting fewer & further between, thank goodness. DQ
  7. Dressage Chit Chat #30

    Let's try this again...testing 1 2 3....
  8. Dressage Chit Chat #30

    Just testing...I'm trying to load some photos, add a profile pic, connect to FB, I don't know what's working & what isn't.
  9. I'm Back!

    Been away a long time... I'm at work right now, and I don't have access to FB or any of my pics, but Teddy & I (he's now 7) are planning on our first show either next month if the finances hold out, or the spring next year if they don't. He's just a doll...we're having so much fun! And Pokey's still going strong at 21, teaching all the youngsters about riding & dressage. He took his mentally challenged young rider to her first dressage show a couple of months was awesome! Will post some pics when I get home!
  10. I'm Back!

    Oh...and how could I forget Layla being the big SmartPak celebrity now??? I use them and they're on my FB like list, I'll take a look & see if I can find her exciting!
  11. I'm Back!

    LOOK AT YOU!!!! You look great!!!! And Rex is gorgeous...very nicely put together. Best of luck with long as you don't have to keep him in bubble wrap Well, my weekend tanked big time...problems with SU & some things he had going on, then bad news about a good friend & a neuropathic illness she has, and then the sudden & devastating passing away of a good work took its toll. I wasn't able to post but I will, you'll see pics soon!
  12. I'm Back!

    No--Rex & I haven't been formally introduced How's Layla doing? I PROMISE I will try to get pics up this weekend... C
  13. Frustrations With Dressage...riders

    An interesting discussion, to be sure. I happen to believe in turnout, my trainer (who lost her FEI horse to a broken leg on turnout) differs with me, but lets the owners make the call. Freak things can happen at any time & under any circumstances. My old Quarter Horse is a basket case on the trail...but packs mentally challenged kids around all day long, without batting an eye. He is absolutely bombproof as they come, but don't take him out on trail...he will make life as miserable for you as he can. My Shire cross loves the trail, only spooks at leaf blowers (so far) and when he does he doesn't put much energy into it, it's easy to ride through. A change of scene is the best thing for an arena horse...just like it is for us humans. Even if it's just a short hack down the road and back, or to the end of the driveway & back, I believe in giving these guys a break every now & then...they give their all almost all the time, and that's something else...An old cowboy once told me if you ask for a horse's all every time you ride him, he won't have anything to give you when it counts...meaning that these dressage riders who ask for collection & flexion coming home after a trail ride aren't really helping their horses' minds, and a little fun & relaxation for them under saddle can go a long way.
  14. Qh Gelding Not Bred For Dressage

    Alot of reiners & cutters have the athleticism & often the conformation to do pretty well at dressage. Go for it, is my advice!
  15. Hello Again

    Hi everyone--it's been a while since I've posted, just stopping by to say hey. The last time i was here, I think was when I still owned Jag, a DutchWB/Paint registered AmerWB. Well he was sold last year, still in the barn and squirrelly as ever but his rider and him are really a pair that should go far. Then, I bought a Shire/TWalker/Missouri FoxTrotter cross I named Theodore (Teddy to his friends), and I will try to post a pic here, but you can go on my facebook page and see a head shot of him. He's too cute for words--5 years old now, 15.2 but built like a tank, and just a sweetheart...his name definitely suits him. We're just getting to know each other while he grows up, and things are coming together nicely. Trainer's having some spectacular rides with him, he & I are having little disagreements but he's so good natured about it all I can't get too mad at him. You'd think with all that gaited breeding he'd be anything but a dressage contraire. Three solid, animated gaits, and nice big stride, he moves pretty gracefully for a little panzer! And all 5'10" of me fits him well...hard to believe my legs don't drag the ground, but we look pretty good together. Pokey's still kicking at 19. My old QH was in a junior clinic on Monday with his 11 yo rider (she leases) with Kathleen Raine, and wonder of wonders, Ms Raine fell in love with my creaky old boy. Imagine that... He was making his little rider really work her tushie off, apparently. Otherwise life is pretty good. I'm still employed, DH is too (part time though), horses are great, and hopefully Teddy will be ready for his first show in a couple of months. Missed checking in...BBL. DQ
  16. Hello Again

    Nope, it doesn't work...anyone, can you remind me how to post pics from an email? It's jpg I think. DQ
  17. Hello Again [Question] [Question] Can't remember how to post pics....I copied the link from an email but it may or may not work...
  18. Hi everyone, Well, Jag is officially sold, just waiting for the check to clear. I'm not as sad about it as I thought I might be, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm vetting a new boy today... [Yay] [Jump] [Yay] [Jump] He's a Shire/Tennessee Walker/Missouri Foxtrotter but I think because his parents were both half Shire he's got perfect walk/trot/canter. He's a big teddy bear--so I'm giving him "Teddy" as his barn name. He's somewhere between 15.3 and 16hh--we'll stick him when we get him home (fingers, toes, eyes, ankles crossed!), bay with a narrow blaze and 4 white socks, and as cute as can be with the cutest, quietest personality since Pokey. He's 4, unregistered (but that will change, thanks to AWS) and if all goes well today, he'll be mine. So I need your help with a registered name. He's built like a tank--solid but not overly stout, and he has a presence about him--it's that Shire thing. He looks like a warmblood, I want a one-word name that has a regal sound, a nice classy sounding name, not too foo-foo since he's got that Shire charisma thing going. I was thinking Buckingham or Chamberlain, but I'm sorta hoping you all could give me some ideas... If you want to see what he looks like, he's on dreamhorse, #1273552. I know there's some great minds here on this board--any and all help is appreciated! Thanks-- DQ
  19. News Flash--and I Need You Guys' Help!

    Well, I've been getting suggestions up the wazoo... My trainer likes Braveheart...he looks so much like a little medieval charger and all. I like Paddington and Panzer (another suggestion from a friend). Anyhoo, I may just wait till he gets here and get to know him a bit before I christen him with his formal name. The check should be in the seller's hands as I type this... [Jump] and all that remains is setting up shipping, which I've started by calling the guy who brought Jag down to me...he's available at the end of this week, early next. Keeping fingers, toes, eyes, arms, anything crossable, crossed....I'll get pics up as soon as I can! DQ
  20. News Flash--and I Need You Guys' Help!

    Thanks guys!! Great suggestions... [Not Worthy] He passed the vet with flying colors, now we're just finalizing a few details. Hopefully a check will be in the mail before Monday, but we'll see. I'm as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs...the two trainers are going to talk and I've glued my cell phone to my hip so I don't miss the call. Keep thinking those good thoughts, praying, sending up good mojo for me! DQ
  21. Wow, I Guess I've Been Away Awhile

    Well, it's been a while since I've been around...I haven't decided yet whether I like the new "look" or not... [surrender] Anyhoo, lots to read and catch up on.. In the meantime, Jag has been sold. He was my WB/PaintX, and we're finalizing the deal as I type this. He's staying in the barn (at least for now--trainer thinks the gal who bought him will move eventually), and she just loves him to death. Looks like a good match. And I'm now horse-shopping again. I'm actually looking for a draft cross, no taller than 16.3, quiet & calm personality and a just-do-it work ethic. Hope it won't take too long, I really want to get back into competition again. Take care everyone---I'll try to get caught up as quick as I can! DQ
  22. Wow, I Guess I've Been Away Awhile

    Thanks Tracy...glad to hear Fessor's doing well. Sounds like you've got alot going on too, so just take it as you can and put one foot in front of the other. I may be going to see a 4 yo draft X on Tuesday, depending on the status of this audit from H*** that I'm up to my elbows in. He looks pretty fancy in his picture, but you can't tell much from a pic. Thanks for the good thoughts...I'll try to get back here when I can, too. DQ
  23. Dressage Chit Chat Thread! Volume 20!!!

    Holly--he's on dreamhorse, his name is Zipped Gold, and I know there's a picture of him on there if you want to see him. He's big and pretty...he loves to jump too.
  24. Dressage Chit Chat Thread! Volume 20!!!

    Just dropping by to say hey. Read everyone's posts up to now, but my brain's mush and there's no way I'll be able to do many personals. Boo--I hate boarding but it's really the only way to go for us right now. I liked having Pokey home with me, looking out my kitchen window and seeing him having a relaxing afternoon with CK, his former roommate. I can completely relate. Owning more than just a half-acre is my dream...but life's a bit complicated at the moment. DH is still not doing well, and there's still no real light at the end of this long tunnel for him. He sees another neurologist on Monday, she's both psych & neuro board certified, so maybe there's some hope there. More ER visits last week (2 altogether, one by paramedics), and more new's been a long tough haul for him. And for me too. School's started again with a vengeance. Lots of reading, but a midterm and final exam, which I would prefer more paper-writing personally. Oh well, I gotta keep trudging onward, get this MBA and move on. My boys are great. Pokey had a local show with his 9 year old rider, and she took home all the blues in her classes (hunter u/s, english pleasure and hunter hack). She was so proud...and Pokey's such a good guy. She's going to her first dressage show with him in August, and I found out that there's another little girl who wants to show him dressage too...he's just glad to have a job, and for him it's cake. Jag's still mine, and the assistant trainer who wants to buy him took her horse to the show on Sunday, and won a championship on him...let's hope someone will buy him (he's a big palomino appy, very pretty) cuz he really needs to be gone. Ah well, that's the way the mop flops, I guess. I'll check in again when I get a spare moment or the meantime, stay dry and good riding to everyone. DQ
  25. Ways to fight depression....

    Vegas--WHOOOOAAAA....slow down!! You're putting way too much pressure on yourself. You don't have to conquer the world in two weeks. I can say this because I'm probably old enough to be your mother..I've got 32 years on you, so listen up. Take things a step at a time. You've got health issues. You've got roommate/residence issues. You've got school issues. It's overwhelming. But life can be that way, and sometimes you have to step back and away from it all to get what I call a "press box perspective." You know at most stadiums and sports venues, the press sit waaaaayy up above the bleachers, in some kind of glassed-in box where they can see every foot of the playing field, and every player, and they can call things that the refs and others who are alot closer, can't see that well. You have to stand away from all your issues to be able to see them clearer. The way you do that is, take them one at a time. Attack the residence issue first--you need a roof over your head. So what if you have to move home? I lived at home till I was big deal, it just means you can save money maybe, or get a little more flexibility, or whatever until you're ready to go out and take on your own place. So you have to live by some rules, or tolerate your parent(s) or sibling(s) for some period of time. Get a calendar and mark off the days until you can get the heck outta there, focus on the positives of it instead of the negatives. And your health issues are enough to choke the proverbial don't mistreat yourself. You've got alot to sort through there. Get answers, see the right docs, do what you have to do to get better, feel better, but don't just rely on pills and potions. Read about alternative medicine modalities, ways to be good to yourself from a health standpoint, all of that...It's work but it's worth it. You're so young, you have lots of time to conquer this, and you will, if you put your mind and heart to it. Then's only temporary. Just get through it. Put one foot in front of the other, make up your mind that you'll get through this quarter/semester/whatever no matter what, do the best you can, and if you don't get all A's, so what. You've done your best, and that's all that counts. You gave it your best shot. That's all you can do--no point in beating yourself up about it. Life's too darn short to put all the stress of it on yourself at 20. There's alot more years left and alot more life that you're going to have to make up your mind that you're going to have what you set out to get, and ask yourself, "in the great scheme of things, how important is this, really?" Sometimes that helps me put things in a whole new perspective. Good luck. DQ