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  1. that's what I've been thinking... have to eat an awful lot of that block to get the amount that would be provided in the liquid form. But, I did see where she was coming from about the free-choice... plus she has been a family friend for years lol. I may go back and get the liquid stuff too, and put the blocks out with the working horse string.
  2. well, the lady at the feed store talked me into a mineral block rather than the liquid vitamin supplement, saying that it was better for the horses to have free-choice at vitamins/minerals rather than forcing it upon them... I dunno, but regardless bought the block to try. It contains a list of vitamins/minerals with Vitamin A 3rd from the bottom at 300,000 units.
  3. What Do You Think Of These Studs?

    so many views and no thoughts or opinions!? haha :)
  4. How Do You Feel About Ai?

    oh yikes, that's scary! I'm looking into AI for the first time ever.. my family has bred horses since before I was born, but it has always been using natural pasture breeding. AI is an excellent option for my mare because I am being picky about the stud - although she is a grade mare, I don't want to cross her up with just any stud from the neighborhood. So, I'm looking at stallions from down south (well over 3000 kilometers away) .... but that said, I had been wondering what happens if she doesn't take the first time. Fees just keep racking up I guess? Did you use frozen or chilled semen?
  5. That sounds wonderful - and easy enough that I can see getting the go-ahead for the working horses. I'll check at the feed store today to see if they carry it. Unfortunately, everything like that is more expensive up here, but it still sounds reasonable. Thanks!
  6. thanks for the replies every one. Turns out our horse vet up here is actually able to do AI, woo hoo!!
  7. I have heard of a vitamin A supplement designed for cattle that only needs to be given 2x per winter, in something like 500,000 units per time. This is a great option for the company I work for - we have 25 working horses who are wintered in a large 200 acre field and are fed on hay and oats. They are not really handled for the entire winter. After dealing with a mare for the past few days who is seeming under the weather with eye goop and a poor coat, I got thinking about Vitamin A supplements. It is not practical or possible (and would definitely not get the go-ahead from the boss) to supplement each horse every day, so this cattle product seems like a good idea so long as it's not harmful! I can't see it being too expensive either.. As for my own horses, I am going to begin supplementing with Vitamin A each day now that I know about it... but unfortunately I work a job that has me working in a camp for two weeks of every month, so I will only be able to give the supplements on the days I'm home.
  8. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    haha, maybe it's just the photos but her ears look HUGE! she's super cute. Can't wait to see resulting baby... Jasper is amazing.
  9. Breaking Small Pony

    ^^ hahahahaha! and nick, I don't believe the OP was suggesting that she would bring the pony home from auction and jump right on it.
  10. I will do that for sure! Smilie, I'd LOVE to find a QH/Arab stud but am not having a ton of luck. However, the QH stud I'm currently leaning towards seems like he'd compliment her quite well. And I definitely know what you mean about the Morgan blood.. that's the reason why I didn't really consider that type of cross for very long.
  11. To be honest, I really doubt it. I don't know anyone who has had it done up here, and the vet website mentions nothing about reproductive services. That said, I haven't called them yet (I'm out at a mining camp for another two weeks). I'll try them when I get back to town.. but really do doubt it. Yes, she is an easy hauler but still... such a long distance. That said, I emailed the owners of both studs that I've got my eye on and both said that River could stay at their place for up to a month, so I suppose I could just haul her down with ample time before she's due to go into heat.
  12. Someone recently mentioned to me that they thought long distance hauling could potentially alter a mare's cycle - interrupt a heat, or cause her to not come into heat on her regular schedule. Does anyone have any input, or have experience with this? I'm planning on breeding my mare this spring but there are no studs here that I like. So, because I live in the middle of nowhere, I'm looking at hauling between 1300 and 2000km south to BC or Alberta.
  13. I hadn't thought too much about a Morgan stud haha (though the though HAD crossed my mind). However, I've been in touch with the owner of a beautiful QH stud down south. He's mostly halter and running bred, but has some reiners in his pedigree and has great conformation from what I can tell. He's 15.3hh (River is only maybe 14.3) and built a lot "lighter" than River obviously, which I think would compliment her. But, I've still got lots of time to learn and research, so no rush :)