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  1. Well thanks! For the most part we do a very good job of getting along and we try to fix any disputes amongst ourselves but Tuck, our mod, does a fantastic job. As long as you're nice and do your best to cooperate with everyone you'll make plenty of great friends!
  2. It's fine, I trust the article turned out well?
  3. Still haven't made anything.
  4. We haven't got any spaghetti-O's or any other microwave dinners. I may *gasp* actually have to cook something myself...
  5. Not a whole lot, just hanging out, filling out some papers, trying to find dinner even though I'm really not hungry.
  6. lol, I'm sure you'll get it done though!
  7. What sort of CD? And what for?
  8. You'd better let us all know! I'll keep some popcorn ready because I'm sure it'll make for a wonderful read!
  9. lol, well to be completely honest with you I've never actually read any of the Trail ride RPG but you and Emma are both such awesome role-players and it's been around for such a long time that I couldn't possibly miss their wedding!
  10. Heh, anytime I'm rather bored as well, hence the bumpage. Anywho whens the wedding and is it open to the public? If so, do I get some cake?