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  1. Aural Plaques And Xxterra

    Thanks CVM
  2. Aural Plaques And Xxterra

    Nick... Aural Plaque are raised white bumps that occur on the inside of a horses ear. They are spread by black biting flies. Also called aural papilloma. These are often benign, and is a wart causing virus. Xxterra is a herbal Rx medication cream. I have seen aural plaque build up at the base of a horses ears that made them deaf. It can be extremely painful.
  3. Aural Plaques And Xxterra

    Hey guys, I have a client's horse on consignment with me who has a bad case of aural plaque in his left ear. It has developed since they have owned him and has caused him to become headshy and impossible to pull the bridle or halter over his ears. I have obtained a tub of XxTerra herbal paste. I have used it before on a sarcoid before on a leg with tremendous success. However while reseaching about applying to the ears, I have heard some people state the application and burn of the medication have made horses more head shy than before. Anyone have experience with this? I would like to go ahead and clear up the issue to make marketing a little easier. Not just for appearances but also the halter/bridle removal issue. Thoughts? Experiences? Thank you.
  4. How to handle when a business relationship turns to personal? Here is the backstory: In my off time I do freelance horse training at my own stable or other private stables. Since March, I have been working horses for a semi-retired couple. They are very sweet people, however I feel like they have overstepped the bounds of a business relationship to treat me like the daughter they never had. The husband has been calling me multiple times a day, than freaks out if I don't return his calls right away. Stating that "He's worried something might have happened to me", and I have to constantly remind them when I'm on duty I cannot speak on the phone. Often times these conversations have nothing to do with their horses, but instead about something on facebook or an e-mail. They drive by my house to see my truck is home and if I'm okay. They inviting me out to dinner but state they have to pick me up because they won't "allow" me to drive in the dark. (I'm serious!) Recently they have both become rather seemingly possessive over me. And have made comments how when my schedule gets more busy they "Won't allow me to come work their horses" as that would be too much stress on me. They understand that this is my business, and I have other clients that I work horses for. I stated that if they don't need me to work their horses that is fine, but I will continue to be in the area working my other clients' horses. They argued with me that I shouldn't stretch myself so much and proceeded to tell me how I should live my life. Today I called to inform them I had a 4:00 appointment open for them tomorrow as the husband wants to start riding the horse that I started for them. He was taken back and asked if I was busy tomorrow, I said yes, I have several horses to work but will be in their area at 4pm. We confirmed these plans then he had his wife send me a text message saying "We don't want to stress you, don't worry about working our horses tomorrow!". I ignored this and plan on calling them tomorrow afternoon to recheck our set time. Honestly, I want to back away from the situation entirely within a few weeks. Get their youngster finished on trail situations and hand her over with a cut and dry version of "you have a great horse, happy trails!" and remove myself from the situation. However I want to do it professionally to leave no doubt my mission was completed (horse greenbroke and owner able to proficiently ride her). However... A few months ago, they fell in love with a yearling I had at my farm and asked if they could keep her at their place to let their yearling and her play together. They offered up free board, grain, etc. And that I could use their arena for working her while I was there training their own horses. I agreed but only in a temporary setting and offered to pay board. They refused on the paying part. So in return I make sure to feed their horses when I'm there training and do some barn work. I want to move this yearling back to my barn as I feel this gives them too much "control" over me and opens a line for them to feel like they can call me anytime. My question is, how would you handle taking your horse back so not to cause any lingering problems or resentment? Thanks in advance!
  5. Rehoming / Giveaways For Critters

    I haven't been on here in a long time! But remembered this thread and wanted to add two horses to it, as there might be a fellow HCer out there who would be interested: Located: Eastern North Carolina Ladybug - Coming 2 y.o, 14.2h, Chestnut Quarab Filly. She is a love-bug, always the first to greet you in the pasture! Completely sound and in great health. Ties, stands for farrier, lunges, ground drives, trailers and stands for farrier. Has been ponied out on the trails with a seasoned trail horse and trailered to many places. Has all the basic foundations and will be ready to start come fall. Clean slate with no vices or bad experiences. Very athletic and versatile, has the possibility to go in many different directions. Experienced home a must for furthering her training. Vet records available, UTD on all vaccines, coggins, and deworming. She was the "surprise" from an Arabian mare that I bought! I have her listed for sale, but with the horse market so horrible right now I would rather place her in a loving home and have one less off my feed bill! Gatsby - (You guys might remember this fellow! Saved from slaughter in WA state back in 2006). 10 y.o - 16.1h - bay TB gelding. Very calm and laid back guy! Complete gentleman who loves attention. Has been used in lessons, great with children. Stands, ties, great for farrier, trailers, hacks out alone, no spook, etc. Needs to be placed in a home with no expectations for jumping (flat work only). Currently has corrective shoes, and is sore temporary after being reshod, farrier believes he will be able to return to being barefoot in the future. He is UTD on all vaccines, coggins, and deworming. Vet records and current hoof xrays are available for review. Videos of his movement at liberty and undersaddle can be viewed as well.
  6. Charleston, Sc - Places To Go? Things To See?

    Thanks for the reply PJ!
  7. For those travel guru's out there, and people from the area of Charleston, SC. What do you like best about Charleston. What places are a "must-see" and fun? Any places you recommend eating at? Thanks!
  8. Very Small, Non-Tradition Wedding Ideas

    Thanks for the heads up about JCP. Didn't even think to look there!
  9. Very Small, Non-Tradition Wedding Ideas

    Amen Pink! Less drama/stress and more money to save! Ha!
  10. Hay Bellies. New Pics Up!

    Okay you have more patience than I do. If that perp was cutting my fence at night I'd be prone out in the pasture with a rifle waiting to light his a$$ UP! Trespassing is a crime. Seriously. Bear traps (not in a place accessible to dogs/cats/horses of course) work well too... Heck if I was back home in AR I'd come HELP you teach this guy a lesson. Sheesh.
  11. Ranch Bronc Riding

    Amazing photography!!! Some of those are very pretty horses.. and those riders have gonads of steel! I'd ride a bull over a bronc any day!
  12. Very Small, Non-Tradition Wedding Ideas

    Hehe. Love you barb.
  13. Very Small, Non-Tradition Wedding Ideas

    on the hunt for a white sundress preferably with some sort of sleeve... Haven't worn a dress in 19 years! Tried one on today. Maybe I can do this. Ha!
  14. Very Small, Non-Tradition Wedding Ideas

    Thank you for the ideas and tips everyone! We found a large vacation house to rent on a island. Now its just the family's schedule..leave..and all that jazz. Giddyup - Thank you for that idea, I don't want to cause hard feelings! We're still trying to decide who will marry us. I'd love to get married on the dock of this house, but everyone wants an arm and a leg to come do so. So we might just get married downtown Charleston at a "mobile wedding" place that allows you to get married on their patio downtown for $75. Then we can take pictures, etc back at the house/beach. My SO's uncle is a minister and will do it, but then that means his wife, grandfather and girlfriend would invite themselves... and I don't really want to deal with that. Ha!
  15. Very Small, Non-Tradition Wedding Ideas

    Or another idea is renting a vacation house on the beach and having the little ceremony outside on the deck or ocean front beach.