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  1. Xc Schooling Pics

    Thanks everyone! He's all settled into his new home nicely. And actually, that property with the houses on it used to ALL be a XC course but then the farm sold off land. It's sad to see but at least the farm still kept some pastures for XC. The people don't mind at all I don't think, it's normally the other way around when you are cantering to a jump and a neighbor decides it's an appropriate time to turn on their leaf blower, lol.
  2. Xc Schooling Pics

    All done! Thanks for looking =)
  3. Xc Schooling Pics

    Hey, it's been a while, not sure if anyone remembers me but I still lurk around and noticed the boards have been really dead, figured I'd ad a small bit of action to it and give a mini update. I graduated college and am accepted into dental school so I moved this week and my trainer of 7 years drove Chief and I to our new home, 3 hours away. It is sad and exciting at the same time, I will miss my old trainer a ton, she is like a second parent to me and my pony but this new barn has been phenomenal also and is much more conveniently located to horse shows (not that I will have time for them while working my butt off in dental school but still!). As my last day, she took a small group of my friends and I XC schooling one last time. I didn't do too much with Chief because I have been busy packing etc and haven't had as much time to get him over fences as I would have liked before going schooling but it was a perfect goodbye. Here are a few pics that were taken, for your viewing pleasure. My stirrups could have come up a hole or two and my elbows were having issues but I am proud of Chief anyway for being such a good boy. What has everyone else been up to? Warming up Not a great pic of my form but I love his knees and facial expression There was a ditch you can't see One more post...
  4. Got Kicked In The Face Earlier :(

    Ouch!! You are very lucky, I'm glad you're O.K. We just had a girl at our barn fall and forget to let go of the reins, which resulted in the horse kicking out and getting her in the face. She also broke her nose, but required 50 internal and external stitches to hold her nose on. Horses can be so unpredictable! I would second that opinion to possible follow up with a plastic surgeon, it will really reinsure everything heals properly and with minimal scarring. ICE ICE ICE!
  5. Your Most Embarrassing Photos...

    It's been a while, but just popping in and adding my picture. The funniest part of it is I fell before the bell rang so I got back on and finished second, haha!
  6. Giving Up On My Lease Already?

    Go with your gut. I've ridden horses that I too haven't clicked with. The one's I like can be the most obnoxious things and I'm still willing to work with it. Those that I already don't click with annoy me at the slightest thing. He sounds like the kind of horse they should be paying someone to ride and get the wiggles out, not leasing out. Good luck!
  7. The Long-Awaited Allie Baby!

    Count me in as another who didn't know you were breeding her, but I am glad you have! Congrats on a very healthy looking mom and baby. Will Allie event anymore? How old is she now? I can't wait to see what plans you have for the baby. Any names? (sorry if you already mentioned this) Good to see you back on the boards!
  8. Ok What Do I Say

    You have the same parenting method as my parents. They wanted us to all be independent. They taught us right from wrong, but didn't put severe limitations on us. For me, it was the best thing they could have ever done. I was allowed to "date" whenever I felt like it (with supervision of course), and even with that choice I didn't want my first bf until I was in my SR year of high school. I wasn't forced to get a job, but chose to when I was 15 at my boarding barn cleaning stall so I could have my own money to spend for fun. They never rode me hard about school, just made sure I attended and would let me have "days off" and I graduated with a 4.7GPA, so it obviously didn't affect me. My best friend, on the other hand, had very strict parents, she wasn't allowed to date until she was 18 etc etc all sorts of rules. Well guess what, she dated behind their backs all through middle school and lost her virginity her first year of highschool mostly out of rebellion. I'm no parent, but when I get the chance, I think I'll raise them like my parents did. Worked great for me. Each person is different, but I think this is blown a little out of proportion. All kids have a little crush in 5th grade, that doesn't mean at all they will be pregnant before they are 17.
  9. These funny threads keep popping up and I am always too lazy to upload some of my treasures, but since I'm on winter break, no excuses! Left behind much? Just an awkward photo in general An apparent miscommunication His very first ditch Everyone loves a good action photo A litttttllle deep O man, I have way too many of these, haha!
  10. After About Three Years....

    I love your drawings. Stunning! So jealous.
  11. Tease.

    He's nearly bigger than her! So cute. What did he do to his hind leg? Babies... lol.
  12. Few Quick Jumping Pics

    Hey everyone, I mentioned last time I posted that I was taking Chief schooling cross country to get him ready for a show in January (especially since he hasn't been out in probably at least 6 months ). One of the girls bf came with and took a few pics. He had never used the camera, or taken horse pics, so despite the blurriness, I think he did well. He only got maybe 5 of me, but one of the other parents got a new HD video camera and took video the whole time. He was going to play with it and edit the footage and give it to all of us as a X-mas present, so here is just a few "teaser" pics until I get my DVD. Warming up A corner jump cantering up to the "stairs" (2 upbanks) the stairs and my "OMG i love my pony" picture- bless this little horse, lol. My trainer pointed at it from afar because it was on my Training course at my last show, I galloped up to it and realized that THIS one in particular was NOT the training level sized one but he was already committed. He took it HUGE! That's all for now. I'll let you guys know when the video is available. I'm so excited to see it! Chief was picture perfect on this trip and did everything well, but I quit early because the heat was getting to him (FL) and he was having trouble cooling down through his 3 inch long pony coat. I brought him home, bathed him, and shaved him the next day. He feels MUCH better now, lol. Thanks for looking!
  13. I Have To Get Rabies Treatment

    My bf had to get the series of rabies shots. He had to get one in each "hip" (more like butt cheek) and then a series of them in his arm I think. He hated it, but it's a lot better than getting rabies! They made him pretty sore though. And no intentions of scaring you at all, but you asked, he said the needle was quite large, the injection rather painful, and the liquid injected pretty thick. That being said, rabies is DEADLY, and cats mouths are filthy. He got his shots about 4 years ago, not sure if it has changed. He also couldn't give blood for 10 years I believe after the shots. He also had to get antivenin for a rattle snake bite, so now he can never give blood. Sigh... boys.
  14. First Clinic With Rex

    He looks like an old veteran!! I LOVE that trot. I can't believe it's only been a handful of rides. Great job with him, I always love his updates =) And just so Princess Layla doesn't feel TOO left out in his glory, how has she been?!
  15. It's Been Years... Ziggy *picture* Update!

    I THOUGHT "trainer friend" looked familiar! AHA! Anyway, he is so adorable and has really grown up! Great work with him, and keep us updated please!