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  1. Hey all, I'm currently a horseless college student. I'm home for the summer studying for my MCAT and doing research, so I need a bit of a release- obviously I'm turning to horses. Some background on me, I have been riding for 9 years now, have plenty of experience working with everything from greenies to school masters. I'm an eventer, but I am only looking to ride for fun on the flat this summer, 1-2 times per week. I found a horse whose rider needs a bit of help with bills, plus someone to just work her horse for her. My trainer believes that I am well matched to this horse, and that he will benefit from someone of my riding level. My question is, how does one determine how much a "lease" is worth. It will be at MOST 8 rides per month, 1 of those at least will be a lesson with the same trainer that the owner currently works with. Right now, the owner is proposing about half of the board per month, which comes to about $23 per ride. However, there is no indoor arena, or really arena at all at this barn, making weather a deciding factor in when and how often I can ride. In this situation, how much money would you expect or pay/be paid? Thanks for the input!
  2. Weak Ankles

    I was a competitive figure skater and eventually had to give up the sport because of weak ankles. My doctor always pushed these few exercises: - trace out the ABCs with your ankle (and be sure not to just use your knee!) -Place a tennis ball under your foot and rotate it around (once again, don't use your knee!) -Get a lightweight resistance band and push against it in forwards and side-to-side directions Also, do a lot of no-stirrups work; then you'll have less of a reliance and your ankle in addition to saving on wear-and-tear. I've found that solid stirrups worked much better for me, I always have issues when riding in jointed stirrups like Herm-Sprenger, etc.
  3. When Do You Go Back?

    omg Mars...I wish I would have known about that sooner, last year I dropped 250 on a brand spanking new Campbell bio book and everytime I look at it, I want to cry. anyway, I go back on the 17th but classes don't start until the 25th... I'm taking Microeconomics O-Chem O-Chem Lab Microbio w/lab A writing seminar on Art History its only 15 credits, but I'm working as a tour guide and admissions counselor and putting in about 10 hours a week in the lab researching rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune responses. I'm thrilled about it because I already have experience in cancer immunology and absolutely am obsessed with the field, and I get to be in a major HIV research lab, and I'm immunocompromised myself with rheumatic tendencies so I have special stock in the project to begin with. So I'll be busy. My rents won't let me load up on credits after my near-suicidal last semester with 19 creds including Advanced Terminal Calc II for pre-meds, macro, chem, econ of the developing world, and a bio class literally designed to weed out the real pre-med kids... I can't FREAKING WAIT to go back, and I have a week before anything starts to do my research, chill out, hang with friends....and go to theJ ONAS BROTHERS concert.
  4. disclaimer: I'm not going to do anything stupid without a trainer, I just want to know My green bean's dressage work is moving along beautifully, and his knack for dressage and my shameless endorsement of eventing as a better alternative to western pleasure has led Mrs. Greenie's Owner to contemplate jumping her little guy. How would one start a horse over fences? I've always been blessed with former foxhunters who, while they might be quick and unruly and a little insane, were excellent, capable jumpers who knew how to get themselves over, under, or through absolutely anything, with or without me. Right now, Levi is going over single groundpoles at all three gaits. I've played with him through western trail obstacles. Tonight, I was planning on introducing trot poles. Whats the next step? I'm not looking for him to go grand prix, but I see him as a fantastic lower level Pony Club horse...mostly because I love him, his brains, and his cute little canter.
  5. Should I Take the Plunge or Walk Away?

    You do have a lot to consider right now, and its got to be a tough decision. In my opinion, I would end the lease with Hia and try out the whole college thing. But then again, we don't know the full story. what kind of student are you? do you need a lot of time to study? Some kids don't...but that factor depends largely on the kind of school you go to, and how well and fast you learn. I never studied in high school, but at my university (ranked #2 in the nation for workload) I spend an average of 4 hours a night tucked away in the library, and thats when I don't have any upcoming tests. You might not need to be in an involved relationship with your school's library. But if you do need that time, Hia will be harder to manage. What are the chances of Hia's quality of life being reduced by a move? Will he recieve the same care at school when you can't watch him all the time? What if he gets sick...will you be willing to bite the bullet and fail a test to take care of a colicy horse? CAN you afford to do that? I'm pre-med, and one test can drop me a letter grade, and every grade matters when you need a 4.0 What do you want to get out of riding? Do you see yourself competing down the line? What about a hiatus from horses? You can always go back to riding. I took my school year off from the sport, I rode for 15 minutes at chistmas, and that was the extent of my riding during college. I started schooling a greenie this summer, and I'm riding better than I ever have. Will riding Hia at his current level make you happy in the long run? Will just being with this horse make the bills, time, and commitment worthwhile? This is a question of pleasure rider v. competitive rider. and last, what do you want out of college? These are the best four years of your life. Maximum freedom, limitless opportunity, and your first chance at being on your own. Will you want to trudge out to the barn in the freezing cold, and skip out on a movie night with some cute guy? I joined a sorority. Its a massive time commitment, but I LOVE it, and this is the only time in my life where I can really do that. If I still had Oliver, I wouldn't be able to do that. and what about studying abroad? summer internships? traveling? These are the years, and as much as I miss the barn, I like the freedom. I also don't know how I'd support Oliver. Even little expensive like flyspray and treats and replacement bell boots add up. College is very expensive, more expensive than I ever thought it would be.
  6. what do you bring to college?

    My big pieces of advice: don't bring all of your clothes. Chances are, all you need is a good pair of oversized sweatpants, shearling boots, a cute hat, and your school's hoodie. buy slippers for the bathroom, flip flops for the shower, and really big towels. YOU NEED A SHOE ORGANIZER Christmas lights are awesome. and TALK TO YOUR ROOMIE! Share the responsibilities of bringing the fridge, TV, etc, because you will not have room for 2 of everything. I'm also going to get corny here and say bring your patience, because as a survivor of 1 year with a narcoleptic roomate with bizarre sleeping patterns (think 4 am wakeups and a girl who chooses to sleep on the linoleum) who also had a penchant for eating my food and NEVER leaving our room on the weekends, you'll need it. Yay, college is so fun. I can't wait for my second year!
  7. Great Lesson! *Video and Pics*

    ahh he's so cute. so so cute. and your position looks pretty darn good! I'm a dressage geek, so I try to stay away from jumping critiques, but I'm a lil jealous of you two.
  8. Circuit saddles...

    I rode in a circuit dressage for a while, in fact it was the first one I ever tried. I really liked it, and you can't beat the price. the one I rode in was a 31", and while I can't say it was super wide, the channel was wider than normal and it fit my QH well, accomodating his big shoulders without being too wide that it hit his withers.
  9. justt forr funnn. :]

    funniest: I didn't duck low enough under a branch. Oliver kept trotting. through a mud puddle.
  10. Synthetic leathers on leather saddle?

    Ok, thats what I thought, but I thought I'd check considering I'd rather not drop 70 bucks on a new set unless absolutely necessary. Oh well... Thanks for the info!
  11. Hey guys, I have one little question. I broke my stirrup irons (or rather, they blew out during an awesome canter circle, spooking my horse, and nearly sending me to kingdom come) and I now need replacements. I have wintec stirrup leathers from my dressage saddle, so I can use those, but would they rub my leather jumping saddle too badly? I don't want to rub all the dye off of it, and I'm thinking the synthetic leathers will be more likely to do that than leather leathers would be. (thats a mouthful) Thanks!
  12. Exercises for the nervous horse..

    I think you just descibed my old horse, Oliver. There are 2 exercises that saved us. 1. the figure eight spiral. There is nothing better than the spiral for getting lateral flexion out of a horse, and getting them soft and relaxed. I don't know if its the repetitiveness, or just the discipline of making such gradual changes off the circle, but they're excellent. So start him on a nice wide, 25 meter circle. with each go-round, use the outside leg and your outside hip to push him into the circle. keep a soft contact. As he gets better and better with his balance, he'll learn to carry himself right into a tight 10m circle, and even smaller. then spiral back out once he's reached the smaller circle he can comfortably do, then go into the figure 8 and spiral the opposite direction. At the directional change, I ususally did a very strong half-halt to slow him up and get him straight again, and even a full-halt if he's responsive enough. 2. the "clock" exercise. Get him on a circle again. A the trot or canter (eventually). At 12, 3, 6, and 9 sit deep and ask for a shorter stride, then when he shortens, relax and go back to the posting trot, or half seat at the canter. Its getting him to work off or your seat, not to mention a major ab-builder for you both. At the beginning, it was the only was to get Oliver to canter without practically falling over. Eventually, it built the balance and the muscle for him to take on the straightaways and relax in his stride. and check out my "greenie help needed!" thread its got some good mounting advice, I'm going to try some tricks on there out tonight.
  13. Greenie Help Needed!

    I'll have to dig up a copy of PH...I stopped my subscription back when I sold my boy in August. As to Irish Diddy's question, I've lunged him with his western saddle and he seemed ok...but once my dressage saddle's irons came unwrapped and he bolted like crazy. That was the first day I met him. So, plan of action: lunge with stirrups down let him warm up at the trot (if he calms down after) and Fleck, I really like the treat Idea! I'll pick up some sugar cubes. I think stretching will really do him some good, he's very timid about stretching out when we work on halts, etc. Thanks guys! I'll try some things out tomorrow! and if i'm really lucky I'll get my mom to snap some pictures of the two of us. He's adorable, and I look freakishly tall (he's 15.2 and petite, I'm 5'10)
  14. Greenie Help Needed!

    Thanks! I played with him the other night just throwing stuff on his back, over his head, etc, and he was fine with it. I'm going to start lunging him with his stirrups down now too. He was fine with the saddle pad, my hoodie, some old leathers, and a halter getting thrown all over him...its just nerves when he's mounted. I'm kind of getting the impression that he is testing me. He has that stubborn QH mentality, not unlike my last guy, but because he is a baby I hate to be wrong in my assumption. I'll get pics soon.. in the meantime, I'd love more opinions!
  15. Greenie Help Needed!

    So I'm riding this cute little green bean for the summer, he just turned 4 and has a great head on his shoulders and very natural gaits (his canter, to die for!) Anyway, pony boy seems to get very very nervous when I try to adjust my stirrups while on his back. He hates when I drop the irons, to the point where he tries to bolt (not that fast, but he canters off as soon as the iron hits him) He nearly had a fit when I took off my hoodie the other day as well. His owner would eventually like him to be a kids horse....and I know my boys when I was little had to deal with me bouncing all over them (around the world, anyone?) and just for safety reasons, I need to get him over these things. The problems continue when he tries to trot away from the mounting block, leaving his poor disgruntled rider (me) hanging on for dear life. So to that problem, I keep a short rein when I mount and make him stop ASAP and stand for a minute or two. The final issue I'm having with him is his penchant for being a little TOO forward. As in, when I'm asking him to walk, he trots. Its more of an annoying little jog, obviously not engaged and really just annoying. I've been trying to get better walk sets in, but he is so sensitive, any time I put leg on to work his bend or something, its back to the jig. To stop him, I just sit deep and drive him back into the walk, but I'm spending so much time just keeping him at the gait I want, its eating into our ride. Its just not working; and whats going to happen when he's on the trail and simply refuses to walk? So, I want your 2 cents. I'm going to give my trainer a ring after my next paycheck (he's brilliant) but until then, I need some ideas. thanks! [ 06-21-2008, 12:26 PM: Message edited by: CrazyJumper ]