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    Sleeping, clean apartments, my dog, my horses
  1. I Am Back!

    Yes! I have them both. :) Highly is retired, but they are both doing well! I'm in Tulsa all the time for meetings, and I work in Stillwater, so we are not far at all. We should meet up one of these days, I'd love to meet Dreamer!
  2. I Am Back!

    Hi! I lurk, but so happy to see you are doing well. Are you in Oklahoma these days?
  3. My Aquarium (No Fish)

    Very cool! If you decide you want to add fish back in, I would be happy to direct you to some resources on fish-less cycling. I cycled a 5 gallon tank for about 7 weeks until I adequately built up my good bacteria, and now I have a very happy little female betta in my tank at work!
  4. How's he doing Dawn? I hope he is feeling better! My pup had a bowel obstruction last year (so totally different surgery), but it took him a few weeks before he was back to himself.
  5. Cut Weight Challenge

    192 yesterday morning. Hope everyone is doing well!
  6. Cut Weight Challenge

    I'm so sorry I forgot to message yesterday! I was 193 yesterday. But, I started doing Body Pump and other strength training/weights, and I feel great! A couple people commented on how I had lost so much weight-- I think it had to do with the fact I was wearing pants that were falling off! I think it's the 21 day fix that one of my dietitian friends really recommends. Is it the one with the portion size containers?
  7. Cut Weight Challenge

    By the way-- is anyone a member of your local YMCA? I did a class today I'd never done before, it was called "piloxing." It was so hard!!! And amazing!!! It was a cross I think between kickboxing and pilates. My legs and arms and core are exhausted!
  8. Cut Weight Challenge

    Same weight as last week. But I did horrible on eating... I need to get back on track! Yikes!
  9. Cut Weight Challenge

    Yesterday I had frozen yogurt, three slices of deep dish Chicago pizza, cake, and ice cream. Although it tasted so good, I felt so sick this morning!
  10. Cut Weight Challenge

    Hahaha, well jubal I have been celebrating by eating lots of terrible foods for me, so I needed to burn a few extra kcals and that hit the spot.
  11. Cut Weight Challenge

    Sorry I've been MIA for a little bit! I think there is some confusion I'm reading about the amount of kcals burned regarding drinking cold water... kcals are not the same thing as calories, and our foods are measured in kcals. Just think, if just drinking ice water burned that many kilocalories, no one would be overweight and it would be an easy fix! Here's a link that explains the contribution of drinking cold water. In other news, Wednesday I passed my dissertation defense and I officially got my PhD in nutritional sciences! I am so relieved and excited! This morning I thoroughly cleaned the house and did yard work and it felt so nice to not be feeling guilty about not working on my dissertation. Have a great weekend everyone!
  12. Cut Weight Challenge

    I am at 190.4 as of this morning, down 1.4 since last week I believe. I think I could be doing better, and am making it a goal for next week to lose 2 pounds. We'll see how that goes. I have shin splints right now and yesterday when I went running it was absolutely killer. I only went a little over 3 miles and I thought my legs were going to fall off. I have soccer tonight but that doesn't usually aggravate shin splints for me. I think I'm going to go to a Zumba class this afternoon at the university I teach at. My dissertation defense is on Wednesday so I might need to focus on that... otherwise, the stress relief of exercise is good! I signed a job offer at our large state research university for a faculty position, and I start May 4. I'm excited to be at the point where I get to have a real career! I bought a lunchbox that I'm pretty in love with to encourage myself to pack my lunch every day. Keep up the good work eveyone!
  13. Cut Weight Challenge

    I was 191.8 this morning, which I believe is the same as last week. Took the weekend off but am back in it and doing fine.
  14. Cut Weight Challenge

    Yesterday was my final weigh in for my challenge. I lost 27 pounds so I got my $300! I weighed 186, but I did a water manipulation to make sure I'd reach the 20 pounds I needed to lose, so about 5 of those pounds weren't "real." I took yesterday off completely after the weigh-in from eating healthy and ate at a Mexican restaurant for lunch, ate Qdoba for dinner, ate a post-dinner snack, had a soccer game and then my teammates wanted to go to a late dinner afterwards so I ate dinner again! I went on a 70 minute jog this morning and then went to church and my parents' for Easter where we had a cook out. So today's not a great food day either, but I actually am excited to get back on board tomorrow. By the way-- have you all noticed since losing weight how FREEZING you are all the time? Today it is dreary and about 55 and I am just freezing. I'm wearing my winter coat and am lying in bed with all my covers on. I guess I'd rather be cold than hot!
  15. Cut Weight Challenge

    Great job group! That is great weight loss. I rolled my ankle last night during soccer and the pop was heard from across the field! I was very very worried I had seriously sprained it-- I had a sprain that had me out for 2 months last summer-- but I can walk on it with minimal limping today but it is still very tender. I am taking my Nutrition class to the gym today and was planning on working out with them, but will definitely sit on the sidelines for that. I plan on taking today off from my workout class this evening and my soccer game tonight. I will reassess tomorrow. Last summer I decided to wrap my ankle and played on it way too soon after the injury which definitely set me back. I am not doing that again! Luckily this seems pretty minor.