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  1. Ok, Tell Me If I Am Being A Prude

    Ok, thank you because I was starting to think I was crazy! One excuse was "they do not know what it means." Well I do not want to have a conversation about why it is inappropriate to sing that song with a 6 year old! Not to mention, there is always an older kid all too willing to explain it to them. I said if I were there, I would have left, and probably asked for a refund. Someone actually sent me a message telling me how rude that is because it was a fundraiser, and that I shouldn't be such a prude! Hahahahaha.
  2. Teaching Children To Fire Guns..

    Shooting guns is also a sport. No it is not necessary, but neither is putting your kid up on a 1200 pound animal. Most of us have no problem with that, but others might see that as risky too. I do not even know how many guns we have. If you do different types of hunting, you use different guns. Some are smaller to better fit me. Some are investments. And a few are for personal protection (but more often target shooting for fun). It is not surprising to me that people who like guns have several since there is not a single gun that can be used for everything.
  3. Teaching Children To Fire Guns..

    My husband shot his first deer when he was 8. When you are raised around guns it is no different than any other object used in our lives. Yes, it has the potential to harm, but so do lots of other things. The key is knowing your child, and teaching them the responsibility that goes with it. I'm sure my daughter will be taught how to handle guns at a young age. She is only 2 right now, obviously she will not be ready for some time. But we will teach her when we feel she is mature enough, she is already talking about going hunting with her dad. No, she doesn't understand what exactly that means, but she does know where meat comes from, and that guns are not toys. And, yes, all of our firearms are locked up.
  4. Tragedy At Zoo

    I just saw this story this morning. It made me sick and I was nearly in tears. That is near where I grew up, so I've been to the zoo several times. I cannot imagine seeing this happen. I too would have probably jumped in, no way as a mother would I have watched it happen. There is no also way I would have let my daughter stand on the railing either. Just thinking about doing that makes my stomach drop. I know she's grieving, but I have to say the blame is 100% the mother's. If the child had fell through a broken railing, or some other issue such as that, then I can see the zoo being at fault. However, the zoo should not be expected to think of every stupid thing that someone might do and try to protect us from it. We need to take some personal responsibility, and that includes being responsible for our children when they are too young to make their own good decisions.
  5. Where Are All Our Hc Babies?!

    My two are doing great. Junior is taking it easy since I've been busy riding Minnie, but he is the horse I've been letting my 2 year old daughter ride. I don't have any really good photos of the two of them, but I need to get some! I would like to also take him out and use him to gather cattle some, that might happen in the spring. Minnie is 5 this year, and is so much fun! She is nearing her Open ROM in Ideal English Pinto with my trainer, where the horses are judged on rail work, and also color and conformation. I'm starting to show her in Novice Amateur events as well.
  6. Cat Litter

    I've been using Arm and Hammer for about a year and I'm really happy with it. I use the "Double Duty" version most of the time. I have 3 inside cats. I also REALLY REALLY like the World's Best litter, but my old grouchy cat wasn't a fan.
  7. Where does Japan get their horse meat? I was wondering about that as well. I've got some emails out looking for some info. Nick, can you give any medications yourself? Or does your vet have to document them all? I think that is what a lot of people here fear. I know on Friday I had a mare acting a little off, vet said to administer Banamine and watch her. Luckily she was fine. But I'm not crazy about not having any drugs in my emergency kit any longer if that is the case. Often, the vet might be HOURS away, and we often travel through some pretty desolate areas where help might not be available. Honestly my husband and I have quite of bit of experience and unless it's REALLY bad, we deal with things ourselves.
  8. I had a report that horses are going into Mexico, but not EU plants. Which, of course, can be a much worse fate. How could a rumor start? Well all it takes is one plant owner to tell their buyers that they don't think they can take the horses because they heard the EU is putting a stop on accepting US horse meat. Most buyers aren't going to want to risk having a truck load of horses they can't sell. When they don't show up to an auction, and word gets out why, ...the rumor circulates some more... and there you have it. Rumor can affect financial markets of all sorts. I'm not saying that's the case here, just it was a possibility. I'm trying to find an official statement today. The food safety issue is a tricky one. Quite a few medications, dewormers, and vaccines are used just fine on beef, lamb, poultry, and swine. The difference is, since there is a healthy market for those animals, it pays to have those products officially tested. With horses, the testing is not usually done, because it doesn't pay to invest all the money on the research since it only affects a portion of the horse market.
  9. I heard some horses shipped here to late last week without any problems. If this is true, someone (USDA, Canadian government, or EU) should have some sort of news release. That is why this seems more like a rumor, everyone is just passing on what they heard and a lot of confusion.
  10. Unwanted Horses/horse Slaughter

    Actually, I know people having a very hard time finding the nice quality, affordable horses they want because there are fewer high quality animals on the market now. Why not let the free market operate? Breeders producing crappy animals will not make $. So, if they are only in it for the money, they will no longer have that incentive. And, there are still animals produced, even with great breeding, that end up not suited for riding animals, or pets. Why not let these animals be used for something?
  11. Unwanted Horses/horse Slaughter

    No way, sorry I don't agree Blondy. Once again, you know who will stop breeding if the government says so? RESPONSIBLE breeders. Who won't? The ones who are actually the problem! This goes for dogs too... I have seen all the new breeder licensing and registering drive a lot of GOOD breeders to the edge of quitting, while those breeding the poor quality animals continue. The good breeders have the animal's best interest at heart, and don't need the government telling them how to do their job.
  12. Got A Job As A Vet Tech.

    That was one of my most favorite jobs ever! I will say, it totally depends on the vets you work for, it is either a dream job, or a really horrible one. Hopefully you will be working for the good ones! There is no job that college will 100% train you for, so just be sure to take advantage of the training and work hard! Congrats on the job.
  13. Downgrading Horse Grain

    Almost every state should also have an equine nutritionist as part of their extension staff at the land grant universities too. If they can't help you, they can at least point you in the right direction.
  14. Downgrading Horse Grain

    The beet pulp is high in Calcium, and can help balance out the high phosphorus in the rice bran, that's why I like to mix the two together.
  15. Downgrading Horse Grain

    My horses are on good quality hay, no grain for the most part. My show mare gets a handful of grain to throw her supplement in, but I do not regularly grain unless needed. That said, my gelding dropped a lot of weight this summer, so he is eating senior feed right now so he is in better shape going into winter. it is nearly $30 a bag out here. A lot of people forget, horses do not NEED grain. There are a lot of horses that would actually be better off without grain. My favorite feed for horses that need a little more calories is actually a blend of beet pulp and rice bran. I do think that you get what you pay for, in most instances. There is also a price to pay for convenience. If you have the time and knowledge, you could buy individual ingredients and make your own blend, but for most of us it is not practical.
  16. Question About Bruises

    I had a horse bite me on the upper arm muscle 7 years ago. It is still discolored and "lumpy.". You might also have a nerve injured there too.
  17. I sell Thirtyone bags. My 31 I also sell mainly to friends. Honestly, I started so I could get the discount. One of the things I do is set up at the salon I go to and let everyone see the new items and catalogs, and let them know what the monthly deal is. I tried doing craft fairs, and that was a bit of a flop... most of the time people want things they can take home that day. I also have sold at some horse shows, and that also works pretty well. I just got my first Scentsy order yesterday and I love it!
  18. New Study Out On Gmo Modified Corn

    yeah, unless I read the full study I would not get too excited. Did they have a control group and feed those rats the same amount of non GMO corn? Also, they were feeding the rats Roundup??? I would expect to see problems from that.
  19. Whats The Story On This..

    From the owners
  20. Passing This On For Cch

    I don't like reading that a vet won't sign off that it is abuse either (in the other case just mentioned). If a vet won't say it is abuse... then I think there is a problem. The most common reason AQHA suspends is a bad check. Usually they state why they are suspended too, but I guess that is when reported in the journal.
  21. Whats The Story On This..

    Allegedly she didn't show up at the gate for her class at the Reichert. Owner (who is australian, so doesn't see horse from day to day) goes back to see the horse, and finds that horse's sides look like "hamburger" from the spurring she did. And, to try to still get to show, she tried to GLUE HAIR ON THE WOUNDS. Yes, she's a smart one. She also had a horse get loose and end up dead under an RV at Congress, and is the reason why there is now a rule against having things like buckets tied on the saddle while you lunge.
  22. General Lack Of Discipline

    Ivory Annie, I could never do your job! I can't imagine trying to maintain control, when they have never been taught how accept control. I just had a young boy pull my daughter's hair, push her, and throw sand on her this past weekend. I was told it was because he's an only child. Funny thing is... so is my daughter. She's almost 2.5, and boy is she pushing boundaries lately. We recently changed our daycare situation, and I know that is part of it. It is exhausting keeping her in line, but that's our job as parents! I just keep telling myself, it will get better, right???
  23. What If You Were A Presidential Candidate?

    I'd vote for you!
  24. Favorite Slow Cooker Meals

    Steel cut oats look like whole oats that aren't rolled... just cut in pieces, if that makes sense. I make an oatmeal with apples, cinnamon, a touch of brown sugar, and steel cut oats that is SO good, my kid loves it. Just be sure to spray down your crock pot really well, or it's a mess to clean.
  25. How Does One Live On Minimum Wage...

    well, it's not like moving is free either. Even without a lot of stuff, it does cost money to relocate. You also then need to have a job already lined up, a way to get there, a place to stay, etc. If you already own a home that makes it even more difficult. Then you need to try to sell that home, etc.