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  1. How Does One Live On Minimum Wage...

    That is so awesome!
  2. How Does One Live On Minimum Wage...

    I think the biggest factor is the housing market. If you live somewhere with cheap housing available, it might be feasible. If you live with roommates, or family, or in a home that's already paid for, it would be easier. I would also think places with a better climate might be easier (less money on heating bills, maybe the possibility of growing a garden too). There are a lot of things in our lives that aren't needed. I enjoy listening to the stories from some of my husband's family who made it through the depression. They butchered animals for people, and bartered for goods. But, they had land to grow a considerable amount of food and graze animals, and no house payment. Cutting food and housing out of your budget would make a huge difference.
  3. Usda's New School Lunch Plan

    Ha, the article in question is actually the school district I was in as a child! I do have serious issues with this "We now have limits on the amount of proteins we can serve to students as well as whole grains." I DO NOT agree with limiting the amount of protein, especially in young, growing children. Also, since protein is expensive, it is likely the very thing that poorer children are NOT receiving enough of each day.
  4. Usda's New School Lunch Plan

    But I can see the "good eating habits" thing getting out of hand. What if a teacher is a vegetarian, and does not like that I send meat with my child? I actually believe that our current recommended diet has too many starches and sugars, so would I get in trouble if I provide my child with a "fattier" lunch that fits within my healthy eating guidelines? I too wish people understood just how important nutrition is, and how it can affect them from the earliest ages. But, I also think as a parent I have the right to feed my child as I want. I hate that there are so many parents out there who make bad choices for their children, and that the rest of us have our rights as parents taken away because of them. For the record, I would never send a soda to school with my kid. She is 2, LOL, but right now her lunches are generally cheese, meat, carrots, and fruit. Tonight, she is going to "help" me make chocolate zucchini bread... it helps me get some extra veggies in her. But, some schools might not permit this because it's a "chocolate cake." We try to use as little processed foods as possible. We also started getting a "Bountiful Basket" every other week, and that has been great for me to get her interested in vegetables... she loves operating the salad spinner and helping me put things away. I'm a big fan of school programs that can get kids interested in vegetables by having gardens and such. Not all that realistic, I realize, but I think it's important when today's kids are so far from the farm.
  5. Usda's New School Lunch Plan

    I think that school meals should be better! But, I actually have serious problems with a teacher or school telling me what I can or cannot send to lunch with my child. I'm not talking about allergies, I understand that. But if I say my kid can eat something, who is a teacher to tell me no?
  6. My Health Care Plan

    Little Cow, I think you are making perfect sense... I just wonder how much insurance would be to cover "catastrophic" issues. I would gladly cut out the middle man.
  7. Ivf Vs. Adoption

    Sometimes people wait to have children until they are financially secure. Older parents (in their 30's) can have a more difficult time conceiving, because biology thinks we should be procreating in our late teens and early 20's. For most of us, that's not a great idea as we are not emotionally mature, or financially secure. I had some fairly mild "assistance" getting pregnant with our child. If it had come down to IVF, we would not have done it. Not only was there the expense, and the intrusiveness... but also the fact that we live hours from a place that can actually do it, so it was not an option for us. We would have likely remained childless. Adoption can also be expensive and time consuming. Frankly, it can also be difficult if you are not affiliated with a church as well. We worried that if we adopted a special needs child, we would not be able to provide them with the care they needed with limited health, mental health, and child care resources in our local area. There are a lot of factors that come into play, and as long as the parents are dedicated to being GOOD parents, I do not care the route they take to get there.
  8. Low Calorie Vs Low Carb

    In most low carb plans the no fruit, milk etc. Is only the first part of the plan. After the initial phase of removing all sugar and starch, you slowly add these thing back in, and you find the amount of carbs you can have in a day to maintain weight. I have lost weight this way, and I like that I am never hungry and feel great. A lot of minor issues I had have resolved themselves too.
  9. You know, as appalling as I find the term "legitimate rape," I'm almost as sickened by their complete lack of understanding of reproduction. Did they all attend the same sex ed classes or something?!?!?! Another one
  10. I know... it just is hard there are so many things wrong with both parties. But, at least my vote will cancel out my husband's vote...
  11. ^^^ This!!! I told my husband last night, EVERY time I'm close to voting republican, something like this comes out. He was trying to give me the "it's just one guy... and he's a moron" argument, but sadly, it ISN'T! There are multiple men who think things like this are true. Oh yeah, and then you have Huckabee letting us know that sometimes rape produces extraordinary people Mike Huckabee Would Like to Remind You That Rape Has Created Some Extraordinary People I can't believe some of the top GOP advisers haven't told ALL of them to shut up, they aren't helping. I'm glad it's all coming out into the light. I know I will not be voting for a party that supports this kind of dialog, so I'm seriously thinking I might not vote at all.
  12. LOL, about his sex life, you made me laugh this morning! However, I hardly think he can say "but there is plan B" when politicians like him are trying to make that illegal as well. Wow, the Family Research Council came out in support of him???? I understand and respect that people who believe life begins at conception feel that abortion, for any reason, is murder... but just SAY that... don't come up with some BS reasoning about how women's bodies can shut that thing down and then use the term "legitimate rape." UGH!
  13. He's a moron. I find it frightening to think that there are men out there who think a woman can only get pregnant if she "enjoys" the sex, and therefore... no one who is "REALLY" raped can get pregnant. Yep... no way I'd vote for someone like that.
  14. Hay Donations For Fires

    I got a chance to take these photos in our town yesterday. It really was emotional seeing all this hay donated for those who've lost their rangeland... over 1,000,000 acres in Southeastern Oregon alone. We don't get a lot of news coverage because we're not densely populated, and few structures are lost, and "it's only sagebrush". However, this still affects the livelihood of a large number of people. It's so nice to see a community come together when needed. Cattlemen donate hay
  15. Hay Donations For Fires

    Andi, I've heard the same rumors, but not through official channels. The OCA photo seems to confirm it though.
  16. Children And Chores

    Holy smokes! What is wrong with people? My daughter is 2, and she LOVES to help me. She helps dust, do laundry, pick up her toys, and she LOVES operating the salad spinner when I'm washing vegetables. She likes to pick up the dog hair as a clip the poodle too. Yes, sometimes she's not really helping (actually it is quite the opposite) but I don't want to discourage her. Working is a part of life, better children learn that early on rather than later.
  17. Lack Of Sympathy For Extremely Obese?

    I think that you see lack of sympathy for a multitude of mental illnesses. People don't understand why people with depression can't just "get over it"... we don't understand why hoarders can't throw out trash, and most people think that those with a serious weight problem just need to stop eating and work out. While that is true to an extent, some people can't work out due to joint issues and health problems, and for many, their obesity is related to some mental health issues that need to be addressed as well. I think there is also a good portion of the population that thinks that low fat/low calorie is the way to lose weight, but if you have metabolic resistance nothing is further from the truth. I started dieting early this year counting calories. I lost 8 pounds and then held steady for 3 months. Since then, I started the Atkins diet, and now the weight is coming off. Plus, I never feel hungry. I know from some other issues that I have that my body cannot tolerate sugar and starches very well, so I will always have to be aware of what I'm eating. I did some calculations the other day, and some days I'm eating nearly twice the calories that I was when I was doing low calorie dieting, but now I'm losing weight. The calories aren't that important, a lot of it depends on what kind of food you are putting into your body, and how your hormones respond.
  18. Child Or Pet

    Kids or no kids... you make time for what is important. We got a standard poodle puppy when my daughter was just over a year old. I was a bit nervous about it, but we were very vigilant about watching them together and we've never had any issues. Now, when my daughter was born, we had our old (14 year old) Golden Retriever. When my daughter got mobile, I had to watch and we kept the dog separated from her. We used a "baby fence" to cut the living room in half. I was NOT going to throw my faithful companion out into the yard, but I knew she wasn't feeling well, and having a strange, loud, clumsy baby crawl on her was probably not going to go over well. If the poodle had not worked out, we would have re-homed first... there are plenty of good homes without kids. I guess it depends on the severity of the dogs aggression. Our poodle is not aggressive at all, and accepts her place below our daughter in the home "pecking order." I have no tolerance for an aggressive dog... that's why I carefully chose my breeds and puppies, because I want them to be a good fit. If a dog was aggressive towards my child, the bottom line is that the dog would have to go. Life goes on when you have kids, you just learn to juggle and adjust. I just got back from a 3 day horse show because my HUSBAND is also responsible for caring for our daughter when I want to go do things like that. Yes, we have both had to cut back on some activities, but parents need to be able to have some time to do the things that they love too.
  19. Share Your Healthy Recipes!

    This website is fun. Skinny Taste I've actually made a flax seed "muffin in a minute" this morning, and it was pretty good! I've gone back to low carb, and my body is much happier! I'm actually going to make some more tonight to pack with me on my horse show trip this weekend. We also just recently got "Bountiful Baskets" in our town. I got ours this weekend, and we've been eating all kinds of yummy meals with all the fresh produce. Cabbage rolls (no rice) with homemade sauce, refrigerator pickles, and a stir fry last night. They post recipe ideas on their site, and it's a good way to try new things (I've never bought bok choy before, but it was pretty good!)
  20. Chick-Fil-A

    ^^^ ditto that. Everyone has their beliefs, that's fine. But when they take their earnings and make donations IN THE NAME OF THE COMPANY to things I don't support, then I'll take my business elsewhere.
  21. Chick-Fil-A

    People are free to express their opinion, but they should not be surprised when they donate money in a business's name that people may choose to boycott their establishment. I really can't believe how big of a deal this has become. I won't be giving them any business, not that I did anyhow. I do know I clicked on the comments section in a few of the fb things going around, and some of the hate being spewed there reaffirmed that even though people are free to say and think what they want, I will never support people that have such hateful and hurtful things to say about their fellow human beings. My husband actually did not realize that civil unions were not legal everywhere, he did not understand why there is such a push for marriage. He does not want the word "marriage" associated with gay unions because it's a religious term. However, when I ask him about straight people married outside the church, or gay couple married IN a church that permits it, he does not have a good argument for why one of those is a marriage, and the other is not. Anyhow, he believes that gay couples should have ALL the legal rights. We disagree on the marriage terminology. Neither of us think that allowing gay marriage will affect our marriage in anyway. I honestly think it is a civil rights issue.
  22. Guns

    I think most people are in favor of felons NOT having guns... It is just that us law abiding folks should not have to jump through more hoops to get a gun. Since the only way a felon is going to get a gun is illegally, what good will more laws do?
  23. Guns

    I'm with Andi... How do you propose making it harder for criminals to get guns? The black market will ALWAYS exist. And what do you do about all the people who already legally have them? Guns are so widespread in the United States. My husband enjoys hunting, but he's honestly not a "I must have an arsenal" kind of guy , and I don't even know for sure how many guns we have at any one time, but I can tell you it is EASILY over 25. Two of them are mine (one revolver and one rifle). That number is not unusual, either, judging by the guns I know that my family members and friends also have in their homes. In the winter, he enjoys reloading, so I won't even get into how many rounds of ammo we have. I have more faith in myself (and husband and family) then in anyone else to protect what is dear to me if need be. I live in a pretty darn safe place, but I still like knowing that IF I needed to protect myself, my daughter, animals, or my home I could easily do so. That feeling of independence is not worth giving up just so we can pretend that the criminals will have fewer guns too.
  24. Riding Double With A Or Stupid?

    My least favorite thing about being a mom is the "Mommy Wars"... we are always so quick to judge each other and our parenting choices. I think there is an age when children should be left to learn their own lessons. I just don't think it's as babies and toddlers. Studies have shown even teenagers do not have the full brain development to understand consequences, so it's a fine line between letting them learn a lesson, and intervening to prevent disaster. Either extreme is not beneficial, so you have to find the middle ground you are comfortable with, depending on the individual child and situation.
  25. Riding Double With A Or Stupid?

    Since she is 2 years old, I DO have to instiill some of my fears because she is fearless! I know we like to think of that as a good thing, but at this stage of her development she does not fully understand consequences, so I believe it is my job to let her learn these things in a safe manner. I am not talking about sheltering her, but I do want her to think obout the what ifs. Accidents happen, yes, but then again the Darwin award was invented for a reason. There are smart risks in life... And then those that make you wonder "what were they thinking?"