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  1. Riding Double With A Or Stupid?

    Red, you are right, except that some kids do get hurt seriously and/or killed. Maybe it is because I have seen it happen, in my family and with friends that have shaped my feelings about what I am comfortable allowing my daughter to do.
  2. Hay...

    It's going to be expensive with the drought, and out west fires are burning up a lot of forage so there is going to be more competition for the hay that is available. I just bought 16 tons today. OUCH.
  3. It Does Indeed Take A Village

    You are so lucky to have everyone going along with your training... I can't even get the other adult in my house to do that, LOL.
  4. Forgetting Child In Car?

    It's far from being a child... but the other day I had a piece of equipment running in my lab. The day was a bit crazy, I had some people in removing hazardous chemicals, and I was getting tires put on my personal car so had to ride to work with my husband. I also had a rare afternoon meeting, and we also left a little early to load some hay. Anyhow, it was about 10 pm and I was putting things in the dryer and preparing to go to bed, and out of the blue I remembered... I left the machine running! Luckily, no harm was done, but I totally understand how it is possible to forget pretty important things, and THAT is what freaks me out so much about stories like this. I generally put my purse in the back seat as a reminder. I also usually leave my car keys back at this machine when it's running, but since I didn't have my car that day that plan didn't work.
  5. Riding Double With A Or Stupid?

    Not a fan for small children. I saw someone looking online for a horse to do this with... her kid is 6 months old. For kids that are older and have some balance and the ability to hang on, it's fine. But for small babies and toddlers, I just don't think it's a good idea. ANY horse can do something stupid, and then the rider is going to need their hands to control the animal (and possibly to hang on!) So then they have to choose between hanging on to the kid, or getting the animal back in control? Not a good idea. There is also the risk of falling on the child too.
  6. Argument Against Round Pen Training

    I think the car is actually mimicking horse behavior, if they are using "approach and retreat." I would like to know if they looked at the difference between a car and human, and the amount of time it took to get the desired response from the horse. I have no doubt that the horse would respond to the car, it's just being used as a tool through a human. I just think that timing and feel would be improved without having to go through a remote control, and therefore you would see faster results with a human. I DO believe body language comes into play, and would give clearer signals to the horse. I'm sure horses do feel some fear in training at various times. I don't do much round penning, because my horses have been handled a lot since birth. I think it has it's place, sometimes it is a good place to re-establish the herd order. It can be over done, that is for sure. But, if you have a wild horse that needs to be handled quickly, and your options are round penning, or roping him and snubbing him to a post, I'd chose round penning. An unhandled horse is going to feel fear, no matter WHAT.
  7. Forgetting Child In Car?

    Tragedy in the Backseat Reading these stories is so upsetting. There is a good reminder in the comments section about having a teddy bear in the seat when the child is not in the seat, and then putting the bear with your purse or other things when the child is in the car. It discusses the habitual memory part of the brain as well.
  8. It's An Aneurysm

  9. Horse Owners On Government Assistance

    hmmm, after some searching I see that there was a debate about this very thing underWelfare? And have horses? that involved Daphne. hmmmmmmmmmm.
  10. Horse Owners On Government Assistance

    I feel like it's groundhog day... I do believe we've had this debate before about WIC. I'm glad it is there for the mom's and kids who need it... BUT it is still a government handout. Who do you think pays for that food?
  11. My Doctor Ordered A Brain Scan For Me

    Hang in there! I know it's scary, I had MRI's done my senior year of college because I felt terrible, and was having nasty headaches. Ended up I had mono! I kept forcing myself to keep doing things because one doctor was convinced I was just depressed. I was depressed because I felt like crap! Luckily I didn't rupture my spleen because I continued to jump horses, play street hockey, etc because doctor's orders were to get out of bed.
  12. Honeymoon Road Trip....

    Vacation Rental by Owner
  13. Honeymoon Road Trip....

    I actually found the old post from our last trip My Glacier Trip We stayed at Glacier Trailhead cabins, on the east side in Babb. They were fine, might be nice for honeymoon. On the west side, we stayed at Tamarak Lodge. It was ok, but noisy... right on the main road. My brother and his wife camped.
  14. Honeymoon Road Trip....

    You might check with VRBO... we are going to Glacier next weekend, and we got an entire house to rent for less than it cost us to have a small cabin (with no kitchen) last time there. We are staying in Coram, which is just outside the West side of the park. Last trip, we also spent time on the east side (Babb), but be warned it is pretty desolate. We had a light go on in our car to tell us we had a low tire, and the nearest service was more than an hour away. Luckily is was a slow leak! Last trip, we got to do whitewater rafting. We did the zipline at Whitefish, and also rode horses to Cracker Lake which was AMAZING. This time we're going to be doing more relaxing and hiking since our daughter is too young to do a lot of that yet.
  15. Forgetting Child In Car?

    Well rodeomom, we can't all be perfect like you I guess. My point was that sometimes bad things happen to good people. I can't imagine it happening either... and yet, it sometimes DOES happen. I seriously doubt anyone really thinks that would happen to them, and that's what makes it so scary. Not only do you have to try to live with making such a mistake, but you also have to deal with people who think you must have done it on purpose, or not been an involved parent, etc. Sometimes accidents happen.
  16. Zips Chocolate Chip

    I uploaded a picture of my boy. That was after riding the most insanely difficult eq pattern I have ever seen and getting the blue. I was actually pregnant with my daughter too. Since then I haven't been showing him as much, as I also have my younger Pinto mare I've been focusing on getting shown. I did some walk trot schooling shows earlier this year just to give him something to do, and lately he's been packing my daughter around, who is now 2. Fortunately, he knows to ignore her kicking him and yelling "GO GO GO". I might have a barrel racer on my hands. The only minor issues I've had with him is weak stifles... if I don't keep him ridden regularly he gets weak, and has a hard time holding his lope. Other than that he's been great.
  17. Forgetting Child In Car?

    A few weeks ago I had a nasty cold, and sicker than I've been in a long time. My husband was coming home at lunch, so I was just trying to wait it out while watching my 2 year old daughter. I really kept trying not to doze off, but finally I did and when I woke up I found myself COVERED in the refrigerator magnets. Luckily that seemed to have kept her busy.
  18. Question About Trainers

    From most of what I've seen (involved in stock horse rail events) is that almost 100% of horses "in training" stay at the trainer's facility. It's not simply the training sessions, but the entire program of feeding, blanketing, exercise, farrier, etc. that is involved in a show horse's schedule. A trainer might not own the facility, there are many who work out of a rented barn. It's just easier to manage horses in a central location. I think most trainers are self employed... it is somewhat rare to see trainers with just one client (such as a breeding farm). It's good business sense not to put all your eggs in one basket (Rita Crundwell?). Also, many breeding facilities actually use several trainers as well. Some trainers get along with certain types of horses, and it's a good idea to make sure the horse and trainer match will work. As far as getting started as a trainer, a lot of people will apprentice with one who is already established. There are also college programs, but really the best way (IMO) is to be involved with the horse world, and start making contacts as you learn. Also, this is another big generalization too, but usually breeding farms aren't interested in holding onto their stock until they reach riding age. If they focus on selling weanlings and yearlings, then they keep their expenses to a minimum. Rarely do you see a complete return on your horse for money invested in its training (buying a $5000 horse and putting 10 months of training on it, at $1000 a month does not guarantee a horse will be worth $15000). It makes more business sense for them to sell the horse before having to pay for training.
  19. Forgetting Child In Car?

    I too have been on the sleep deprived cycle, and it scares me that somehow this could happen. I think people get so used to their routines, and in a lot of cases it's when a routine changes (dad takes baby to daycare instead of mom) that people forget. I cannot imagine doing so... but I bet the people who have done it couldn't imagine it either. I too make sure that my purse is in the back seat as a reminder. Luckily, my daughter is also a bit older and I don't worry as much because she likes to tell me "I'm STUCK!" when the car stops so I get her out of the car seat.
  20. Showing While Pregnant

    Just check the show rules, so places require long sleeves, or a collar, but they might also grant you a waiver. A nice jacket would work too. Good luck! I wasn't that far along and still showing my horses(mainly because it was winter here!) but I do remember trying to get into my English attire and finding out that the bust was WAY too tight on my shirt! My trainer was wondering why it was taking me so long to get ready, at that point I hadn't even told her I was pregnant yet because it was still pretty early. Here I am with my filly too... my biggest problem that day was that the show was held during our county fair, and I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the class without throwing up with all the greasy fair food smells. Since it was still early for me, I'm not really any help, but I just wanted to give you some moral support!
  21. Zips Chocolate Chip

    My gelding is a grandson. I've used him for trail riding and showing and he's been great. He can get a bit hot at times (which has got better with age), but his mom was also that way, so I don't necessarily relate that to ZCC. Sounds like a nice horse... trail riding is a lot more fun on a nice smooth horse!
  22. Horse Owners On Government Assistance

    There is a difference between WANT and NEED. Ivory Annie, it sounds like you have been responsible and have a great set up regarding your horses. However, I think what some people have a problem with what you wrote is that you said you are eligible for the assistance, not that you actually NEED the assistance. There are a lot of people out there who find a great deal of pride in doing things on their own without any help, and do not understand taking a handout just because they can.
  23. Breast Feeding Toddlers

    I think the thing is that a toddler does not need to breast feed on demand, they can eat and drink other foods. Friends who have nursed toddlers tell me it's mainly done for comfort- at bedtime, or when the child is upset. So for me I do not really think a child NEEDS to breastfeed whenever and where ever. But I do believe that mom's have the right to raise their child however they see fit.
  24. Immigration

    I think the huge mess that California is in financially only makes people more angry. I do think that businesses need to be hurt in the pocketbook when they hire illegal immigrants. I have no problems with people coming to the U.S. to make a better life, but they need to do so legally- for social, economic, and security reasons. I do think that it's hard to not be frustrated by a system that seems to reward lawbreakers... I know my state passed a law that illegal immigrants and their children can pay in-state tuition at state colleges. I think programs like that are a slap in the face to families that are at poverty level, but are legal citizens.
  25. Colic Surgery Poll - Would You Or Wouldn't You?

    It would depend on the prognosis. Plus, where I'm at it's at least a 2.5 hour haul to a clinic equipped to do that kind of surgery, so I'd have to take that into account as well. That's a LONG trip for a horse in pain.