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  1. Vacuum Cleaners For Pets

    I have had a dyson animal for several years, it is amazing. When we still had our golden, I would occasionally have to cut the hair off the brush bar under the vacuum... but other than that no issues at all.
  2. This Is Like Say That Fast Food Made You Fast

    I agree to an extend... I didn't read the label when I bought it (which is totally MY fault!) but I was pretty shocked when I opened it and tried some... THEN I checked the label. I knew it couldn't be healthy after that first taste. I was a bit surprised, honestly, because they DO make it sound like food with some healthful aspects in the commercial.
  3. Wedding Budget Question

    I guess it depends on your financial situation in general. If you have some money set aside, and can afford it, then I might consider it. However, the #1 thing most couples fight over is money. If you are young and just starting out, I would NOT put yourselves in a tight spot just to pay for a few hours of renting a nice facility. Weeks, months, or even years later you might really appreciate having that money set aside for when things come up, because trust me, they ALWAYS do! The people who are there to celebrate with the two of you are there for you, and will likely have a great time no matter where you have the reception.
  4. Concerns About Banamine

    I NEVER give it IM. I can do IV shots myself, so that is usually what I will do. You can give the IV banamine orally, so that would be the other option.
  5. Unhappy Cat!

    So, our oldest cat (now 13) is less than pleased with the new addition of our daughter (nearly 2) and a Standard Poodle pup. Most of the time when our daughter is up and about, the cat wants to be left in our bedroom with the door closed. She has access to the entire house while we are at work during the day, and at night when the kiddo is asleep. We also open the door whenever our daughter is outside or taking a nap. We keep a towel on the floor below my daughter's door at night to block out the light and sound. For the past month or so, the cat is peeing on this towel. I switched towels, washed the old one in enzymatic cleaner, etc. and it continued. I made sure I cleaned the litter boxes twice a day, and had a box that was easy for her to get to, used her favorite litter... and still we have the problem. She is already on a urinary tract health cat food, and the vet has not found any issues with her. I even went so far as wrapping the towel in plastic, thinking she'd avoid it. NOPE! Last night I heard her scratching on it and found her in the act of peeing on the towel! This was after 11 pm last night, the house was quiet and everyone was asleep... the dog was not bothering her, the other 2 cats were sleeping in the living room. I saw her eating while I was doing some chores at around 8 pm. The litter boxes are located where the food is, so it wasn't like she did not have access to the litter box and had an accident. I'm a bit at a loss of what to do! I guess in the grand scheme of things, washing the towel is pretty easy to clean up. At least she's not peeing on my down comforter, couch, or rug. But, I really dislike this behavior, and would like to discourage it! I also hate to think she's THAT unhappy. I really really do not want a litter box in our bedroom, and I don't think that is the issue anyhow, since she isn't peeing while shut in our room. Any advice or suggestions?
  6. Unhappy Cat!

    Thanks! I will try that, and I got Feliway today and in the past it has helped as well.
  7. Buck

    ^^^ Oh, CR! My husband about came unglued when he saw the women in the way when Buck was trying to load that horse! He hit the nail on the head there.
  8. Unhappy Cat!

    I've heard of that Milo, the problem is the Poodle will eat the cat food if it's anywhere in reach. The animals sure keep everything interesting!
  9. :angel3: You be sure to take care of you too, so you can be strong for your little one.
  10. Unhappy Cat!

    Hmmm, that might be worth a shot. When we first brought our baby home, I actually used the "Feliway" plug-ins during the transition, and the cats all did fine. Of course, now she's a toddler, and is mobile, so she is more threatening now than she was as a newborn. If that doesn't work then I'll have to see if my vet will give that a try. Thanks!
  11. Role Of Grandparents

    Where were you when they were feeding her all this food? I think you are going to have to have no unsupervised visits until you think you can trust them (which may be never.) If you are there when they are feeding her like this, YOU need to step in. It is your child, and you need to protect her best interests. I know how difficult this can be, and that it might turn ugly. Not only do they not respect your parenting choices, they are ignoring medical advice as well! I understand that grandparents like "spoiling" their grandkids, but it has to be done within the boundaries set by the parents. For instance, my daughter has rarely had fast food (never had McDonald's) but if my parents ASKED if they could go there to play at the indoor playground, I would probably allow it if my parents understood that I am ok with her maybe having a small fry, or a little ice cream, but that I do not want her eating a lot of that kind of food, or having it on a regular basis. If they were sneaking this behind my back, they would no longer see her without me present. Driving to see them that often is another issue, but I think it's crazy to drive that distance once a month! Of course, I live across the country from my parents, so they mainly see their granddaughter via Facetime. My husband's family is also over 1000 miles away too, so we can MAYBE go visit each family once a year. They are welcome to come see us whenever.
  12. Buck

    My gelding was a "dummy foal" at birth, which is caused by a lack of oxygen. While he has his moments, he is "normal." I don't necessarily buy that excuse for this horse's misbehavior, although I guess it is possible. I too am more apt to believe that it was the bottle feeding and allowing the horse to have ZERO respect that led to his behavior. Buck said something along the lines of "this horse is as close to a PREDATOR as a horse can get." That really gave me chills. We know horses can injure us because of their size and unpredictability, but to have a horse that is "hunting you down" is truly disturbing. Since the woman has done NOTHING to remedy the situation, I also wonder if Buck had some idea that would be the case, and decided not to waste his time and risk his life dealing with this horse. Even if he had "fixed" him, how long until he would have reverted back to his dangerous ways without someone willing to step up and do what is needed?
  13. How Would You Respond To "i'm Pregnant"

    Ditto CR... Give them a chance, they might surprise you. Little Cow, you forgot "oh, so what are you going to do with your pets/horses?" A lot of people don't believe you can *gasp* have a baby and animals at the same time.
  14. Assisted Suicide

    Goldentoes, I agree 100%. I think it should be legal, I'm glad I live in Oregon. I watched my MIL suffer and die. Hospice was there... and don't tell me that they don't essentially help them along by overdosing on pain medications. The only difference in my mind is that with the Oregon law, it's done when a person still has control of their mind and can fully consent. Hospice was a wonderful thing for her, but she still had a terrible amount of suffering. I think every person deserves the choice.
  15. Would You Put Your Kid On A Leash?

    We are going to get one for this summer when we go to Montana. We plan on doing a lot of hiking, and we have a pack she can ride in, but for times when she's up to walking, I want a little extra safety in case she sees something interesting and takes off before I can stop her. She is usually very very good about staying with me, and holding our hands, but I'm not willing to risk her life and safety. Holding hands does get uncomfortable after a while too.
  16. A Special Message From Rick Santorum

    It would not surprise me if he did say this, but googling parts of the quote have not brought back any verification. I would think a quote like that would be showing up online. I don't understand what happened to the GOP. How is this guy even taken seriously? I know there are a lot of moderates who would have like a good option to Obama, but really... THIS is our option? ugh, I don't think I can live with a vote either way. I can respect someone who is pro-life, but they are really pushing the envelope.
  17. Campaign Update: Dogs Against Romney

    I have no problem with dogs riding secured in truck beds. I have big problems with them on TOP of the car. At least you can easily see/check on dog when it is in the bed. The dog can lay down out of the wind. I actually prefer my dog in the car with me, however.
  18. Would You Put Your Kid On A Leash?

    I agree, discipline helps. But if I am in an area with a busy road or some other danger, and an instance where my child not listening might be fatal, I would err on the side of safety.
  19. Sticky Common Are They, Really?

    My gelding won't fully "lock", but they do get a little sticky if he isn't working regularly. I've seen a few horses who outgrow it, it seems to be worse when they are growing and butt-high. My vet suggested lots of hills, long trotting, and ground poles.
  20. Would You Put Your Kid On A Leash?

    I haven't had to use one yet, my daughter is pretty good about holding my hand. But I wouldn't hesitate to use one if I thought I was in a situation where it would be needed to keep her safe. I guess I'm missing the big deal as well? Oh, fun times in the Minneapolis airport, E&CSchune! I actually got stranded there last fall, my first time flying with my 18 month old alone. The airlines also lost my stroller. That was a fun night.
  21. Pink Slime- What Is Your Take On It

    A lot is this is sensationalism. The ammonia is a gas added to packaging to inhibit microbial growth. It is used because everyone freaked out about the thought of irradiated food. It is used in a lot of other products too. The pink slime photo I have seen being posted quite a bit is not even beef. Essentiallly it is a process to separate lean meat from fat trimmed off other cuts of meat. I guess I do not find it that upsetting?
  22. Full Metal Jousting Show

    See... When I watched on tv, I thought he threw up his elbow. I even replayed it a few times. But seeing it on the computer, he threw a punch with his left hand.
  23. Full Metal Jousting Show

    Hits like a truck It happens at right before the 10 minute mark, 9:55 or so. I have to say, I never saw it that good on the tv... and it is worse than I remembered. It looks like he hits him with a fist. I do not think he hit him with any part of his armor.
  24. Full Metal Jousting Show

    I agree with you journeysgirl... I don't think humility is something any of those guys have to spare! The other thing I can say, is that he corrected the horse, and let it go. I did not see him lose his temper. I think he was in shock over the coaches' reactions, and was probably wondering if he was just supposed to allow that horse to stand on him.