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    Currently? School! I'm a pre-veterinary medicine major at Stephen F. Austin State University. I'm a veterinary technician at Appleby Sand Road Animal clinic here in Nacogdoches. I rarely get to ride anymore and that makes me very :-( . But when I do ride it's a blast! I'm a pretty straight forward person, so if I have an opinion, I usually say it. I apologize if it comes off rude, but I say it here the way I'd say it in person. I have a boyfriend of 3 and a half years now, Jeff. He's amazing and supports me in everything I do. I used to ride hunter/jumper but now I ride what I can! Future goals for me would definitely be get into vet school first. Then have a group practice (small animal) with a horse on the side (maybe two if the boyfriend...maybe husband at the willing to ride). As you can see I think way ahead, it's a good quality and can sometimes be a bit of a fault! But that's me! :D Hmm, this is supposed to be about interests and not a biography. Oh well! See you on the boards!
  1. I find the most magical part about this video is that it was taken in the future! Seriously though, I love the quality of obstacles you have at your barn! I was expecting a ninja or something to pop out from behind the green jump in the background with that music!
  2. This Place Is Dead

    Storey! Congratulations on the weight loss! You look great! And so does Pete! What a transition!
  3. This Place Is Dead

    Well I guess I'll throw in a little update as well!! I haven't been on in a while if anyone remembers me...hello again! I have just been going to school and working. I'm in school for pre-veterinary medicine and I am sick of it. Organic chemistry is evil, in case anyone was wondering. It's to the point where I just want to get school over with and just be a vet tech the rest of my life. And I honestly would be happy doing that as long as I can go back home and be with my family and start my life with my boyfriend of 5 years! Arg. Anywho...haven't ridden in MONTHS. I miss it so much and can't wait to get into it day, when I have money. All I do is work and school and my job is amazing. I have been at the same clinic for almost two years now and my boss paid for my certification so I am a CVA (certified veterinary assistant, level 1) and as soon as this semester is over I will take my level 2 certification exam! Hooray! It's seriously one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had and I just want to be in this business forever! So glad to see that everyone is doing well for the most part. I can't believe how dead this board is. I check it about twice a week and lurk but nothing much happens! It used to be crazy all the time! I would have to go to the second page to view posts from the day before. I guess that was about 8 years ago though? Wow, missing this community!
  4. What Would You Have Done?

    How well is horse hearing though? Do you think they would be able to hear it as well? If they could it may turn into a dangerous situation for the rider as well. But I don't know. I'm just curious is a horse would be able to hear it. eta: I looked up horse hearing and found their frequencies compared to dogs I even looked up how high the frequency of this item is and couldn't find it. But now I'm extremely curious! You have created a monster...I'm googleling like crazy! Gah! If the owner comes at you again, have your video camera out. Or even just a voice recorder. My phone has one and it may help to use yours. That way you have proof that it happens. And I would also charge the dog with the horse. I feel like that would scare it off.
  5. A Bit Of A Bittersweet Update.

    That's a tough thing to do. I hope she keeps you up to date on him! I had to sell my horse a few years ago and still have all of my stuff.
  6. Pic Update

    He looks like a powerhouse!
  7. Now This Is A Bomb Proof Horse!

    So...she's deaf, blind, no sense of smell and no sense of equilibrium right? lol. That's ridiculously impressive!! Made me nervous.
  8. This Place Is Dead

    Good lord, this cap chat got big! I figured I'd throw in my update... I had my first ride in ages the other day, and didn't take it lightly. 3 hour trail ride on a Tennessee walker. It was amazing. My body, however, doesn't agree. It's been 3 days and I'm still sore. Holy crap. Other than that, school is...well, school. I'm taking physics over the summer because I had to drop it in the spring. But I'm working when I can and that's paying the rent! Also, I'm moving into a new apartment, all by my lonesome. But this is my doing, because I can't stand to be in the same apartment with my roommates anymore. It's become like me and my roommate are just aquatints now. Maybe we'll be better friends once we're not living together anymore. PLUS, her boyfriend (who lives with us) is super weird and doesn't have a job and has been living off her money for a year now and I'm absolutely not okay with that! Anyways, I got to go into my apartment for the first time today (I'm moving in a little at a time because it's been over 100 for the past two days here) and I'm in love with it! It has a vaulted ceiling in the living room and my closet is massive. I've never been more in love with an apartment. Plus my kitchen us huge! I'll be moved in completely by the end of next week (hopefully) and by the end of summer my dog, Roxy, will be moved in with me as well! It's a good day! Also, on the hair note, I have always noticed that the hair on the inside of my calves has never grown right. Maybe it's because I was 10 when I started riding and that's when hair starts growing on legs and it just didn't never grew in right. Does that sound weird? I dunno.
  9. We Competed At Our First Horse Trial!

    I am so glad they got a picture of that water entrance! You should buy that one so in a few years you can look back and see how far you've come!!
  10. Interesting Horsey Commercial

    I'm going to reach here...and reach a lot, but maybe it has something to do with the right boots having the right control over the horse? Yeah, I said I'd reach. But I dunno. I like the respect post too. Still weird.
  11. My Animals Make Me Smile :) *picture Heavy*

    I think steve is saying "you shall not paaaaasssss!!!" lol And vet wrap fixes all!! Great pictures!
  12. Excited!

    Oooh I love it!!!
  13. Cheese With My Whine? Cap Chat!

    Poor marley. I hope the rest of his recovery is speedy and I'm glad he's half way there! Shelby, congrats on the new job! That's so awesome. Sad that you have to get rid of some babies but it's for the best. It usually is. Stay chipper! I can't believe you get to live at a barn! Jump-4-Joy...yes!! Once I stopped waiting tables and I was a receptionist for a vet clinic, I gained an insane amount of weight. It's totally true that it keeps you in decent shape! Never had back problems but did have a tray of glasses fall on my head after a long valentine's day (aka a waiter's worst nightmare). That was interesting. As for me...I feel like I'm never going to be done with college sometimes. I got so excited because I'm getting into my upper level courses like microbiology and what I'm really excited about, Comparative Vertebrate Zoology. Come on. How fun does that sound?! Now, I found out that horticulture is not an adequate substitute for botony and I have to take that along with calculus, physics, farm management and dairy science. Seriously?! This coming semester is going to SUCK! But as for now, I have a zoology final monday, I'm finding out my zoology lab final grade today, and a technical writing final some time next week. I really just want this semester to be over with so I can work 8-5 every day at the clinic, work on jeff's blanket, make an attempt at getting my CVA (certified veterinary assistant) and go to seattle in january. I trip I probably cannot afford, but desperately need because I'm going to die of boredom if I don't go somewhere soon. Vent over! As of everything else, I'm so happy with my boyfriend it's ridiculous, I just wish I could see him every day instead of once or twice a month. Long distance kinda sucks but lucky us we're a pretty stable couple. It'll be four years in February! Whew! I haven't ridden in months and I'm DYING to. I miss it so much and it just makes me a little miserable to not be around horses. I have a riding friend that invites me on trail rides every once in a while, but it's soooo not enough! I miss Lia a lot even though I had to give her away more than 2 years ago. She was such a good friend to me! Man I think I need to start journeling so I don't spill everything at once to y'all!!